Here are a few links I wish to share, more or less personal or related to my professional activities, grouped in the following categories:

Personal links

Personal and relatives web pages

Professional links

  • CAST software is a software engineering within which I am currently working in.

Academic links

Academic related links :

  • EFREI engineering school
  • LRIE, EFREI computer science lab
  • I&A-TAO: INRIA Project Team TAO
  • Paris Sud: University Paris Sud XI
  • LRI: Computer Science Laboratory
  • CNRS: French National Research Organism
  • INRIA: French National Research institute in computer science and Automatic
  • PASCAL network : Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning.
  • Alexandre Devert homepage, from whom I copy pasted most of this website css :) He is a researched interested in robotics and evolutionary algorithms.

Useful software

A very small subset of useful tools I have been using in my everyday (computer scientist) life :

  • Ubuntu : open source linux based operating system, and the many open source software such as open office, gimp, gedit, firefox, latex, vlc or rythmbox...
  • Inkscape : open source vector graphics editor. So simple yet so powerful! This soft enabled my artistic talent to grow up.
  • Eclipse : an open development platform.
  • Gnuplot : visualize mathematical functions and data.
  • Kile : efficiently work on latex projects.

What about computer languages ? (links to wikipedia pages)

  • Java : nice object oriented programming language. I use it for all most of my projects.
  • Python : interpreted object oriented scripting language; try it and love it.
  • Caml or Lisp functional programming languages