Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi word list

While beginning learning chinese, I went to find a good software for Hanzu character learning. I could not find the learning software of my dreams on my mobile so I started working on my own. The first step in my work was to produce an adequate learning data set. I ended up producing a software based on the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(HSK) learning set. The list was produced automatically from various sources and translations comes from CEDICT dictionary.

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New HSK word list (January 2012) V1.1, Level 1 to 6 -- 5000 words

Distributed under Creative Commons BY-NC licence

11àito love, affection, to be fond of, to like,
12eight, 8,
13爸爸bà ba(informal) father, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
14杯子bēi zicup, glass, CL:個|个,支,枝[zhī],
15北京Běi jīngBeijing, capital of People's Republic of China, Peking, PRC government,
16běnroots or stems of plants, origin, source, this, the current, root, foundation, basis, classifier for books, periodicals, files etc, originally,
17不客气bù kè qiyou're welcome, impolite, rude, blunt, don't mention it,
18(negative prefix), not, no,
19càidish (type of food), vegetables, vegetable, cuisine, CL:盤|盘,道[dào],
110chátea, tea plant, CL:杯,壺|壶[hú],
111chīto eat, to consume, to eat at (a cafeteria etc), to eradicate, to destroy, to absorb, to suffer,
112出租车chū zū chētaxi, (Taiwan) rental car,
113打电话dǎ diàn huàto make a telephone call,
114big, huge, large, major, great, wide, deep, oldest, eldest,
115deof, ~'s (possessive particle), (used after an attribute), (used to form a nominal expression), (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis),
116diǎnpoint, dot, drop, speck, o'clock, point (in space or time), to draw a dot, to check on a list, to choose, to order (food in a restaurant), to touch briefly, to hint, to light, to ignite, to pour a liquid drop by drop, (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch 更[gēng], dot stroke in Chinese characters, classifier for items,
117电脑diàn nǎocomputer, CL:臺|台[tái],
118电视diàn shìtelevision, TV, CL:臺|台,個|个[gè],
119电影diàn yǐngmovie, film, CL:部,片,幕,場|场[chǎng],
120东西dōng xithing, stuff, person, CL:個|个,件[jiàn],
121dōuall, both, entirely, (used for emphasis) even, already, (not) at all,
122to read, to study, reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音[pīn yīn],
123对不起duì bu qǐunworthy, to let down, I'm sorry, excuse me, pardon me, if you please, sorry? (please repeat),
124duōmany, much, a lot of, numerous, more, in excess, how (to what extent), multi-, Taiwan pr. when it means "how",
125多少duō shaohow much, how many, which (number), as much as,
126儿子ér zison,
127èrtwo, 2, stupid (Beijing dialect),
128饭馆fàn guǎnrestaurant, CL:家[jiā],
129飞机fēi jīairplane, CL:架[jià],
130分钟fēn zhōngminute,
131高兴gāo xìnghappy, glad, willing (to do sth), in a cheerful mood,
132variant of 個|个[gè],
133工作gōng zuòto work, (of a machine) to operate, job, work, task, CL:個|个,份,項|项[xiàng],
134gǒudog, CL:隻|只,條|条[tiáo],
135汉语Hàn yǔChinese language, CL:門|门[mén],
136hǎogood, well, proper, good to, easy to, very, so, (suffix indicating completion or readiness),
137to drink, My goodness!,
138and, together with, with, sum, union, peace, harmony, Japanese related, Taiwan pr. [hàn],
139hěn(adverb of degree), quite, very, awfully,
140后面hòu mianrear, back, behind, later, afterwards,
141huíto curve, to return, to revolve,
142huìcan, be possible, be able to, will, be likely to, be sure to, to assemble, to meet, to gather, to see, union, group, association, CL:個|个[gè], a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is ),
143火车站huǒ chē zhàntrain station,
144how much, how many, several, a few,
145jiāhome, family, classifier for families or businesses, refers to the philosophical schools of pre-Han China, noun suffix for specialists in some activity such as musician or revolutionary, corresponds to English -ist, -er, -ary or -ian, CL:個|个[gè],
146jiàoto shout, to call, to order, to ask, to be called, by (indicates agent in the passive mood),
147今天jīn tiāntoday, at the present, now,
148jiǔnine, 9,
149kāito open, to start, to turn on, to boil, to write out (a medical prescription), to operate (vehicle), abbr. for 開爾文|开尔文 degrees Kelvin,
150kànto see, to look at, to read, to watch, to consider, to regard as, to view as, to treat as, to judge, (after repeated verb) to give it a try, depending on (how you're judging), to visit, to call on, to treat (an illness), to look after, Watch out! (for a danger),
151看见kàn jiànto see, to catch sight of,
152kuàilump (of earth), chunk, piece, classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc, colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as 塊錢|块钱,
153láito come, to arrive, to come round, ever since, next,
154老师lǎo shīteacher, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
155le(modal particle intensifying preceding clause), (completed action marker),
157li (Chinese mile), 500 meters (modern), home, hometown, village, neighborhood, administrative unit,
158língzero, nought, zero sign, fractional, fragmentary, odd (of numbers), (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one), fraction, (in mathematics) remainder (after division), extra, to wither and fall, to wither,
159liùsix, 6,
160妈妈mā mamama, mommy, mother, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
161ma(question tag),
162mǎito buy, to purchase,
163māocat, CL:隻|只[zhī],
164méi(negative prefix for verbs), have not, not,
165没关系méi guān xiit doesn't matter,
166米饭mǐ fàn(cooked) rice,
167明天míng tiāntomorrow,
168名字míng ziname (of a person or thing), CL:個|个[gè],
169how, which,
170that, those, then (in that case), commonly pr. before a classifier, esp. in Beijing,
171neparticle indicating that a previously asked question is to be applied to the preceding word ("What about ...?", "And ...?"), particle for inquiring about location ("Where is ...?"), particle signaling a pause, to emphasize the preceding words and allow the listener time to take them on board ("ok?", "are you with me?"), (at the end of a declarative sentence) particle indicating continuation of a state or action, particle indicating strong affirmation,
172néngto be able to, to be capable of, ability, capability, able, capable, can possibly, (usually used in the negative) to have the possibility of,
173you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您),
174niányear, CL:個|个[gè],
175女儿nǚ érdaughter,
176朋友péng youfriend, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
177漂亮piào liangpretty, beautiful,
178苹果píng guǒapple, CL:個|个,顆|颗[kē],
179seven, 7,
180qiáncoin, money, CL:筆|笔[bǐ], unit of weight, one tenth of a tael 兩|两[liǎng],
181前面qián miànahead, in front, preceding, above,
182qǐngto ask, to invite, please (do sth), to treat (to a meal etc), to request,
183to go, to go to (a place), to cause to go or send (sb), to remove, to get rid of, (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth, to be apart from in space or time, (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker), (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation), (of a time or an event etc) just passed or elapsed,
184to warm up, to heat up, hot (of weather), heat, fervent,
185rénman, person, people, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
186认识rèn shito know, to recognize, to be familiar with, to get acquainted with sb, knowledge, understanding, awareness, cognition,
187sun, day, date, day of the month, abbr. for 日本 Japan,
188sānthree, 3,
189商店shāng diànstore, shop, CL:家,個|个[gè],
190shàngon top, upon, above, upper, previous, first (of multiple parts), to climb, to get onto, to go up, to attend (class or university),
191上午shàng wǔmorning, CL:個|个[gè],
192shǎofew, little, lack,
193shéiwho, also pr. [shuí],
194什么shén mewhat?, who?, something, anything,
195shíten, 10,
196时候shí houtime, length of time, moment, period,
197shìis, are, am, yes, to be,
198shūbook, letter, CL:本,冊|册,部[bù], see also 書經|书经 Book of History,
199shuǐwater, river, liquid, beverage, additional charges or income, (of clothes) classifier for number of washes,
1100水果shuǐ guǒfruit, CL:個|个[gè],
1101睡觉shuì jiàoto go to bed, to sleep,
1102说话shuō huàto speak, to say, to talk, to gossip, to tell stories, talk, word,
1103four, 4,
1104suìclassifier for years (of age), year, year (of crop harvests),
1105he or him, (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant), (used before sb's name for emphasis), (used as a meaningless mock object), other, another,
1107tàihighest, greatest, too (much), very, extremely,
1108天气tiān qìweather,
1109tīngto listen, to hear, to obey, a can (loanword from English "tin"), classifier for canned beverages,
1110同学tóng xuéto study at the same school, fellow student, classmate, CL:位,個|个[gè],
1111wèito feed,
1112I, me, my,
1113我们wǒ menwe, us, ourselves, our,
1114five, 5,
1115喜欢xǐ huanto like, to be fond of,
1116xiàdown, downwards, below, lower, later, next (week etc), second (of two parts), to decline, to go down,
1117下午xià wǔafternoon, CL:個|个[gè], p.m.,
1118下雨xià yǔto rain, rainy,
1119先生xiān shengteacher, husband, doctor (topolect), CL:位[wèi],
1120现在xiàn zàinow, at present, at the moment, modern, current, nowadays,
1121xiǎngto think, to believe, to suppose, to wish, to want, to miss,
1122xiǎosmall, tiny, few, young,
1123小姐xiǎo jieyoung lady, miss, (slang) prostitute, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
1124xiēsome, few, several, measure word indicating a small amount or small number (greater than 1),
1125xiěto write,
1126谢谢xiè xieto thank, thanks,
1127星期xīng qīweek, CL:個|个[gè], day of the week, Sunday,
1128学生xué shengstudent, schoolchild,
1129学习xué xíto learn, to study,
1130学校xué xiàoschool, CL:所[suǒ],
1131one, 1, single, a (article), as soon as, entire, whole, all, throughout, "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1),
1132衣服yī fuclothes, CL:件,套[tào],
1133医生yī shēngdoctor, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
1134医院yī yuànhospital, CL:所,家,座[zuò],
1135椅子yǐ zichair, CL:把,套[tào],
1136yǒuto have, there is, there are, to exist, to be,
1137yuèmoon, month, CL:個|个,輪|轮[lún],
1138zài(located) at, (to be) in, to exist, in the middle of doing sth, (indicating an action in progress),
1139再见zài jiàngoodbye, see you again later,
1140怎么zěn mevariant of 怎麼|怎么[zěn me],
1141怎么样zěn me yànghow?, how about?, how was it?, how are things?,
1142zhèthis, these, (commonly pr. before a classifier, esp. in Beijing),
1143中国Zhōng guóChina, Middle Kingdom,
1144中午zhōng wǔnoon, midday, CL:個|个[gè],
1145zhùto live, to dwell, to stay, to reside, to stop, (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt),
1146桌子zhuō zitable, desk, CL:張|张,套[tào],
1147letter, symbol, character, word, CL:個|个[gè], courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China,
1148昨天zuó tiānyesterday,
1149zuòto sit, to take a seat, to take (a bus, airplane etc), to bear fruit, variant of 座[zuò],
1150zuòto do, to make, to produce, to write, to compose, to act as, to engage in, to hold (a party), to be, to become, to function (in some capacity), to serve as, to be used for, to form (a bond or relationship), to pretend, to feign, to act a part, to put on appearance,
2151ba(modal particle indicating suggestion or surmise), ...right?, ...OK?, ...I presume.,
2152báiwhite, snowy, pure, bright, empty, blank, plain, clear, to make clear, in vain, gratuitous, free of charge, reactionary, anti-communist, funeral, to stare coldly, to write wrong character, to state, to explain, vernacular, spoken lines in opera,
2153bǎihundred, numerous, all kinds of,
2154帮助bāng zhùassistance, aid, to help, to assist,
2155报纸bào zhǐnewspaper, newsprint, CL:份,期,張|张[zhāng],
2156(particle used for comparison and "-er than"), to compare, to contrast, to gesture (with hands), ratio,
2157biéto leave, to depart, to separate, to distinguish, to classify, other, another, do not, must not, to pin,
2158chánglength, long, forever, always, constantly,
2159唱歌chàng gēto sing a song,
2160chūto go out, to come out, to occur, to produce, to go beyond, to rise, to put forth, to happen, classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc,
2161穿chuānto bore through, to pierce, to perforate, to penetrate, to pass through, to dress, to wear, to put on, to thread,
2162chuána boat, vessel, ship, CL:條|条,艘,隻|只[zhī],
2163next in sequence, second, the second (day, time etc), secondary, vice-, sub-, infra-, inferior quality, substandard, order, sequence, hypo- (chemistry), classifier for enumerated events: time,
2164cóngfrom, via, passing through, through (a gap), past, ever (followed by negative, meaning never), (formerly pr. and related to 縱|纵) to follow, to comply with, to obey, to join, to engage in, adopting some mode of action or attitude, follower, retainer, accessory, accomplice, related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor,
2165cuòmistake, wrong, bad, interlocking, complex, to grind, to polish, to alternate, to stagger, to miss, to let slip, to evade, to inlay with gold or silver,
2166打篮球dá lán qiúPlay basketball,
2167大家dà jiāeveryone, influential family, great expert,
2168但是dàn shìbut, however,
2169dàoto (a place), until (a time), up to, to go, to arrive,
2170destructural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc,
2171děito have to, must, ought to, to need to,
2172弟弟dì diyounger brother, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
2173第一dì yīfirst, number one,
2174dǒngto understand, to know,
2175房间fáng jiānroom, CL:間|间[jiān],
2176非常fēi chángunusual, extraordinary, extreme, very, exceptional,
2177服务员fú wù yuánwaiter, waitress, attendant, customer service personnel, CL:個|个[gè],
2178gāohigh, tall, above average, loud, your (honorific),
2179告诉gào suto tell, to inform, to let know,
2180哥哥gē geolder brother, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
2181gěito, for, for the benefit of, to give, to allow, to do sth (for sb), (passive particle),
2182公共汽车gōng gòng qì chēbus, CL:輛|辆,班[bān],
2183公斤gōng jīnkilogram (kg),
2184公司gōng sī(business) company, company, firm, corporation, incorporated, CL:家[jiā],
2185guìexpensive, noble, your (name), precious,
2186háistill, still in progress, still more, yet, even more, in addition, fairly, passably (good), as early as, even, also, else,
2187孩子hái zichild,
2188好吃hǎo chītasty, delicious,
2189hàoordinal number, day of a month, mark, sign, business establishment, size, ship suffix, horn (wind instrument), bugle call, assumed name, to take a pulse, classifier used to indicate number of people,
2190hēiblack, dark, (loanword) to hack,
2191hóngred, popular, revolutionary, bonus,
2192欢迎huān yíngto welcome, welcome,
2193huánto pay back, to return,
2194回答huí dáto reply, to answer, the answer, CL:個|个[gè],
2195机场jī chǎngairport, airfield, CL:家,處|处[chù],
2196鸡蛋jī dàn(chicken) egg, hen's egg, CL:個|个,打[dá],
2197jiànitem, component, classifier for events, things, clothes etc,
2198教室jiào shìclassroom, CL:間|间[jiān],
2199姐姐jiě jieolder sister, CL:個|个[gè],
2200介绍jiè shàoto introduce (sb to sb), to give a presentation, to present (sb for a job etc), introduction,
2201jìnto advance, to enter, to come (or go) into, to receive or admit, to eat or drink, to submit or present, (used after a verb) into, in, to score a goal,
2202jìnnear, close to, approximately,
2203jiùat once, right away, only, just (emphasis), as early as, already, as soon as, then, in that case, as many as, even if, to approach, to move towards, to undertake, to engage in, to suffer, subjected to, to accomplish, to take advantage of, to go with (of foods), with regard to, concerning,
2204觉得jué deto think, to feel,
2205咖啡kā fēicoffee, CL:杯[bēi],
2206开始kāi shǐto begin, beginning, to start, initial, CL:個|个[gè],
2207考试kǎo shìto take an exam, exam, CL:次[cì],
2208可能kě néngmight (happen), possible, probable, possibility, probability, maybe, perhaps, CL:個|个[gè],
2209可以kě yǐcan, may, possible, able to,
2210subject, course, CL: 門|门[mén], class, lesson, CL:堂,節|节[jié], to levy, tax, form of divination,
2211kuàirapid, quick, speed, rate, soon, almost, to make haste, clever, sharp (of knives or wits), forthright, plain-spoken, gratified, pleased, pleasant,
2212快乐kuài lèhappy, merry,
2213lèitired, weary, to strain, to wear out, to work hard,
2214to leave, to part from, to be away from, (in giving distances) from, without (sth), independent of, one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing fire, ☲,
2215liǎngboth, two, ounce, some, a few, tael, weight equal to 50 grams,
2216road, CL:條|条[tiáo], journey, route, line (bus etc), sort, kind,
2217旅游lǚ yóutrip, journey, tourism, travel, tour,
2218màito sell, to betray, to spare no effort, to show off or flaunt,
2220mángbusy, hurriedly, to hurry, to rush,
2221měieach, every,
2222妹妹mèi meiyounger sister, fig. younger woman (esp. girl friend or rival), CL:個|个[gè],
2223méngate, door, CL:扇[shàn], gateway, doorway, CL:個|个[gè], opening, valve, switch, way to do something, knack, family, house, (religious) sect, school (of thought), class, category, phylum or division (taxonomy), classifier for large guns, classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology,
2224男人nán réna man, a male, men, CL:個|个[gè],
2225nínyou (courteous, as opposed to informal 你),
2226牛奶niú nǎicow's milk, CL:瓶,杯[bēi],
2227女人nǚ rénwoman,
2228旁边páng biānlateral, side, to the side, beside,
2229跑步pǎo bùto walk quickly, to march, to run,
2230便宜pián yismall advantages, to let sb off lightly, cheap, inexpensive,
2231piàoticket, ballot, bank note, CL:張|张[zhāng], person held for ransom, amateur performance of Chinese opera, classifier for shipments and business transactions (topolect),
2232妻子qī ziwife, CL:個|个[gè],
2233起床qǐ chuángto get out of bed, to get up,
2234qiāna swing,
2235qíngclear, fine (weather),
2236去年qù niánlast year,
2237ràngto yield, to permit, to let sb do sth, to have sb do sth,
2238上班shàng bānto go to work, to be on duty, to start work, to go to the office,
2239身体shēn tǐ(human) body, health, CL:個|个[gè],
2240生病shēng bìngto fall ill,
2241生日shēng rìbirthday, CL:個|个[gè],
2242时间shí jiāntime, period, CL:段[duàn],
2243事情shì qingaffair, matter, thing, business, CL:件,樁|桩[zhuāng],
2244手表shǒu biǎowrist watch, CL:塊|块,隻|只,個|个[gè],
2245手机shǒu jīcell phone, mobile phone, CL:部,支[zhī],
2246sòngto deliver, to carry, to give (as a present), to present (with), to see off, to send,
2247所以suǒ yǐtherefore, as a result, so,
2249to kick, to play (e.g. soccer),
2250topic, problem for discussion, exam question, subject, to inscribe, to mention, CL:個|个,道[dào],
2251跳舞tiào wǔto dance,
2252wàioutside, in addition, foreign, external,
2253wánto finish, to be over, whole, complete, entire,
2254wántoy, sth used for amusement, curio or antique (Taiwan pr. ), to play, to have fun, to trifle with, to keep sth for entertainment,
2255晚上wǎn shangevening, night, CL:個|个[gè], in the evening,
2256wèivariant of 為|为, because of, for, to,
2257wènto ask,
2258问题wèn tíquestion, problem, issue, topic, CL:個|个[gè],
2259西瓜xī guāwatermelon, CL:條|条[tiáo],
2260希望xī wàngto wish for, to desire, hope CL:個|个[gè],
2261to wash, to bathe, to develop (photo),
2262xiàngtowards, to face, to turn towards, direction, to support, to side with, shortly before, formerly, always, all along,
2263小时xiǎo shíhour, CL:個|个[gè],
2264xiàolaugh, smile, CL:個|个[gè],
2265xīnnew, newly, meso- (chemistry),
2266xìngfamily name, surname, name, CL:個|个[gè],
2267休息xiū xirest, to rest,
2268xuěsnow, snowfall, CL:場|场[cháng], to have the appearance of snow, to wipe away, off or out, to clean,
2269颜色yán sècolor, CL:個|个[gè],
2270眼睛yǎn jingeye, CL:隻|只,雙|双[shuāng],
2271羊肉yáng ròumutton,
2272yàomedicine, drug, cure, CL:種|种,服[fù],
2273yàoimportant, vital, to want, will, going to (as future auxiliary), may, must, (used in a comparison) must be, probably,
2274also, too, (in Classical Chinese) final particle implying affirmation,
2275已经yǐ jīngalready,
2276一起yī qǐin the same place, together, with, altogether (in total),
2277意思yì siidea, opinion, meaning, wish, desire, CL:個|个[gè],
2278yīnovercast (weather), cloudy, shady, Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang), negative (electric.), feminine, moon, implicit, hidden, genitalia,
2279因为yīn wèibecause, owing to, on account of,
2280游泳yóu yǒngswimming, to swim,
2281右边yòu bianright side, right, to the right,
2282fish, CL:條|条,尾[wěi],
2283yuánChinese monetary unit, dollar, primary, first,
2284yuǎnfar, distant, remote,
2285运动yùn dòngto move, to exercise, sports, exercise, motion, movement, campaign, CL:場|场[chǎng],
2286zàiagain, once more, re-, second, another, then (after sth, and not until then),
2287早上zǎo shangearly morning, CL:個|个[gè],
2288zhāngto open up, to spread, sheet of paper, classifier for flat objects, sheet, classifier for votes,
2289zhǎngchief, head, elder, to grow, to develop, to increase, to enhance,
2290丈夫zhàng fuhusband, CL:個|个[gè],
2291zhǎoto try to find, to look for, to call on sb, to find, to seek, to return, to give change,
2292zheaspect particle indicating action in progress,
2293zhēnreally, truly, indeed, real, true, genuine,
2294正在zhèng zàiin the process of (doing something or happening), while (doing),
2295知道zhī dàoto know, to be aware of, also pron. [zhī dao],
2296准备zhǔn bèipreparation, to prepare, to intend, to be about to, reserve (fund),
2297自行车zì xíng chēbicycle, bike, CL:輛|辆[liàng],
2298zǒuto walk, to go, to run, to move (of vehicle), to visit, to leave, to go away, to die (euph.), from, through, away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走), to change (shape, form, meaning),
2299zuìmost, the most, -est (superlative suffix),
2300左边zuǒ bianleft, the left side, to the left of,
3301阿姨ā yímaternal aunt, step-mother, childcare worker, nursemaid, woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child), CL:個|个[gè],
3302amodal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent,
3303ǎilow, short (in length),
3304爱好ài hàoto like, to take pleasure in, keen on, fond of, interest, hobby, appetite for, CL:個|个[gè],
3305安静ān jìngquiet, peaceful, calm,
3306to hold, to contain, to grasp, to take hold of, handle, particle marking the following noun as a direct object, classifier for objects with handle, classifier for small objects: handful,
3307bānto move, to shift, to remove, to transport, to apply indiscriminately, to copy mechanically,
3308bānteam, class, squad, work shift, ranking, CL:個|个[gè], classifier for groups,
3309bànhalf, semi-, incomplete, (after a number) and a half,
3310办法bàn fǎmeans, method, way (of doing sth), CL:條|条,個|个[gè],
3311办公室bàn gōng shìoffice, business premises, bureau, CL:間|间[jiān],
3312帮忙bāng mángto help, to lend a hand, to do a favor, to do a good turn,
3313bāoto cover, to wrap, to hold, to include, to take charge of, to contract (to or for), package, wrapper, container, bag, to hold or embrace, bundle, packet, CL:個|个,隻|只[zhī],
3314bǎoto eat till full, satisfied,
3315北方běi fāngnorth, the northern part a country, China north of the Yellow River,
3316bèiquilt, by, (indicates passive-voice clauses), (literary) to cover, to meet with,
3317鼻子bí zinose, CL:個|个,隻|只[zhī],
3318比较bǐ jiàoto compare, to contrast, comparatively, relatively, quite, comparison,
3319比赛bǐ sàicompetition (sports etc), match, CL:場|场,次[cì],
3320必须bì xūto have to, must, compulsory, necessarily,
3321变化biàn huàchange, variation, to change, to vary, CL:個|个[gè],
3322表示biǎo shìto express, to show, to say, to state, to indicate, to mean,
3323表演biǎo yǎnplay, show, performance, exhibition, to perform, to act, to demonstrate, CL:場|场[chǎng],
3324别人bié renother people, others, other person,
3325宾馆bīn guǎnguesthouse, lodge, hotel, CL:個|个,家[jiā],
3326冰箱bīng xiāngicebox, freezer cabinet, refrigerator, CL:臺|台,個|个[gè],
3327cáia moment ago, just now, (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until, (followed by a numerical clause) only,
3328菜单cài dānmenu, CL:份,張|张[zhāng],
3329参加cān jiāto participate, to take part, to join,
3330cǎograss, straw, manuscript, draft (of a document), careless, rough, CL:棵,撮,株,根[gēn],
3331cénglayer, stratum, laminated, floor (of a building), storey, classifier for layers, repeated, sheaf (math.),
3332chàto differ from, to fall short of, lacking, wrong, inferior,
3333超市chāo shìsupermarket (abbr.), CL:家[jiā],
3334衬衫chèn shānshirt, blouse, CL:件[jiàn],
3335成绩chéng jìachievement, performance records, grades, CL:項|项,個|个[gè],
3336城市chéng shìcity, town, CL:座[zuò],
3337迟到chí dàoto arrive late,
3338出现chū xiànto appear, to arise, to emerge, to show up,
3339除了chú lebesides, apart from (... also...), in addition to, except (for),
3340厨房chú fángkitchen, CL:間|间[jiān],
3341chūnspring (time), gay, joyful, youthful, love, lust, life,
3342词语cí yǔword (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases), term (e.g. technical term), expression,
3343聪明cōng mingacute (of sight and hearing), clever, intelligent, bright, smart,
3344打扫dǎ sǎoto clean, to sweep,
3345打算dǎ suànto plan, to intend, to calculate, plan, intention, calculation, CL:個|个[gè],
3346dàiband, belt, girdle, ribbon, tire, area, zone, region, CL:條|条[tiáo], to wear, to carry, to take along, to bear (i.e. to have), to lead, to bring, to look after, to raise,
3347担心dān xīnanxious, worried, uneasy, to worry, to be anxious,
3348蛋糕dàn gāocake, CL:塊|块,個|个[gè],
3349当然dāng ránonly natural, as it should be, certainly, of course, without doubt,
3350de-ly, structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct,
3351dēnglamp, light, lantern, CL:盞|盏[zhǎn],
3352low, beneath, to lower (one's head), to let droop, to hang down, to incline,
3353地方dì fangarea, place, space, room, territory, CL:處|处,個|个,塊|块[kuài],
3354地铁dì tiěsubway, metro,
3355地图dì túmap, CL:張|张,本[běn],
3356电梯diàn tīelevator, escalator, CL:臺|台,部[bù],
3357电子diàn zǐelectronic, electron (particle physics),
3358dōngsound of beating a drum, onomatopoeia for rat-a-tat etc,
3359dōngeast, host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest), landlord,
3360动物dòng wùanimal, CL:隻|只,群,個|个[gè],
3361duǎnshort or brief, to lack, weak point, fault,
3362duànparagraph, section, segment, stage (of a process), classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc,
3363锻炼duàn liànto engage in physical exercise, to work out, to toughen, to temper,
3364多么duō mehow (wonderful etc), what (a great idea etc), however (difficult it may be etc),
3365饿èto be hungry, hungry,
3366而且ér qiě(not only ...) but also, moreover, in addition, furthermore,
3367耳朵ěr duoear, CL:隻|只,個|个,對|对[duì],
3368发烧fā shāoto have a high temperature (from illness), to have a fever,
3369发现fā xiànto find, to discover,
3370方便fāng biànconvenient, to help out, to make things easy for people, convenience, suitable, having money to spare, (euphemism) to go to the toilet,
3371fàngto release, to free, to let go, to put, to place, to let out, to set off (fireworks),
3372放心fàng xīnto feel relieved, to feel reassured, to be at ease,
3373fēnto divide, to separate, to allocate, to distinguish (good and bad), part or subdivision, fraction, one tenth (of certain units), unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm, minute, a point (in sports or games), 0.01 yuan (unit of money),
3374附近fù jìn(in the) vicinity, nearby, neighboring, next to,
3375复习fù xívariant of 復習|复习, to revise, to review, revision,
3376干净gān jìngclean, neat,
3377gǎnto dare, daring, (polite) may I venture,
3378感冒gǎn màoto catch cold, (common) cold, CL:場|场,次[cì],
3379刚才gāng cái(just) a moment ago,
3380根据gēn jùaccording to, based on, basis, foundation, CL:個|个[gè],
3381gēnheel, to follow closely, to go with, to marry sb (of woman), with, towards, as (compared to), from (different from), and (in addition to),
3382gèngmore, even more, further, still, still more,
3383公园gōng yuánpublic park, CL:場|场[chǎng],
3384故事gù shinarrative, story, tale,
3385guāto blow (of the wind),
3386guānmountain pass, to close, to shut, to turn off, to concern, to involve,
3387关系guān xìvariant of 關係|关系[guān xì],
3388关心guān xīnto care for sth, caring, concerned,
3389关于guān yúpertaining to, concerning, regarding, with regards to, about, a matter of,
3390国家guó jiācountry, nation, state, CL:個|个[gè],
3391果汁guǒ zhīfruit juice,
3392过去guò qu(in the) past, former, previous, to go over, to pass by,
3393还是hái shior, still, nevertheless, had better,
3394害怕hài pàto be afraid, to be scared,
3395river, CL:條|条,道[dào],
3396黑板hēi bǎnblackboard, CL:塊|块,個|个[gè],
3397护照hù zhàopassport, CL:本,個|个[gè],
3398huāflower, blossom, CL:朵,支,束,把,盆,簇[cù], fancy pattern, florid, to spend (money, time),
3399花园huā yuángarden, CL:座,個|个[gè],
3400huàto draw, picture, painting, CL:幅,張|张[zhāng],
3401huàibad, spoiled, broken, to break down,
3402环境huán jìngenvironment, circumstances, surroundings, CL:個|个[gè], ambient,
3403huànto change, to exchange,
3404huángyellow, pornographic, to fall through,
3405会议huì yìmeeting, conference, CL:場|场,屆|届[jiè],
3406或者huò zhěor, possibly, maybe, perhaps,
3407机会jī huìopportunity, chance, occasion, CL:個|个[gè],
3408几乎jī hūalmost, nearly, practically,
3409extremely, pole (geography, physics), utmost, top,
3410记得jì deto remember,
3411季节jì jiétime, season, period, CL:個|个[gè],
3412检查jiǎn cháinspection, to examine, to inspect, CL:次[cì],
3413简单jiǎn dānsimple, not complicated,
3414见面jiàn miànto meet, to see sb, CL:次[cì],
3415健康jiàn kānghealth, healthy,
3416jiǎngto speak, to explain, to negotiate, to emphasise, to be particular about, as far as sth is concerned, speech, lecture,
3417jiāoto teach,
3418jiǎofoot, leg, base, kick, CL:雙|双,隻|只[zhī],
3419jiǎoangle, corner, horn, horn-shaped, unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan, CL:個|个[gè],
3420jiēto receive, to answer (the phone), to meet or welcome sb, to connect, to catch, to join, to extend, to take one's turn on duty, to take over for sb,
3421街道jiē dàostreet, CL:條|条[tiáo], subdistrict, residential district,
3422节目jié mùprogram, item (on a program), CL:臺|台,個|个,套[tào],
3423节日jié rìholiday, festival, CL:個|个[gè],
3424结婚jié hūnto marry, to get married, CL:次[cì],
3425结束jié shùtermination, to finish, to end, to conclude, to close,
3426解决jiě juéto settle (a dispute), to resolve, to solve, to dispose of, to dispatch,
3427jièto lend, to borrow, by means of, to take (an opportunity),
3428经常jīng chángday to day, everyday, daily, frequently, constantly, regularly, often,
3429经过jīng guòto pass, to go through, process, course, CL:個|个[gè],
3430经理jīng lǐmanager, director, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
3431jiǔ(long) time, (long) duration of time,
3432jiùold, opposite: new 新, former, worn (with age),
3433举行jǔ xíngto hold (a meeting, ceremony etc),
3434句子jù zisentence, CL:個|个[gè],
3435决定jué dìngto decide (to do something), to resolve, decision, CL:個|个,項|项[xiàng], certainly,
3437可爱kě àiadorable, cute, lovely,
3438quarter (hour), moment, to carve, to engrave, to cut, oppressive, classifier for short time intervals,
3439客人kè rénvisitor, guest, customer, client, CL:位[wèi],
3440空调kōng tiáoair conditioning,
3441kǒumouth, classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc), classifier for bites or mouthfuls,
3442to cry, to weep,
3443裤子kù zitrousers, pants, CL:條|条[tiáo],
3444筷子kuài zichopsticks, CL:對|对,根,把,雙|双[shuāng],
3445lánblue, indigo plant,
3446lǎoprefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity, old (of people), venerable (person), experienced, of long standing, always, all the time, of the past, very, outdated, (of meat etc) tough,
3447离开lí kāito depart, to leave,
3448礼物lǐ wùgift, present, CL:件,個|个,份[fèn],
3449历史lì shǐhistory, CL:門|门,段[duàn],
3450liǎnface, CL:張|张,個|个[gè],
3451练习liàn xíexercise, drill, practice, CL:個|个[gè],
3452liàngclassifier for vehicles,
3453了解liǎo jiěto understand, to realize, to find out,
3454邻居lín jūneighbor, next door, CL:個|个[gè],
3455lóuhouse with more than 1 story, storied building, floor, CL:層|层,座,棟|栋[dòng],
3457horse, CL:匹pi, horse or cavalry piece in Chinese chess, knight in Western chess,
3458马上mǎ shàngat once, right away, immediately, on horseback (i.e. by military force),
3459满意mǎn yìsatisfied, pleased, to one's satisfaction,
3460帽子mào zihat, cap, (fig.) label, bad name, CL:頂|顶[dǐng],
3461rice, CL:粒[lì], meter (classifier),
3462面包miàn bāobread, CL:片,袋,塊|块[kuài],
3463面条miàn tiáonoodles,
3464明白míng baiclear, obvious, unequivocal, to understand, to realize,
3465to hold, to seize, to catch, to apprehend, to take,
3466奶奶nǎi nai(informal) grandma (paternal grandmother), (respectful) mistress of the house, CL:位[wèi],
3468nándifficult (to...), problem, difficulty, difficult, not good,
3469难过nán guòto feel sad, to feel unwell, (of life) to be difficult,
3470年级nián jígrade, CL:個|个[gè],
3471年轻nián qīngyoung,
3472niǎobird, CL:隻|只,群[qún],
3473努力nǔ lìgreat effort, to strive, to try hard,
3474爬山pá shānto climb a mountain, to mountaineer, hiking, mountaineering,
3475盘子pán zitray, plate, dish, CL:個|个[gè],
3476pàngfat, plump,
3477啤酒pí jiǔbeer, CL:杯,瓶,罐,桶,缸[gāng],
3478葡萄pú taogrape,
3479普通话pǔ tōng huàMandarin (common language), Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language), ordinary speech,
3480to ride (an animal or bike), to sit astride,
3481其实qí shíactually, in fact, really,
3482其他qí tāother, the others, else, other than (that person), in addition to the person mentioned above,
3483奇怪qí guàistrange, odd, to marvel, to be baffled,
3484铅笔qiān bǐ(lead) pencil, CL:支,枝,桿|杆[gǎn],
3485清楚qīng chuclear, distinct, to understand thoroughly, to be clear about,
3486qiūa swing,
3487裙子qún ziskirt, CL:條|条[tiáo],
3488然后rán hòuafter, then (afterwards), after that, afterwards,
3489热情rè qíngcordial, enthusiastic, passion, passionate, passionately,
3490认为rèn wéito believe, to think, to consider, to feel,
3491认真rèn zhēnconscientious, earnest, serious, to take seriously, to take to heart,
3492容易róng yìeasy, likely, liable (to),
3493如果rú guǒif, in case, in the event that,
3494sǎnumbrella, parasol, CL:把[bǎ],
3495上网shàng wǎngto be on the internet, to stretch a net (in a sports game or for covering sth), to be netted (of fish),
3496生气shēng qìangry, mad, offended, animated, to get angry, to be enraged, to take offense, animation,
3497声音shēng yīnvoice, sound, CL:個|个[gè],
3498使shǐto make, to cause, to enable, to use, to employ, to send, to instruct sb to do sth, envoy, messenger,
3499世界shì jièworld, CL:個|个[gè],
3500shòuthin, to lose weight, (of clothing) tight, (of meat) lean, (of land) unproductive,
3501舒服shū fucomfortable, feeling well,
3502叔叔shū shufather's younger brother, uncle, Taiwan pr. [shú shu], CL:個|个[gè],
3503shùtree, CL:棵[kē], to cultivate, to set up,
3504数学shù xuémathematics, mathematical,
3505shuāto brush, to paint, to daub, to paste up, to skip class (of students), to fire from a job,
3506shuāngtwo, double, pair, both,
3507水平shuǐ pínglevel (of achievement etc), standard, horizontal,
3508司机sī jīchauffeur, driver, CL:個|个[gè],
3509虽然suī ránalthough, even though, even if,
3510太阳tài yángsun, CL:個|个[gè],
3511tángsugar, sweets, candy, CL:顆|颗,塊|块[kuài],
3512特别tè biéespecially, special, particular, unusual,
3513téng(it) hurts, sore, to love dearly,
3514提高tí gāoto raise, to increase,
3515体育tǐ yùsports, physical education,
3517tiáostrip, item, article, clause (of law or treaty), classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc),
3518同事tóng shìcolleague, co-worker, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
3519同意tóng yìto agree, to consent, to approve,
3520头发tóu fahair (on the head),
3521突然tū ránsudden, abrupt, unexpected,
3522图书馆tú shū guǎnlibrary, CL:家,個|个[gè],
3523tuǐleg, CL:條|条[tiáo],
3524完成wán chéngto complete, to accomplish,
3525wǎnbowl, cup, CL:隻|只,個|个[gè],
3526wànten thousand, a great number,
3527忘记wàng jìto forget,
3528为了wèi lein order to, for the purpose of, so as to,
3529为什么wèi shén mewhy?, for what reason?,
3530wèiposition, location, place, seat, classifier for people (honorific), classifier for binary bits (e.g. 十六位 16-bit or 2 bytes),
3531文化wén huàculture, civilization, cultural, CL:個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
3533习惯xí guànhabit, custom, usual practice, to be used to, CL:個|个[gè],
3534洗手间xǐ shǒu jiāntoilet, lavatory, washroom,
3535洗澡xǐ zǎoto bathe, to take a shower,
3537xiānearly, prior, former, in advance, first,
3538香蕉xiāng jiāobanana, CL:枝,根,個|个,把[bǎ],
3539相同xiāng tóngidentical, same,
3540相信xiāng xìnto be convinced (that sth is true), to believe, to accept sth as true,
3541xiàngto resemble, to be like, to look as if, such as, appearance, image, portrait, image under a mapping (math.),
3542小心xiǎo xīnto be careful, to take care,
3543校长xiào zhǎng(college, university) president, headmaster, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
3544xiéshoe, CL:雙|双,隻|只[zhī],
3545新闻xīn wénnews, CL:條|条,個|个[gè],
3546新鲜xīn xiānfresh (experience, food etc), freshness, novel, uncommon,
3547xìnletter, mail, CL:封[fēng], to trust, to believe, to profess faith in, truthful, confidence, trust, at will, at random,
3548行李箱xíng li xiāngsuitcase,
3549兴趣xìng qùinterest (desire to know about sth), interest (thing in which one is interested), hobby, CL:個|个[gè],
3550熊猫xióng māopanda, CL:隻|只[zhī],
3551需要xū yàoto need, to want, to demand, to require, requirement, need,
3552选择xuǎn zéto select, to pick, choice, option, alternative,
3553眼镜yǎn jìngspectacles, eyeglasses, CL:副[fù],
3554要求yāo qiúto request, to require, to stake a claim, to ask, to demand, CL:點|点[diǎn],
3555爷爷yé ye(informal) father's father, paternal grandfather, CL:個|个[gè],
3556一定yī dìngsurely, certainly, necessarily, fixed, a certain (extent etc), given, particular, must,
3557一共yī gòngaltogether,
3558一会儿yī huì ra while, also pr. [yī huǐ r],
3559一样yī yàngsame, like, equal to, the same as, just like,
3560以后yǐ hòuafter, later, afterwards, following, later on, in the future,
3561以前yǐ qiánbefore, formerly, previous, ago,
3562以为yǐ wéito believe, to think, to consider, to be under the impression,
3563一般yī bānsame, ordinary, so-so, common, general, generally, in general,
3564一边yī biānone side, either side, on the one hand, on the other hand, doing while,
3565一直yī zhístraight (in a straight line), continuously, always, from the beginning of ... up to ..., all along,
3566音乐yīn yuèmusic, CL:張|张,曲,段[duàn],
3567银行yín hángbank, CL:家,個|个[gè],
3568应该yīng gāiought to, should, must,
3569影响yǐng xiǎngan influence, an effect, to influence, to affect (usually adversely), to disturb, CL:股[gǔ],
3570yòngto use, to employ, to have to, to eat or drink, expense or outlay, usefulness, hence, therefore,
3571游戏yóu xìgame, CL:場|场[chǎng], to play,
3572有名yǒu míngfamous, well-known,
3573yòu(once) again, also, both... and..., and yet, (used for emphasis) anyway,
3574遇到yù dàoto meet, to run into, to come across,
3575愿意yuàn yìto wish, to want, ready, willing (to do sth),
3576yuèto exceed, to climb over, to surpass, the more... the more,
3577月亮yuè liangmoon,
3578yúncloud, CL:朵[duǒ],
3579zhànstation, to stand, to halt, to stop, branch of a company or organization, website,
3580着急zháo jíto worry, to feel anxious, Taiwan pron. [zhāo jí],
3581照顾zhào guto take care of, to show consideration, to attend to, to look after,
3582照片zhào piànphotograph, picture, CL:張|张,套,幅[fú],
3583照相机zhào xiàng jīcamera, CL:個|个,架,部,台,隻|只[zhī],
3584zhīclassifier for birds and certain animals, one of a pair, some utensils, vessels etc,
3585zhǐbut, only,
3586终于zhōng yúat last, in the end, finally, eventually,
3587中间zhōng jiānbetween, intermediate, mid, middle,
3588zhǒngabbr. for 物種|物种, genus, race, seed, breed, species, strain, kind, type, has guts (i.e. courage), nerve, classifier for types: kind, sort, classifier for languages,
3589重要zhòng yàoimportant, significant, major,
3590周末zhōu mòweekend,
3591主要zhǔ yàomain, principal, major, primary,
3592zhùto wish, to express good wishes, to pray, (old) wizard,
3593注意zhù yìto take note of, to pay attention to,
3594字典zì diǎndictionary, character dictionary, CL:本[běn],
3595自己zì jǐoneself, one's own,
3596总是zǒng shìalways,
3597最近zuì jìnrecent, recently, these days, latest, soon, nearest (of locations), shortest (of routes),
3598作业zuò yèschool assignment, homework, work, task, operation, CL:個|个[gè], to operate,
3599作用zuò yòngto act on, to affect, action, function, activity, impact, result, effect, purpose, intent, to play a role, corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization, CL:個|个[gè],
4600爱情ài qíngromance, love (romantic), CL:個|个[gè],
4601安排ān páito arrange, to plan, to set up,
4602安全ān quánsafe, secure, safety, security,
4603ànto close (a door), to eclipse, muddled, stupid, ignorant, variant of 暗[àn],
4604按时àn shíon time, before deadline, on schedule,
4605按照àn zhàoaccording to, in accordance with, in the light of, on the basis of,
4606包括bāo kuòto comprise, to include, to involve, to incorporate, to consist of,
4607保护bǎo hùto protect, to defend, to safeguard, protection, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
4608保证bǎo zhèngguarantee, to guarantee, to ensure, to safeguard, to pledge, CL:個|个[gè],
4609bàoto hold, to carry (in one's arms), to hug or embrace, surround, cherish,
4610抱歉bào qiànto be sorry, to feel apologetic, sorry!,
4611报道bào dàoreport, CL:篇,份[fèn],
4612报名bào míngto sign up, to enter one's name, to apply, to register, to enroll, to enlist,
4613bèi(two, three etc) -fold, times (multiplier), double, to increase or multiply,
4614本来běn láioriginal, originally, at first, it goes without saying, of course,
4615bènstupid, foolish, silly, slow-witted, clumsy,
4616笔记本bǐ jì běnnotebook, CL:本[běn],
4617毕业bì yègraduation, to graduate, to finish school,
4618biàneverywhere, all over, classifier for actions: one time,
4619标准biāo zhǔn(an official) standard, norm, criterion, CL:個|个[gè],
4620表达biǎo dáto voice (an opinion), to express, to convey,
4621表格biǎo géform, table, CL:張|张,份[fèn],
4622表扬biǎo yángto praise, to commend,
4623饼干bǐng gānbiscuit, cracker, cookie, CL:片,塊|块[kuài],
4624并且bìng qiěand, besides, moreover, furthermore, in addition,
4625博士bó shìdoctor, court academician (in feudal China), Ph.D.,
4626不但bù dànnot only (... but also...),
4627不过bù guòonly, merely, no more than, but, however, anyway (to get back to a previous topic),
4628不得不bù dé bùhave no choice or option but to, cannot but, have to, can't help it, can't avoid,
4629不管bù guǎnno matter (what, how), regardless of, no matter,
4630不仅bù jǐnnot only (this one), not just (...) but also,
4631部分bù fènpart, share, section, piece, CL:個|个[gè],
4632to wipe, to erase, rubbing (brush stroke in painting), to clean, to polish,
4633cāito guess,
4634材料cái liàomaterial, data, makings, stuff, CL:個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
4635参观cān guānto look around, to tour, to visit,
4636差不多chà bu duōalmost, nearly, more or less, about the same, good enough, not bad,
4637长城Cháng chéngthe Great Wall,
4638长江Cháng JiāngYangtze River, or Chang Jiang,
4639chángto taste,
4640chǎnglarge place used for a specific purpose, stage, scene (of a play), classifier for sporting or recreational activities, classifier for number of exams,
4641超过chāo guòto surpass, to exceed, to outstrip,
4642chǎoto quarrel, to make a noise, noisy, to disturb by making a noise,
4643乘坐chéng zuòto ride (in a vehicle),
4644成功chéng gōngsuccess, to succeed, CL:次,個|个[gè],
4645成熟chéng shúmature, ripe, to mature, to ripen, Taiwan pr. [chéng shóu],
4646成为chéng wéito become, to turn into,
4647诚实chéng shíhonest, honesty, honorable, truthful,
4648吃惊chī jīngto be startled, to be shocked, to be amazed,
4649重新chóng xīnagain, once more, re-,
4650抽烟chōu yānto smoke (a cigarette, tobacco),
4651出差chū chāito go on an official or business trip,
4652出发chū fāto start out, to set off,
4653出生chū shēngto be born,
4654传真chuán zhēnfax, facsimile,
4655窗户chuāng huwindow, CL:個|个,扇[shàn],
4656词典cí diǎndictionary (of Chinese compound words), also written 辭典|辞典[cí diǎn], CL:部,本[běn],
4657从来cóng láialways, at all times, never (if used in negative sentence),
4658粗心cū xīncareless, thoughtless,
4659答案dá ànanswer, solution, CL:個|个[gè],
4660打扮dǎ banto decorate, to dress, to make up, to adorn, manner of dressing, style of dress,
4661打扰dǎ rǎoto disturb, to bother, to trouble,
4662打印dǎ yìnto print, to seal, to stamp,
4663打折dǎ zhéto give a discount,
4664打针dǎ zhēnto give or have an injection,
4665大概dà gàiroughly, probably, rough, approximate, about,
4666大使馆dà shǐ guǎnembassy, CL:座,個|个[gè],
4667大约dà yuēapproximately, about,
4668dàito put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves etc), to respect, to bear, to support,
4669代表dài biǎorepresentative, delegate, CL:位,個|个,名[míng], to represent, to stand for, on behalf of, in the name of,
4670代替dài tìinstead, to replace, to substitute (X for Y, or a number in an algebraic expression),
4671大夫dài fudoctor, minister of state (in pre-Han states), CL:個|个,位[wèi],
4672dāngto be, to act as, manage, withstand, when, during, ought, should, match equally, equal, same, obstruct, just at (a time or place), on the spot, right, just at,
4673当地dāng dìlocal,
4674当时dāng shíthen, at that time, while,
4675dāoknife, blade, single-edged sword, cutlass, CL:把[bǎ], classifier for sets of one hundred sheets (of paper),
4676导游dǎo yóutour guide, guidebook, to conduct a tour,
4677到处dào chùeverywhere,
4678到底dào dǐfinally, in the end, when all is said and done, after all, to the end, to the last,
4679道歉dào qiànto apologize,
4680得意dé yìproud of oneself, pleased with oneself, complacent,
4681děngclass, rank, grade, equal to, same as, to wait for, to await, et cetera, and so on, et al. (and other authors), after, as soon as, once,
4682děngclass, rank, grade, equal to, same as, to wait for, to await, et cetera, and so on, et al. (and other authors), after, as soon as, once,
4683background, bottom, base, the end of a period of time, towards the end of (last month),
4684地球dì qiúthe Earth, planet, CL:個|个[gè],
4685地址dì zhǐaddress, CL:個|个[gè],
4686diàoto fall, to drop, to lag behind, to lose, to go missing, to reduce, fall (in prices), to lose (value, weight etc), to wag, to swing, to turn, to change, to exchange, to swap, to show off, to shed (hair),
4687调查diào cháinvestigation, inquiry, to investigate, to survey, survey, (opinion) poll, CL:項|项,個|个[gè],
4688diūto lose, to put aside, to throw,
4689动作dòng zuòmovement, motion, action, CL:個|个[gè],
4690堵车dǔ chētraffic jam, choking,
4691肚子dù zibelly, abdomen, stomach, CL:個|个[gè],
4692duànto break, to snap, to cut off, to give up or abstain from sth, to judge, (usu. used in the negative) absolutely, definitely,decidedly,
4693duìcouple, pair, to be opposite, to oppose, to face, versus, for, to, correct (answer), to answer, to reply, to direct (towards sth), right,
4694duìcouple, pair, to be opposite, to oppose, to face, versus, for, to, correct (answer), to answer, to reply, to direct (towards sth), right,
4695对话duì huàdialog, CL:個|个[gè],
4696对面duì miàn(sitting) opposite, across (the street), directly in front, to be face to face,
4697dùnto stop, to pause, to arrange, to lay out, to kowtow, to stamp (one's foot), at once, classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal,
4698duǒflower, earlobe, fig. item on both sides, classifier for flowers, clouds etc,
4699érand, as well as, and so, but (not), yet (not), (indicates causal relation), (indicates change of state), (indicates contrast),
4700儿童ér tóngchild, CL:個|个[gè],
4701to send out, to show (one's feeling), to issue, to develop, classifier for gunshots (rounds),
4702发生fā shēngto happen, to occur, to take place, to break out,
4703发展fā zhǎndevelopment, growth, to develop, to grow, to expand,
4704法律fǎ lǜlaw, CL:條|条, 套, 個|个[gè],
4705翻译fān yìto translate, to interpret, translator, interpreter, translation, interpretation, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
4706烦恼fán nǎoto be worried, to be distressed, worries,
4707反对fǎn duìto fight against, to oppose, to be opposed to, opposition,
4708反映fǎn yìngto mirror, to reflect, mirror image, reflection, fig. to report, to make known, to render, used erroneously for 反應|反应, response or reaction,
4709范围fàn wéirange, scope, limit, extent, CL:個|个[gè],
4710方法fāng fǎmethod, way, means, CL:個|个[gè],
4711方面fāng miànrespect, aspect, field, side, CL:個|个[gè],
4712方向fāng xiàngdirection, orientation, path to follow, CL:個|个[gè],
4713访问fǎng wènto visit, to call on, to interview, CL:次[cì],
4714放弃fàng qìto renounce, to abandon, to give up,
4715放暑假fàng shǔ jiàThe summer holidays,
4716分之fēn zhī(indicating a fraction),
4717fènclassifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc, variant of 分[fèn],
4718风景fēng jǐngscenery, landscape, CL:個|个[gè],
4719丰富fēng fùto enrich, rich, plentiful, abundant,
4720否则fǒu zéif not, otherwise, else, or else,
4721符合fú héin keeping with, in accordance with, tallying with, in line with, to agree with, to accord with, to conform to, to correspond with, to manage, to handle,
4722rich, abundant, wealthy,
4723负责fù zéto be in charge of, to take responsibility for, to be to blame, conscientious,
4724复印fù yìnto photocopy, to duplicate a document,
4725复杂fù zácomplicated, complex,
4726父亲fù qīnfather, also pr. with light tone [fù qin], CL:個|个[gè],
4727改变gǎi biànto change, to alter, to transform,
4728干杯gān bēito drink a toast, Cheers! (proposing a toast), Here's to you!, Bottoms up!, lit. dry cup,
4729干燥gān zàoto dry (of weather, paint, cement etc), desiccation, dull, uninteresting, arid,
4730感动gǎn dòngto move (sb), to touch (sb emotionally), moving,
4731感觉gǎn juéto feel, to become aware of, feeling, sense, perception, CL:個|个[gè],
4732感情gǎn qíngfeeling, emotion, sensation, likes and dislikes, deep affection for sb or sth, relationship (i.e. love affair), CL:個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
4733感谢gǎn xiè(express) thanks, gratitude, grateful, thankful, thanks,
4734gàntree trunk, main part of sth, to manage, to work, to do, capable, cadre, to kill (slang), to fuck (vulgar),
4735刚刚gāng gangjust recently, just a moment ago,
4736高级gāo jíhigh level, high grade, advanced, high-ranking,
4737个子gè ziheight, stature, build, size,
4738each, every,
4739公里gōng lǐkilometer,
4740工具gōng jùtool, instrument, utensil, means (to achieve a goal etc),
4741工资gōng zīwages, pay, CL:個|个,份,月[yuè],
4742共同gòng tóngcommon, joint, jointly, together, collaborative,
4743gòuto reach, to be enough,
4744购物gòu wùshopping,
4745孤单gū dānlone, lonely, loneliness,
4746估计gū jìto estimate, to reckon, CL:個|个[gè],
4747鼓励gǔ lìto encourage,
4748鼓掌gǔ zhǎngto applaud, to clap,
4749顾客gù kèclient, customer, CL:位[wèi],
4750故意gù yìdeliberately, on purpose,
4751guàto hang or suspend (from a hook etc), to hang up (the phone), to be worried or concerned, to make a phone call (topolect), to register or record, to hitch, classifier for sets or clusters of objects,
4752关键guān jiàncrucial point, crux, CL:個|个[gè], key, crucial, pivotal,
4753观众guān zhòngspectators, audience, visitors (to an exhibition etc),
4754管理guǎn lǐto supervise, to manage, to administer, management, administration, CL:個|个[gè],
4755guānglight, ray, CL:道[dào], bright, only, merely, to use up,
4756广播guǎng bōbroadcast, CL:個|个[gè], broadcasting, to broadcast, (formal) to propagate, to publicize,
4757广告guǎng gàoto advertise, a commercial, advertisement, CL:項|项[xiàng],
4758guàngto stroll, to visit,
4759规定guī dìngprovision, to fix, to set, to formulate, to stipulate, to provide, regulation, rule, CL:個|个[gè],
4760国际guó jìinternational,
4761果然guǒ ránreally, sure enough, as expected, if indeed,
4762guò(experienced action marker), to cross, to go over, to pass (time), to celebrate (a holiday), to live, to get along, excessively, too-,
4763guò(experienced action marker), to cross, to go over, to pass (time), to celebrate (a holiday), to live, to get along, excessively, too-,
4764过程guò chéngcourse of events, process, CL:個|个[gè],
4765海洋hǎi yángocean, CL:個|个[gè],
4766害羞hài xiūshy, embarrassed, bashful,
4767寒假hán jiàwinter vacation,
4768hànperspiration, sweat, CL:滴,頭|头,身[shēn], to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection),
4769航班háng bānscheduled flight, flight number, plane, scheduled sailing, sailing number, passenger ship,
4770好处hǎo chubenefit, advantage, gain, profit, also pronounced [hǎo chù], CL:個|个[gè],
4771好像hǎo xiàngas if, to seem like,
4772号码hào mǎnumber, CL:堆,個|个[gè],
4773合格hé géqualified, meeting a standard, eligible (voter),
4774合适hé shìsuitable, fitting, decent, to fit,
4775盒子hé zicase,
4776猴子hóu zimonkey, CL:隻|只[zhī],
4777hòuthick, deep or profound, kind, generous, rich or strong in flavor, to favor, to stress,
4778后悔hòu huǐto regret, to repent,
4779后来hòu láiafterwards, later,
4780忽然hū ránsuddenly, all of a sudden,
4781互相hù xiāngeach other, mutually, mutual,
4782护士hù shinurse, CL:個|个[gè],
4783怀疑huái yíto doubt, to suspect, doubt, suspicion, skeptical,
4784回忆huí yìto recall, recollection, CL:個|个[gè],
4785活动huó dòngto exercise, to move about, to operate, activity, loose, shaky, active, movable, maneuver, to use connections, CL:項|项,個|个[gè],
4786活泼huó polively, vivacious, brisk, active,
4787huǒfire, urgent, ammunition, fiery or flaming, internal heat (Chinese medicine), hot (popular), classifier for military units (old),
4788获得huò déto obtain, to receive, to get,
4789基础jī chǔbase, foundation, basis, underlying, CL:個|个[gè],
4790激动jī dòngto excite, to agitate, exciting,
4791积极jī jíactive, energetic, vigorous, positive (outlook), proactive,
4792积累jī lěito accumulate, accumulation, cumulative, cumulatively,
4793极其jí qíextremely,
4794即使jí shǐeven if, even though, given that,
4795及时jí shíin time, promptly, without delay, timely,
4796集合jí héto gather, to assemble, set (mathematics),
4797to live (in a house), to lodge, to mail, to send, to entrust, to depend,
4798继续jì xùto continue, to proceed with, to go on with,
4799记者jì zhěreporter, journalist, CL:個|个[gè],
4800计划jì huàplan, project, program, to plan, to map out, CL:個|个,項|项[xiàng],
4801技术jì shùtechnology, technique, skill, CL:門|门,種|种,項|项[xiàng],
4802既然jì ránsince, as, this being the case,
4803家具jiā jùfurniture, CL:件,套[tào],
4804加班jiā bānto work overtime,
4805加油站jiā yóu zhàngas station,
4806jiǎfake, false, artificial, to borrow, if, suppose,
4807价格jià géprice, CL:個|个[gè],
4808坚持jiān chíto persevere with, to persist in, to insist on,
4809减肥jiǎn féito lose weight,
4810减少jiǎn shǎoto lessen, to decrease, to reduce, to lower,
4811将来jiāng láiin the future, future, the future, CL:個|个[gè],
4812奖金jiǎng jīnpremium, award money, a bonus,
4813降低jiàng dīto reduce, to lower, to bring down,
4814jiāoto hand over, to deliver, to pay (money), to turn over, to make friends, to intersect (lines),
4815交流jiāo liúto exchange, exchange, communication, interaction, to have social contact (with sb),
4816交通jiāo tōngto be connected, traffic, transportation, communications, liaison,
4817骄傲jiāo àopride, arrogance, conceited, proud of sth,
4818饺子jiǎo zidumpling, pot-sticker, CL:個|个,隻|只[zhī],
4819教授jiào shòuprofessor, to instruct, to lecture on, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
4820教育jiào yùto educate, to teach, education,
4821接受jiē shòuto accept, to receive,
4822节约jié yuēto economize, to conserve (resources), economy, frugal,
4823结果jié guǒoutcome, result, conclusion, in the end, as a result, to kill, to dispatch,
4824解释jiě shìexplanation, to explain, to interpret, to resolve, CL:個|个[gè],
4825紧张jǐn zhāngnervous, keyed up, intense, tense, strained, in short supply, scarce, CL:陣|阵[zhèn],
4826尽管jǐn guǎndespite, although, even though, in spite of, unhesitatingly, do not hesitate (to ask, complain etc), (go ahead and do it) without hesitating,
4827进行jìn xíngto advance, to conduct, underway, in progress, to do, to carry out, to carry on, to execute,
4828禁止jìn zhǐto prohibit, to forbid, to ban,
4829精彩jīng cǎibrilliant, splendid,
4830精神jīng shénspirit, mind, consciousness, thought, mental, psychological, essence, gist, CL:個|个[gè],
4831经济jīng jìeconomy, economic,
4832经历jīng lìexperience, CL:個|个,次[cì], to experience, to go through,
4833经验jīng yànto experience, experience,
4834京剧Jīng jùBeijing opera, CL:場|场,出[chū],
4835警察jǐng chápolice, policeman, policewoman, CL:個|个[gè],
4836竟然jìng ránunexpectedly, to one's surprise, in spite of everything, in that crazy way, actually, to go as far as to,
4837竞争jìng zhēngto compete, competition,
4838镜子jìng zimirror, CL:面,個|个[gè],
4839究竟jiū jìngafter all (when all is said and done), actually, outcome, result,
4840举办jǔ bànto conduct, to hold,
4841拒绝jù juéto refuse, to decline, to reject,
4842距离jù lídistance, to be apart, CL:個|个[gè],
4843开玩笑kāi wán xiàoto play a joke, to make fun of, to joke,
4844看法kàn fǎway of looking at a thing, view, opinion, CL:個|个[gè],
4845考虑kǎo lǜto think over, to consider, consideration,
4846classifier for trees, cabbages, plants etc,
4847科学kē xuéscience, scientific knowledge, scientific, CL:門|门,個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
4848咳嗽ké souto cough, CL:陣|阵[zhèn],
4849可怜kě liánpitiful, pathetic, to have pity on,
4850可是kě shìbut, however,
4851可惜kě xīit is a pity, what a pity, unfortunately,
4852肯定kěn dìngto be sure, to be certain, sure, certain, definite, to confirm, to affirm, affirmative, to approve, approval, recognition,
4853空气kōng qìair, atmosphere,
4854恐怕kǒng pàfear, to dread, I'm afraid that..., perhaps, maybe,
4855bitter, hardship, pain, to suffer, to bring suffering to, painstakingly,
4856kuānlenient, wide, broad,
4857kùnsleepy, tired,
4858困难kùn nandifficult, challenging, straitened circumstances, difficult situation,
4859扩大kuò dàto expand, to enlarge, to broaden one's scope,
4860to pull, to play (a bowed instrument), to drag, to draw, to chat,
4861垃圾桶lā jī tǒngrubbish bin, Taiwan pr. [lè sè tǒng],
4862hot (spicy), pungent,
4863来不及lái bu jíthere's not enough time (to do sth), it's too late (to do sth),
4864来得及lái de jíthere's still time, able to do sth in time,
4866浪费làng fèito waste, to squander,
4867浪漫làng mànromantic,
4868老虎lǎo hǔtiger, CL:隻|只[zhī],
4869冷静lěng jìngcalm, cool-headed,
4870礼貌lǐ màocourtesy, manners,
4871理发lǐ fàa barber, hairdressing,
4872理解lǐ jiěto comprehend, to understand, comprehension, understanding,
4873理想lǐ xiǎnga dream, an ideal, perfection, ideal, perfect, desirable, CL:個|个[gè],
4874厉害lì haidifficult to deal with, difficult to endure, ferocious, radical, serious, terrible, violent, tremendous, awesome,
4875力气lì qistrength, CL:把[bǎ],
4876例如lì rúfor example, for instance, such as,
4877liǎtwo (colloquial equivalent of 兩個|两个), both, some,
4878liánto link, to join, to connect, continuously, in succession, including, (used with 也, 都 etc) even, company (military),
4879联系lián xìconnection, contact, relation, to get in touch with, to integrate, to link, to touch,
4880凉快liáng kuainice and cold, pleasantly cool,
4881liàngbright, clear, resonant, to shine, to show, to reveal,
4882聊天liáo tiānto chat, to gossip,
4883另外lìng wàiadditional, in addition, besides, separate, other, moreover, furthermore,
4884liúto leave (a message etc), to retain, to stay, to remain, to keep, to preserve,
4885留学liú xuéto study abroad,
4886流泪liú lèito shed tears,
4887流利liú lìfluent,
4888流行liú xíngto spread, to rage (of contagious disease), popular, fashionable, prevalent, (math.) manifold,
4889luànin confusion or disorder, in a confused state of mind, disorder, upheaval, riot, illicit sexual relations, to throw into disorder, to mix up, indiscriminate, random, arbitrary,
4890律师lǜ shīlawyer,
4891麻烦má faninconvenient, troublesome, annoying, to trouble or bother sb, to put sb to trouble,
4892马虎mǎ hucareless, sloppy, negligent, skimpy,
4893mǎnfull, filled, packed, fully, completely, quite, to reach the limit, to satisfy, satisfied, contented, to fill, abbr. for Manchurian,
4894毛巾máo jīntowel, CL:條|条[tiáo],
4895美丽měi lìbeautiful,
4896mèngdream, CL:場|场,個|个[gè],
4897密码mì mǎcode, secret code, password, pin number,
4898免费miǎn fèifree (of charge),
4899民族mín zúnationality, ethnic group, CL:個|个[gè],
4900母亲mǔ qīnmother, also pr. with light tone [mǔ qin], CL:個|个[gè],
4901目的mù dìpurpose, aim, goal, target, objective, CL:個|个[gè],
4902耐心nài xīnto be patient, patience,
4903难道nán dàodon't tell me ..., could it be that...?,
4904难受nán shòuto feel unwell, to suffer pain, to be difficult to bear,
4905nèiinside, inner, internal, within, interior,
4906内容nèi róngcontent, substance, details, CL:個|个,項|项[xiàng],
4907能力néng lìcapability, capable, able, ability, CL:個|个[gè],
4908年龄nián líng(a person's) age, CL:把,個|个[gè],
4909农村nóng cūnrural area, village, CL:個|个[gè],
4910nòngto do, to manage, to handle, to play with, to fool with, to mess with, to fix, to toy with,
4911暖和nuǎn huowarm, nice and warm,
4912偶尔ǒu ěroccasionally, once in a while, sometimes,
4913排列pái lièarray, arrangement, permutation (i.e. ordered choice of n elements out of m),
4914判断pàn duànto decide, to determine, CL:個|个[gè],
4915péito accompany, to keep sb company, to assist, old variant of 賠|赔[péi],
4916批评pī píngto criticize, criticism, CL:個|个[gè],
4917皮肤pí fūskin, CL:層|层,塊|块[kuài],
4918脾气pí qicharacter, temperament, disposition, bad temper, CL:個|个[gè],
4919piānsheet, piece of writing, bound set of bamboo slips used for record keeping (old), classifier for written items: chapter, article,
4920piànto cheat, to swindle, to deceive, to fool, to hoodwink, to trick,
4921乒乓球pīng pāng qiútable tennis, ping-pong, ping pong, table tennis ball, CL:個|个[gè],
4922平时píng shíordinarily, in normal times, in peacetime,
4923瓶子píng zibottle, CL:個|个[gè],
4924broken, damaged, worn out, to break, split or cleave, to get rid of, to destroy, to break with, to defeat, to capture (a city etc), to expose the truth of,
4925普遍pǔ biànuniversal, general, widespread, common,
4926其次qí cìnext, secondly,
4927其中qí zhōngamong, in, included among these,
4928起飞qǐ fēito take off (in an airplane),
4929起来qi lai(after a verb, indicates beginning or completeness),
4930气候qì hòuclimate, atmosphere, situation, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
4931千万qiān wànten million, countless, many, one must by all means,
4932签证qiān zhèngvisa, certificate, to certify, CL:個|个[gè],
4933qiángwall, CL:面,堵[dǔ],
4934qiāoto hit, to strike, to tap, to rap, to knock, to rip sb off, to overcharge,
4935qiáobridge, CL:座[zuò],
4936巧克力qiǎo kè lìchocolate (loanword), CL:塊|块[kuài],
4937亲戚qīn qia relative (i.e. family relation), CL:門|门,個|个,位[wèi],
4938qīnglight, easy, gentle, soft, reckless, unimportant, frivolous, small in number, unstressed, neutral, to disparage,
4939轻松qīng sōnggentle, relaxed,
4940情况qíng kuàngcircumstances, state of affairs, situation, CL:個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
4941请假qǐng jiàto request leave of absence,
4942请客qǐng kèto give a dinner party, to entertain guests, to invite to dinner,
4943qióngexhausted, poor,
4944区别qū biédifference, to distinguish, to discriminate, to make a distinction, CL:個|个[gè],
4945to take, to get, to choose, to fetch,
4946全部quán bùwhole, entire, complete,
4947缺点quē diǎnweak point, fault, shortcoming, CL:個|个[gè],
4948缺少quē shǎolack, shortage of, shortfall, to be short (of), to lack,
4949quèbut, yet, however, while, to go back, to decline, to retreat, nevertheless, even though,
4950确实què shíindeed, really, reliable, real, true,
4951qúngroup, crowd, flock, herd, pack etc,
4952然而rán érhowever, yet, but,
4953热闹rè naobustling with noise and excitement, lively,
4954人民币rén mín bìRenminbi (RMB), Chinese Yuan (CNY),
4955任何rèn héany, whatever, whichever, whatsoever,
4956任务rèn wumission, assignment, task, duty, role, CL:項|项,個|个[gè],
4957rēngto throw, to throw away,
4958仍然réng ránstill, yet,
4959日记rì jìdiary, CL:則|则,本,篇[piān],
4960入口rù kǒuentrance,
4961ruǎnsoft, flexible,
4962散步sàn bùto take a walk, to go for a walk,
4963森林sēn línforest, CL:片[piàn],
4964沙发shā fāsofa, CL:條|条,張|张[zhāng],
4965商量shāng liangto consult, to talk over, to discuss,
4966伤心shāng xīnto grieve, to be broken-hearted, to feel deeply hurt,
4967稍微shāo wēia little bit,
4968社会shè huìsociety, CL:個|个[gè],
4969shēnclose, deep, late, profound, dark (of color, water etc),
4970申请shēn qǐngto apply for sth, application (form etc), CL:份[fèn],
4971甚至shèn zhìeven, so much so that,
4972生活shēng huólife, activity, to live, livelihood,
4973生命shēng mìnglife, living, biological, CL:個|个[gè],
4974shěngto save, to economize, to do without, to omit, to leave out, province, CL:個|个[gè],
4975shèngto remain, to be left, to have as remainder,
4976失败shī bàito be defeated, to lose, to fail (e.g. experiments), failure, defeat, CL:次[cì],
4977失望shī wàngdisappointed, to lose hope, to despair,
4978师傅shī fumaster, qualified worker, respectful form of address for older men, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
4979湿润shī rùnmoist,
4980狮子shī zilion, CL:隻|只,頭|头[tóu], Leo (star sign),
4981十分shí fēnto divide into ten equal parts, very, hundred percent, completely, extremely, utterly, absolutely,
4982实际shí jìactual, reality, practice,
4983实在shí zàireally, actually, indeed, true, real, honest, dependable, (philosophy) reality,
4984食品shí pǐnfoodstuff, food, provisions, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
4985使用shǐ yòngto use, to employ, to apply, to make use of,
4986shìto test, to try, experiment, examination, test,
4987市场shì chǎngmarketplace, market (also in abstract),
4988世纪shì jìcentury, CL:個|个[gè],
4989适合shì héto fit, to suit,
4990适应shì yìngto adapt, to fit, to suit,
4991shōuto receive, to accept, to collect, in care of (used on address line after name),
4992收入shōu rùto take in, income, revenue, CL:筆|笔,個|个[gè],
4993收拾shōu shito put in order, to tidy up, to pack, to repair, to punish (colloquial), to manage,
4994首都shǒu dūcapital (city), CL:個|个[gè],
4995首先shǒu xiānfirst (of all), in the first place,
4996受不了shòu bù liǎounbearable, unable to endure, can't stand,
4997受到shòu dàoto receive, to suffer, obtained, given,
4998售货员shòu huò yuánsalesperson, CL:個|个[gè],
4999shūto lose, to transport, to donate, to enter (a password),
41000熟悉shú xīto be familiar with, to know well,
41001数量shù liàngamount, quantity, CL:個|个[gè], quantitative,
41002数字shù zìnumeral, digit, number, figure, amount, digital (electronics etc), CL:個|个[gè],
41003shuàihandsome, graceful, smart, commander in chief,
41004顺便shùn biànconveniently, in passing, without much extra effort,
41005顺利shùn lìsmoothly, without a hitch,
41006顺序shùn xùsequence, order,
41007说明shuō míngto explain, to illustrate, to indicate, to show, to prove, explanation, directions, caption, CL:個|个[gè],
41008硕士shuò shìmaster's degree, learned person,
41009to die, impassable, uncrossable, inflexible, rigid, extremely,
41010速度sù dùspeed, rate, velocity, CL:個|个[gè],
41011塑料袋sù liào dàiplastic bag,
41012suānsour, sore, ache, acid,
41013suànto regard as, to figure, to calculate, to compute,
41014随便suí biànas one wishes, as one pleases, at random, negligent, casual, wanton,
41015随着suí zhealong with, in the wake of, following,
41016孙子sūn zigrandson, son's son,
41017所有suǒ yǒuall, to have, to possess, to own,
41018táito lift, to raise, (of two or more persons) to carry,
41020态度tài dumanner, bearing, attitude, approach, CL:個|个[gè],
41021tánto speak, to talk, to converse, to chat, to discuss,
41022tánto pluck (a string), to play (a string instrument), to spring or leap, to shoot (e.g. with a catapult), (of cotton) to fluff or tease, to flick, to flip, to accuse, to impeach, elastic (of materials),
41023tāngsoup, hot or boiling water, decoction of medicinal herbs, water in which sth has been boiled,
41024tǎngto recline, to lie down,
41025tàngclassifier for times, round trips or rows, a time, a trip,
41026讨论tǎo lùnto discuss, to talk over, CL:個|个[gè],
41027讨厌tǎo yànto dislike, to loathe, disagreeable, troublesome, annoying,
41028特点tè diǎncharacteristic (feature), trait, feature, CL:個|个[gè],
41029提供tí gōngto offer, to supply, to provide, to furnish,
41030提前tí qiánto shift to an earlier date, to do sth ahead of time, in advance,
41031提醒tí xǐngto remind, to call attention to, to warn of,
41032填空tián kòngto fill a job vacancy, to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper),
41033条件tiáo jiàncondition, circumstances, term, factor, requirement, prerequisite, qualification, CL:個|个[gè],
41034停止tíng zhǐto stop, to halt, to cease,
41035tǐngto stick out, to (physically) straighten up, to endure or hold out, straight, stiff, outstanding, extraordinary, rather, quite, very, classifier for machine guns,
41036通过tōng guòby means of, through, via, to pass through, to get through, to adopt, to pass (a bill or inspection etc), to switch over,
41037通知tōng zhīto notify, to inform, notice, notification, CL:個|个[gè],
41038同情tóng qíngto sympathize with, sympathy,
41039tuīto push, to cut, to refuse, to reject, to decline, to shirk (responsibility), to put off, to delay, to push forward, to nominate, to elect,
41040推迟tuī chíto postpone, to put off, to defer,
41041tuōto shed, to take off, to escape, to get away from,
41042袜子wà zisocks, stockings, CL:隻|只,對|对,雙|双[shuāng],
41043完全wán quáncomplete, whole, totally, entirely,
41044wǎngto go (in a direction), to, towards, (of a train) bound for, past, previous,
41045往往wǎng wǎngoften, frequently,
41046网球wǎng qiútennis, CL:個|个[gè],
41047网站wǎng zhànwebsite, network station, node,
41048危险wēi xiǎndanger, dangerous,
41049味道wèi daoflavor, smell, hint of,
41050温度wēn dùtemperature, CL:個|个[gè],
41051文章wén zhāngarticle, essay, literary works, writings, hidden meaning, CL:篇,段,頁|页[yè],
41052握手wò shǒuto shake hands,
41053污染wū rǎnpollution, contamination, CL:個|个[gè],
41054-less, not to have, no, none, not, to lack, un-,
41055无聊wú liáobored, boring, senseless,
41056无论wú lùnno matter what or how, regardless of whether...,
41057误会wù huìto misunderstand, to mistake, misunderstanding, CL:個|个[gè],
41058西红柿xī hóng shìtomato, CL:隻|只[zhī],
41059吸引xī yǐnto attract (interest, investment etc), CL:個|个[gè],
41060洗衣机xǐ yī jīwasher, washing machine, CL:臺|台[tái],
41061xiánsalted, salty, stingy, miserly,
41062现代xiàn dàimodern times, modern age, modern era,
41063羡慕xiàn mùto envy, to admire,
41064限制xiàn zhìto restrict, to limit, to confine, restriction, limit, CL:個|个[gè],
41065xiāngfragrant, sweet smelling, aromatic, savory or appetizing, (to eat) with relish, (of sleep) sound, perfume or spice, joss or incense stick, CL:根[gēn],
41066相反xiāng fǎnopposite, contrary,
41067详细xiáng xìdetailed, in detail, minute,
41068xiǎngecho, sound, noise, to make a sound, to sound, to ring, loud, classifier for noises,
41069消息xiāo xinews, information, CL:條|条[tiáo],
41070小说xiǎo shuōnovel, fiction, CL:本,部[bù],
41071笑话xiào huàjoke, jest, CL:個|个[gè], to laugh at, to mock,
41072效果xiào guǒresult, effect, quality, CL:個|个[gè],
41073心情xīn qíngmood, frame of mind, CL:個|个[gè],
41074辛苦xīn kǔhard, exhausting, with much toil, thanks for your trouble,
41075信任xìn rènto trust, to have confidence in,
41076信心xìn xīnconfidence, faith (in sb or sth), CL:個|个[gè],
41077信用卡xìn yòng kǎcredit card,
41078兴奋xīng fènexcited, excitement,
41079xíngto walk, to go, to travel, a visit, temporary, makeshift, current, in circulation, to do, to perform, capable, competent, effective, all right, OK!, will do,
41080xǐngto wake up, to awaken, to be awake,
41081性别xìng biégender, sex, distinguishing between the sexes,
41082性格xìng génature, disposition, temperament, character, CL:個|个[gè],
41083幸福xìng fúhappiness, happy, blessed,
41084xiūto decorate, to embellish, to repair, to build, to study, to write, to cultivate,
41085许多xǔ duōmany, a lot of, much,
41086xuèblood, informal colloquial and Taiwan pr. [xiě], also pr. [xuě], CL:滴,片[piàn],
41087压力yā lìpressure,
41088牙膏yá gāotoothpaste, CL:管[guǎn],
41089亚洲Yà zhōuAsia, Asian,
41090ya(particle equivalent to 啊 after a vowel, expressing surprise or doubt),
41091yánsalt, CL:粒[lì],
41092严格yán géstrict, stringent, tight, rigorous,
41093严重yán zhònggrave, serious, severe, critical,
41094研究生yán jiū shēnggraduate student, postgraduate student, research student,
41095演出yǎn chūto act (in a play), to perform, to put on (a performance), performance, concert, show, CL:場|场,次[cì],
41096演员yǎn yuánactor or actress, performer, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
41097阳光yáng guāngsunshine, CL:線|线[xiàn],
41098养成yǎng chéngto cultivate, to raise, to form (a habit), to acquire,
41099样子yàng ziappearance, manner, pattern, model,
41100邀请yāo qǐngto invite, invitation, CL:個|个[gè],
41101钥匙yào shikey, CL:把[bǎ],
41102也许yě xǔperhaps, maybe,
41103page, leaf,
41104叶子yè zifoliage, leaf, CL:片[piàn],
41105一切yī qièeverything, every, all,
41106to use, according to, so as to, by means of, in order to, by, with, because,
41107亿100 million,
41108意见yì jiànidea, opinion, suggestion, objection, complaint, CL:點|点,條|条[tiáo],
41109艺术yì shùart,
41110因此yīn cǐthus, consequently, as a result,
41111引起yǐn qǐto give rise to, to lead to, to cause, to arouse,
41112饮料yǐn liàodrink, beverage,
41113印象yìn xiàngimpression,
41114yíngto beat, to win, to profit,
41115yìnghard, stiff, strong, firm, resolutely, doggedly, good (quality), able (person),
41116勇敢yǒng gǎnbrave, courageous,
41117永远yǒng yuǎnforever, eternal,
41118优点yōu diǎnmerit, benefit, strong point, advantage, CL:個|个[gè],
41119优秀yōu xiùoutstanding, excellent,
41120幽默yōu mò(loanword) humor, humorous,
41121yóuto follow, from, it is for...to, reason, cause, because of, due to, to, to leave it (to sb), by (introduces passive verb),
41122由于yóu yúdue to, as a result of, thanks to, owing to, since, because,
41123尤其yóu qíespecially, particularly,
41124有趣yǒu qùinteresting, fascinating, amusing,
41125友好yǒu hǎofriendly, amicable, close friend,
41126友谊yǒu yìcompanionship, fellowship, friendship,
41127愉快yú kuàicheerful, cheerily, delightful, pleasant, pleasantly, pleasing, happy, delighted,
41128于是yú shìthereupon, as a result, consequently, thus, hence,
41129and, to give, together with,
41130语法yǔ fǎgrammar,
41131语言yǔ yánlanguage, CL:門|门,種|种[zhǒng],
41132羽毛球yǔ máo qiúshuttlecock, badminton, CL:個|个[gè],
41133预习yù xíto prepare a lesson,
41134yuáncircle, round, circular, spherical, (of the moon) full, unit of Chinese currency (Yuan), tactful, to justify,
41135原来yuán láioriginal, former, originally, formerly, at first, so, actually, as it turns out,
41136原谅yuán liàngto excuse, to forgive, to pardon,
41137原因yuán yīncause, origin, root cause, reason, CL:個|个[gè],
41138约会yuē huìappointment, engagement, date, CL:次,個|个[gè], to arrange to meet,
41139阅读yuè dúto read, reading,
41140允许yǔn xǔto permit, to allow,
41141杂志zá zhìmagazine, CL:本,份,期[qī],
41142咱们zán menwe or us (including both the speaker and the person(s) spoken to), I or me, you,
41143暂时zàn shítemporary, provisional, for the time being,
41144zāngdirty, filthy,
41145责任zé rènresponsibility, blame, duty, CL:個|个[gè],
41146增加zēng jiāto raise, to increase,
41147增长zēng zhǎngto grow, to increase,
41148zhǎinarrow, narrow-minded, badly off,
41149招聘zhāo pìnrecruitment, to invite applications for a job,
41150真正zhēn zhènggenuine, real, true, genuinely,
41151整理zhěng lǐto arrange, to tidy up, to sort out, to straighten out, to list systematically, to collate (data, files), to pack (luggage),
41152整齐zhěng qíorderly, neat, even, tidy,
41153正常zhèng chángregular, normal, ordinary,
41154正好zhèng hǎojust (in time), just right, just enough, to happen to, to chance to, by chance, it just so happens that,
41155正确zhèng quècorrect, proper,
41156正式zhèng shìformal, official,
41157证明zhèng míngproof, certificate, identification, testimonial, CL:個|个[gè], to prove, to testify, to confirm the truth of,
41158zhī(possessive particle, literary equivalent of 的), him, her, it,
41159支持zhī chíto be in favor of, to support, to back, support, backing, to stand by, CL:個|个[gè],
41160知识zhī shiintellectual, knowledge-related, knowledge, CL:門|门[mén],
41161直接zhí jiēdirect, opposite: indirect 間接|间接, immediate, directly, straightforward,
41162值得zhí deto be worth, to deserve,
41163职业zhí yèoccupation, profession, vocation, professional,
41164植物zhí wùbotanical, plant, vegetation, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
41165zhǐfinger, to point at or to, to indicate or refer to, to depend on, to count on, (of hair) to stand on end,
41166只好zhǐ hǎowithout any better option, to have to, to be forced to,
41167只要zhǐ yàoif only, so long as,
41168制造zhì zàoto manufacture, to make,
41169至少zhì shǎoat least, (to say the) least,
41170质量zhì liàngquality, mass (in physics), CL:個|个[gè],
41171中文Zhōng wénChinese, Chinese written language, Chinese writing,
41172重点zhòng diǎnimportant point, main point, focus, key (project etc), to focus on, to put the emphasis on,
41173重视zhòng shìto attach importance to sth, to value,
41174周围zhōu wéisurroundings, environment, to encompass,
41175zhūhog, pig, swine, CL:口,頭|头[tóu],
41176逐渐zhú jiàngradually,
41177主动zhǔ dòngto take the initiative, to do sth of one's own accord, spontaneous, active, opposite: passive 被動|被动[bèi dòng], drive (of gears and shafts etc),
41178主意zhǔ yiplan, idea, decision, CL:個|个[gè],
41179祝贺zhù hèto congratulate, congratulations, CL:個|个[gè],
41180著名zhù míngfamous, noted, well-known, celebrated,
41181专门zhuān ménspecialist, specialized, customized,
41182专业zhuān yèspecialty, specialized field, main field of study (at university), major, CL:門|门,個|个[gè], professional,
41183zhuànto earn, to make a profit,
41184zhuàngto hit, to strike, to meet by accident, to run into, to bump against, to bump into,
41185准确zhǔn quèaccurate, exact, precise,
41186准时zhǔn shíon time, punctual, on schedule,
41187仔细zǐ xìcareful, attentive, cautious,
41188自然zì ránnature, natural, naturally,
41189总结zǒng jiéto sum up, to conclude, summary, résumé, CL:個|个[gè],
41190to hire, to rent, to charter, to rent out, to lease out, rent, land tax,
41191组成zǔ chéngto form, to make up, to constitute,
41192组织zǔ zhīto organize, organization, organized system, nerve, tissue, CL:個|个[gè],
41193zuǐmouth, beak, nozzle, spout (of teapot etc), CL:張|张,個|个[gè],
41194最好zuì hǎobest, (you) had better (do what we suggest),
41195最后zuì hòufinal, last, finally, ultimate,
41196尊重zūn zhòngto esteem, to respect, to honor, to value, eminent, serious, proper,
41197做生意zuò shēng yìto do business,
41198zuòseat, base, stand, CL:個|个[gè], classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects,
41199座位zuò wèiseat, CL:個|个[gè],
41200作者zuò zhěauthor, writer, CL:個|个[gè],
51201āiinterjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!), to sigh,
51202爱护ài hùto cherish, to treasure, to take care of, to love and protect,
51203爱惜ài xīto cherish, to treasure, to use sparingly,
51204爱心ài xīncompassion, CL:片[piàn],
51205安慰ān wèito comfort, to console, CL:個|个[gè],
51206安装ān zhuāngto install, to erect, to fix, to mount, installation,
51207ànbank, shore, beach, coast, CL:個|个[gè],
51208把握bǎ wòto grasp (also fig.), to seize, to hold, assurance, certainty, sure (of the outcome),
51209bǎito arrange, to exhibit, to move to and fro, a pendulum,
51210班主任bān zhǔ rènteacher in charge of a class,
51211办理bàn lǐto handle, to transact, to conduct,
51212bànga stick, club or cudgel, smart, capable, strong, wonderful, classifier for legs of a relay race,
51213傍晚bàng wǎnin the evening, when night falls, towards evening, at night fall, at dusk,
51214包裹bāo guǒwrap up, bind up, bundle, parcel, package, CL:個|个[gè],
51215包含bāo hánto contain, to embody, to include,
51216包子bāo zisteamed stuffed bun, CL:個|个[gè],
51217báothin, cold in manner, indifferent, weak, light, infertile,
51218宝贝bǎo bèitreasured object, treasure, darling, baby, cowry, good-for-nothing or queer character,
51219宝贵bǎo guìvaluable, precious, to value, to treasure, to set store by,
51220保持bǎo chíto keep, to maintain, to hold, to preserve,
51221保存bǎo cúnto conserve, to preserve, to keep, to save (a file etc) (computing),
51222保留bǎo liúto retain, to continue to have, to preserve, to maintain, to reserve, reservations, to hold back (approval or acceptance),
51223保险bǎo xiǎninsurance, to insure, safe, secure, be sure, be bound to, CL:份[fèn],
51224报告bào gàoto inform, to report, to make known, speech, talk, lecture, CL:篇,份,個|个,通[tòng],
51225悲观bēi guānpessimistic,
51226被子bèi ziquilt, CL:床[chuáng],
51227bèithe back of a body or object, to turn one's back, to hide something from, to learn by heart, to recite from memory, unlucky (slang), hard of hearing,
51228背景bèi jǐngbackground, backdrop, context, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51229本科běn kēundergraduate course, undergraduate (adjective),
51230本领běn lǐngskill, ability, capability, CL:項|项,個|个[gè],
51231本质běn zhìessence, nature, innate character, intrinsic quality,
51232比例bǐ lìproportion, scale,
51233比如bǐ rúfor example, for instance, such as,
51234彼此bǐ cǐeach other, one another,
51235必然bì ráninevitable, certain, necessity,
51236必需bì xūto need, to require, essential, indispensable,
51237必要bì yàonecessary, essential, indispensable, required,
51238毕竟bì jìngafter all, all in all, when all is said and done, in the final analysis,
51239避免bì miǎnto avert, to prevent, to avoid, to refrain from,
51240鞭炮biān pàofirecrackers, a string of small firecrackers, CL:枚[méi],
51241编辑biān jíto edit, to compile, editor, compiler,
51242便biànordinary, plain, convenient, as convenient, when the chance arises, handy, easy, informal, simple, so, thus, to relieve oneself, to urinate, to defecate, equivalent to 就: then, in that case, even if, soon afterwards,
51243辩论biàn lùndebate, argument, to argue over, CL:場|场,次[cì],
51244标点biāo diǎnpunctuation, a punctuation mark, to punctuate, CL:個|个[gè],
51245标志biāo zhìsign, mark, symbol, to symbolize, to indicate, to mark,
51246表面biǎo miànsurface, face, outside, appearance,
51247表明biǎo míngto make clear, to make known, to state clearly, to indicate, known,
51248表情biǎo qíng(facial) expression, to express one's feelings, expression,
51249表现biǎo xiànto show, to show off, to display, to manifest, expression, manifestation, show, display, performance (at work etc), behavior,
51250bǐngthird of 10 heavenly stems 十天干, third in order, letter "C" or roman "III" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc, propyl,
51251病毒bìng dúvirus,
51252玻璃bō liglass, nylon, plastic, CL:張|张,塊|块[kuài],
51253博物馆bó wù guǎnmuseum,
51254脖子bó zineck, CL:個|个[gè],
51255不必bù bìneed not, does not have to, not necessarily,
51256不断bù duànunceasing, uninterrupted, continuous, constant,
51257不见得bù jiàn denot necessarily, not likely,
51258不耐烦bù nài fánimpatience, impatient,
51259不要紧bù yào jǐnunimportant, not serious, it doesn't matter, never mind, it looks all right, but,
51260补充bǔ chōngto replenish, to supplement, to complement, additional, supplementary, CL:個|个[gè],
51261不安bù ānunpeaceful, unstable, uneasy, disturbed, restless, worried,
51262不得了bù dé liǎodesperately serious, disastrous, extremely, exceedingly,
51263不好意思bù hǎo yì sito feel embarrassed, to find it embarrassing, to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb),
51264不免bù miǎninevitably,
51265不然bù ránnot so, no, or else, otherwise, if not,
51266不如bù rúnot equal to, not as good as, inferior to, it would be better to,
51267不足bù zúinsufficient, lacking, deficiency, not enough, inadequate, not worth, cannot, should not,
51268cloth, to declare, to announce, to spread, to make known,
51269步骤bù zhòuprocedure, step,
51270部门bù méndepartment, branch, section, division, CL:個|个[gè],
51271财产cái chǎnproperty, CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
51272cǎito step on, to tread, to stamp, to press a pedal, to pedal (a bike),
51273采访cǎi fǎngto interview, to gather news, to hunt for and collect, to cover,
51274采取cǎi qǔto adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action), to take,
51275彩虹cǎi hóngrainbow,
51276参考cān kǎoconsultation, reference, to consult, to refer,
51277参与cān yùto participate (in sth),
51278餐厅cān tīngdining hall, dining room, restaurant, CL:間|间,家[jiā],
51279残疾cán jídisabled, handicapped, deformity on a person or animal,
51280惭愧cán kuìashamed,
51281操场cāo chǎngplayground, sports field, drill ground, CL:個|个[gè],
51282操心cāo xīnto worry about,
51283book, booklet, classifier for books,
51284测验cè yàntest, to test, CL:次,個|个[gè],
51285厕所cè suǒtoilet, lavatory, CL:間|间,處|处[chù],
51286曾经céng jīngonce, already, former, previously, ever, (past tense marker used before verb or clause),
51287chāto insert, stick in, pierce, to take part in, to interfere, to interpose,
51288差别chā biédifference, distinction, diversity, disparity,
51289叉子chā zifork, CL:把[bǎ],
51290chāito tear open, to tear down, to tear apart, to open,
51291产品chǎn pǐngoods, merchandise, product, CL:個|个[gè],
51292产生chǎn shēngto arise, to come into being, to come about, to give rise to, to bring into being, to bring about, to produce, to engender, to generate, to appear, appearance, emergence, generation, production, yield,
51293长途cháng túlong distance,
51294常识cháng shícommon sense, general knowledge, CL:門|门[mén],
51295chāoto make a copy, to plagiarize, to search and seize, to raid, to grab, to go off with, to take a shortcut, to make a turning move, to fold one's arms,
51296cháoimperial or royal court, government, dynasty, reign of a sovereign or emperor, court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor, to make a pilgrimage to, facing, towards,
51297朝代cháo dàidynasty, reign (of a king),
51298chǎoto sauté, to stir-fry, to speculate, to hype, to fire (sb),
51299吵架chǎo jiàto quarrel, to have a row, quarrel, CL:頓|顿[dùn],
51300车库chē kùgarage,
51301车厢chē xiāngcarriage, CL:節|节[jié],
51302彻底chè dǐthorough, thoroughly, complete,
51303沉默chén mòtaciturn, uncommunicative, silent,
51304chènto avail oneself of, to take advantage of,
51305chēngto weigh, to state, to name, name, appellation, to praise,
51306称呼chēng huto call, to address as, appellation,
51307称赞chēng zànto praise, to acclaim, to commend, to compliment,
51308chéngto ride, to mount, to make use of, to avail oneself of, to take advantage of, to multiply (mathematics), Buddhist sect or creed,
51309承担chéng dānto undertake, to assume (responsibility etc),
51310承认chéng rènto admit, to concede, to recognize, recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc), to acknowledge,
51311承受chéng shòuto bear, to support, to inherit,
51312成分chéng fèncomposition, make-up, ingredient, element, component, one's social status, CL:個|个[gè],
51313成果chéng guǒresult, achievement, gain, profit, CL:個|个[gè],
51314成就chéng jiùaccomplishment, success, attain a result, achievement, CL:個|个[gè],
51315成立chéng lìto establish, to set up, to be tenable, to hold water,
51316成语chéng yǔChinese set expression, often made up of 4 characters or two couplets of 4 characters each, often alluding to a story or historical quotation, idiom; proverb; saying; adage; set expression, CL:條|条,本,句[jù],
51317成长chéng zhǎngto mature, to grow, growth,
51318程度chéng dùdegree (level or extent), level, CL:個|个[gè],
51319程序chéng xùprocedures, sequence, order, computer program,
51320诚恳chéng kěnsincere, honest, cordial,
51321吃亏chī kuīto suffer losses, to come to grief, to lose out, to get the worst of it, to be at a disadvantage, unfortunately,
51322持续chí xùto continue, to persist, sustainable, preservation,
51323池子chí zipond, CL:個|个[gè],
51324尺子chǐ zirule, ruler (measuring instrument), CL:把[bǎ],
51325翅膀chì bǎngwing, CL:個|个,對|对[duì],
51326chōngthoroughfare, to go straight ahead, to rush, to clash,
51327充电器chōng diàn qìbattery charger,
51328充分chōng fènample, sufficient, adequate, full, fully, to the full,
51329充满chōng mǎnfull of, brimming with, very full, permeated,
51330重复chóng fùto repeat, to duplicate, CL:個|个[gè],
51331宠物chǒng wùhouse pet,
51332抽屉chōu tidrawer,
51333抽象chōu xiàngabstract, abstraction, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51334chǒushameful, ugly, disgraceful,
51335chòustench, stink, smelly, to smell (bad),
51336出版chū bǎnto publish, to come off the press, to put out,
51337出口chū kǒuan exit, CL:個|个[gè], to speak, to export, (of a ship) to leave port,
51338出色chū sèremarkable, outstanding,
51339出席chū xíto attend, to participate, present,
51340初级chū jíjunior, primary,
51341chúto get rid of, to remove, to exclude, to eliminate, to wipe out, to divide, except, not including,
51342除非chú fēionly if (..., or otherwise, ...), only when, only in the case that, unless,
51343除夕chú xī(New Year's) Eve,
51344处理chǔ lǐto handle, to treat, to deal with, to process, CL:個|个[gè],
51345传播chuán bōto disseminate, to propagate, to spread,
51346传递chuán dìto transmit, to pass on to sb else,
51347传染chuán rǎnto infect, contagious,
51348传说chuán shuōlegend, folklore, tradition, it is said, they say that...,
51349传统chuán tǒngtradition, traditional, convention, conventional, CL:個|个[gè],
51350窗帘chuāng liánwindow curtains,
51351chuǎngto rush, to charge, to dash, to break through, to temper oneself (through battling hardships),
51352创造chuàng zàoto create, to bring about, to produce, to set (a record),
51353chuīto blow, to play a wind instrument, to blast, to puff, to boast, to brag, to end in failure, to fall through,
51354磁带cí dàimagnetic tape, CL:盤|盘,盒[hé],
51355辞职cí zhíto resign,
51356此外cǐ wàibesides, in addition, moreover, furthermore,
51357刺激cì jīto provoke, to irritate, to upset, to stimulate, to excite, irritant,
51358次要cì yàosecondary,
51359匆忙cōng mánghasty, hurried,
51360从此cóng cǐfrom now on, since then, henceforth,
51361从而cóng érthus, thereby,
51362从前cóng qiánpreviously, formerly, once upon a time,
51363从事cóng shìto go for, to engage in, to undertake, to deal with, to handle, to do,
51365促进cù jìnto promote (an idea or cause), to advance, boost,
51366促使cù shǐto induce, to promote, to urge, to impel, to bring about, to provoke, to drive (sb to do sth), to catalyze, to actuate, to contribute to (some development),
51367cuīto urge, to press, to prompt, to rush sb, to hasten sth, to expedite,
51368cúnto exist, to deposit, to store, to keep, to survive,
51369存在cún zàito exist, to be, existence,
51370错误cuò wùerror, mistake, CL:個|个[gè], mistaken, false, wrong,
51371措施cuò shīmeasure, step, CL:個|个[gè],
51372答应dā yingto promise, to agree, to reply, to respond,
51373达到dá dàoto reach, to achieve, to attain,
51374打工dǎ gōngto work a temporary or casual job, (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation,
51375打交道dǎ jiāo dàoto come into contact with, to have dealings,
51376打喷嚏dǎ pēn tìto sneeze,
51377打听dǎ tingto ask about, to inquire about,
51378打招呼dǎ zhāo huto greet sb by word or action, to give prior notice,
51379大方dà fanggenerous, magnanimous, stylish, in good taste, easy-mannered, natural and relaxed,
51380大象dà xiàngelephant, CL:隻|只[zhī],
51381大型dà xínglarge, large-scale,
51382dāifoolish, stupid, expressionless, blank, to stay,
51383贷款dài kuǎna loan, to provide a loan (e.g. bank), CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
51384待遇dài yùtreatment, pay, wages, status, salary,
51385担任dān rènto hold a governmental office or post, to assume office of, to take charge of, to serve as,
51386单纯dān chúnsimple, pure, alone, merely,
51387单调dān diàomonotonous,
51388单独dān dúalone, by oneself, on one's own,
51389单位dān wèia unit, unit (of measure), work unit (one's workplace), CL:個|个[gè],
51390单元dān yuánunit, entrance number, staircase (for residential buildings),
51391耽误dān wuto delay, to hold up, to waste time, to interfere with,
51392胆小鬼dǎn xiǎo guǐcoward,
51393dàninsipid, diluted, weak, mild, light in color, tasteless, fresh, indifferent, nitrogen,
51394当代dāng dàithe present age, the contemporary era,
51395dǎngto resist, to obstruct, to hinder, to keep off, to block (a blow), to get in the way of, cover, gear,
51396dǎoisland, CL:個|个,座[zuò],
51397倒霉dǎo méito have bad luck, to be out of luck,
51398导演dǎo yǎnto direct, director (film etc),
51399导致dǎo zhìto lead to, to create, to cause, to bring about,
51400dàoto place upside down, to invert, to pour, to throw out, to move backwards, however, actually, as a matter of fact, contrary to expectation,
51401到达dào dáto reach, to arrive,
51402道德dào dévirtue, morality, ethics, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51403道理dào lireason, argument, sense, principle, basis, justification, CL:個|个[gè],
51404登机牌dēng jī páiboarding pass,
51405登记dēng jìto register (one's name),
51406等待děng dàito wait, to wait for,
51407等候děng hòuto wait, to wait for,
51408等于děng yúto equal, to be tantamount to,
51409a drop, to drip,
51410的确dí quèreally, indeed,
51411敌人dí rénenemy, CL:個|个[gè],
51412to hand over, to pass on sth, to gradually increase or decrease, progressively,
51413地道dì daoauthentic, genuine, typical, from a place known for the product, thorough, conscientious,
51414地理dì lǐgeography,
51415地区dì qūlocal, regional, district (not necessarily formal administrative unit), region, area, as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture level city or county level city), CL:個|个[gè],
51416地毯dì tǎncarpet, rug,
51417地位dì wèiposition, status, place, CL:個|个[gè],
51418地震dì zhènearthquake,
51419点头diǎn tóuto nod,
51420点心diǎn xinlight refreshments, pastry, dimsum (in Cantonese cooking), dessert,
51421电池diàn chíbattery, CL:節|节,組|组[zǔ],
51422电台diàn táitransmitter-receiver, broadcasting station, radio station, CL:個|个,家[jiā],
51423diàoto fish with a hook and bait,
51424dīngfourth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干, fourth in order, letter "D" or roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc, butyl, cubes (of food),
51425dǐngapex, crown of the head, top, roof, to carry on the head, to push to the top, to go against, most, to replace, to substitute, classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc, to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile (internet slang),
51426dòngto freeze, to feel very cold, aspic or jelly,
51427dòngcave, hole, zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers), CL:個|个[gè],
51428动画片dòng huà piànanimated film,
51429dòuto stay, to stop, to pause (while reading), to tease (play with),
51430豆腐dòu futofu, bean curd,
51431独立dú lìindependent, independence, to stand alone,
51432独特dú tèunique, distinct, having special characteristics,
51433度过dù guòto pass, to spend (time), to survive, to get through,
51434短信duǎn xìntext message, SMS,
51435duīto pile up, to heap up, a mass, pile, heap, stack, large amount,
51436对比duì bǐto contrast, contrast, ratio, CL:個|个[gè],
51437对待duì dàito treat, treatment,
51438对方duì fāngcounterpart, other person involved, opposite side, other side, receiving party,
51439对手duì shǒuopponent, adversary, match,
51440对象duì xiàngtarget, object, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, CL:個|个[gè],
51441对于duì yúregarding, as far as sth is concerned, with regards to,
51442dūnton, Taiwan pr. [dùn],
51443dūnto crouch, to squat,
51444多亏duō kuīthanks to, luckily,
51445多余duō yúsuperfluous, unnecessary, surplus,
51446躲藏duǒ cángto hide oneself,
51447恶劣è lièvile, nasty, of very poor quality,
51448发表fā biǎoto issue, to publish,
51449发愁fā chóuto worry, to fret, to be anxious, to become sad,
51450发达fā dádeveloped (country etc), flourishing, to develop,
51451发抖fā dǒuto tremble, to shake, to shiver,
51452发挥fā huīto display, to exhibit, to bring out implicit or innate qualities, to express (a thought or moral), to develop (an idea), to elaborate (on a theme),
51453发明fā míngto invent, invention, CL:個|个[gè],
51454发票fā piàoinvoice, receipt or bill for purchase,
51455发言fā yánto make a speech, statement, utterance, CL:個|个[gè],
51456罚款fá kuǎn(impose a) fine, penalty, fine (monetary),
51457法院fǎ yuàncourt of law, court,
51458fānto turn over, to flip over, to overturn, to rummage through, to translate, to decode, to double, to climb over or into, to cross,
51459繁荣fán róngprosperous, booming (economy),
51460凡是fán shìeach and every, every, all, any,
51461反而fǎn érinstead, on the contrary, contrary (to expectations),
51462反复fǎn fùrepeatedly, over and over,
51463反应fǎn yìngto react, to respond, reaction, response, reply, chemical reaction, CL:個|个[gè],
51464反正fǎn zhènganyway, in any case, to come over from the enemy's side,
51465fāngsquare, power or involution (mathematics), upright, honest, fair and square, direction, side, party (to a contract, dispute etc), place, method, prescription (medicine), just when, only or just, classifier for square things, abbr. for square or cubic meter,
51466方案fāng ànplan, program (for action etc), proposal, proposed bill, CL:個|个,套[tào],
51467方式fāng shìway (of life), pattern, style, mode, manner, CL:個|个[gè],
51468妨碍fáng àito hinder, to obstruct,
51469房东fáng dōnglandlord,
51470仿佛fǎng fúto seem, as if, alike, similar,
51471放松fàng sōngto loosen, to relax,
51472fēito not be, not, wrong, incorrect, non-, un-, in-, to reproach or blame, (colloquial) to insist on, simply must,
51473肥皂féi zàosoap, CL:塊|块,條|条[tiáo],
51474fèilung, CL:個|个[gè],
51475废话fèi huànonsense, rubbish, superfluous words, You don't say!, No kidding! (gently sarcastic),
51476费用fèi yòngcost, expenditure, expense, CL:筆|笔,個|个[gè],
51477分别fēn biéto part or leave each other, to distinguish, difference, in different ways, differently, separately or individually,
51478分布fēn bùdistributed, to distribute,
51479分配fēn pèito distribute, to assign, to allocate, to partition (a hard drive),
51480分析fēn xīto analyze, analysis, CL:個|个[gè],
51481纷纷fēn fēnone after another, in succession, one by one, continuously, diverse, in profusion, numerous and confused, pell-mell,
51482奋斗fèn dòuto strive, to struggle,
51483愤怒fèn nùangry, indignant, wrath, ire,
51484风格fēng géstyle,
51485风俗fēng súsocial custom, CL:個|个[gè],
51486风险fēng xiǎnrisk, hazard,
51487疯狂fēng kuángmadness, extreme popularity,
51488讽刺fěng cìto satirize, to mock, irony, satire, sarcasm,
51489否定fǒu dìngto negate, to deny, to reject, negative (answer), negation,
51490否认fǒu rènto declare to be untrue, to deny,
51491to support with the hand, to help sb up, to support oneself by holding onto something, to help,
51492width, roll, classifier for textiles or pictures,
51493服从fú cóngto obey (an order), to comply, to defer,
51494服装fú zhuāngdress, clothing, costume, clothes, CL:身[shēn],
51495辅导fǔ dǎoto coach, to tutor, to give advice (in study),
51496复制fù zhìto duplicate, to make a copy of, to copy, to reproduce, to clone,
51497付款fù kuǎnto pay a sum of money, payment,
51498妇女fù nǚwoman,
51499改革gǎi géreform, CL:次,種|种,項|项[xiàng], to reform,
51500改进gǎi jìnto improve, to make better, CL:個|个[gè],
51501改善gǎi shànto make better, to improve, CL:個|个[gè],
51502改正gǎi zhèngto correct, to amend, to put right, correction, CL:個|个[gè],
51503gàilid, top, cover, canopy, to cover, to conceal, to build,
51504概括gài kuòto summarize, to generalize, briefly, CL:個|个[gè],
51505概念gài niànconcept, idea, CL:個|个[gè],
51506干脆gān cuìstraightforward, clear-cut, blunt (e.g. statement), you might as well, simply,
51507感激gǎn jīto be grateful, to appreciate, thankful,
51508感受gǎn shòuto sense, perception, to feel (through the senses), a feeling, an impression, an experience,
51509感想gǎn xiǎngimpressions, reflections, thoughts, CL:通,個|个[gè],
51510赶紧gǎn jǐnhurriedly, without delay,
51511赶快gǎn kuàiat once, immediately,
51512干活儿gàn huó rto work, manual labor,
51513钢铁gāng tiěsteel,
51514高档gāo dàngsuperior quality, high grade, top grade,
51515高速gāo sùhigh speed,
51516gǎoto do, to make, to go in for, to set up, to get hold of, to take care of,
51517告别gào biéto leave, to bid farewell to, to say good-bye to,
51518胳膊gē boarm, CL:隻|只,條|条,雙|双[shuāng],
51519鸽子gē zipigeon, dove, various birds of the species Columbidae,
51520隔壁gé bìnext door, neighbor,
51521格外gé wàiespecially, particularly,
51522革命gé mìngrevolution, revolutionary (politics), CL:次[cì],
51523个别gè biéindividual, specific, respective, just one or two,
51524个人gè rénindividual, personal, oneself,
51525个性gè xìngindividuality, personality,
51526各自gè zìeach, respective, apiece,
51527gēnroot, basis, classifier for long slender objects, e.g. cigarettes, guitar strings, CL:條|条[tiáo], radical (chemistry),
51528根本gēn běnfundamental, basic, root, simply, absolutely (not), (not) at all, CL:個|个[gè],
51529更加gèng jiāmore (than sth else), even more,
51530公布gōng bùto announce, to make public, to publish,
51531公开gōng kāipublic, to publish, to make public,
51532公平gōng píngfair, impartial,
51533公寓gōng yùapartment building, block of flats, CL:套[tào],
51534公元gōng yuánCE (Common Era), Christian Era, AD (Anno Domini),
51535公主gōng zhǔprincess,
51536工厂gōng chǎngfactory, CL:家,座[zuò],
51537工程师gōng chéng shīengineer, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
51538工人gōng rénworker, CL:個|个,名[míng],
51539工业gōng yèindustry,
51540功夫gōng fuskill, art, kung fu, labor, effort,
51541功能gōng néngfunction, capability,
51542贡献gòng xiànto contribute, to dedicate, to devote, contribution, CL:個|个[gè],
51543沟通gōu tōngto join, to connect, to link up, to communicate,
51544构成gòu chéngto constitute, to form, to compose, to make up, to configure (computing),
51545姑姑gū gupaternal aunt, CL:個|个[gè],
51546姑娘gū nianggirl, young woman, young lady, daughter, paternal aunt (old), CL:個|个[gè],
51547古代gǔ dàiancient times, olden times,
51548古典gǔ diǎnclassical,
51549古老gǔ lǎoancient, old, age-old,
51550股票gǔ piàoshare, stock (market),
51551鼓舞gǔ wǔheartening (news), boost (morale), CL:個|个[gè],
51552骨头gǔ toubone, CL:根,塊|块[kuài], moral character, bitterness,
51553固定gù dìngfixed, set, regular,
51554固体gù tǐsolid,
51555雇佣gù yōngto employ, to hire,
51556挂号guà hàoto register (a letter etc),
51557guāi(of a child) obedient, well-behaved, clever, shrewd, alert, perverse, contrary to reason, irregular, abnormal,
51558拐弯guǎi wānto go round a curve, to turn a corner, fig. a new direction,
51559怪不得guài bu deno wonder!, so that's why!,
51560关闭guān bìto close, to shut,
51561关怀guān huáicare, solicitude, to show care for, concerned about, attentive to,
51562guānofficial, government, organ of body, CL:個|个[gè],
51563观察guān cháto observe, to watch, to survey, to examine, observation, view, perspective, CL:個|个[gè],
51564观点guān diǎnpoint of view, viewpoint, standpoint, CL:個|个[gè],
51565观念guān niànnotion, thought, concept, sense, views, ideology, general impressions,
51566管子guǎn zitube, pipe, drinking straw, CL:根[gēn],
51567罐头guàn toutin, can, CL:個|个[gè],
51568冠军guàn jūnchampion, CL:個|个[gè],
51569光滑guāng huaglossy, sleek, smooth,
51570光临guāng lín(honorific) Welcome!, You honor us with your presence., It is an honor to have you.,
51571光明guāng mínglight, illumination, radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc), fig. bright prospects, openhearted,
51572光盘guāng páncompact disc, CD or DVD, CD ROM, CL:片,張|张[zhāng],
51573光荣guāng rónghonor and glory, glorious,
51574广场guǎng chǎngpublic square, plaza,
51575广大guǎng dà(of an area) vast or extensive, large-scale, widespread, (of people) numerous,
51576广泛guǎng fànextensive, wide range,
51577规矩guī julit. compass and set square, fig. established standard, rule, customs, practices, fig. upright and honest, well-behaved,
51578规律guī lǜrule (e.g. of science), law of behavior, regular pattern, rhythm, discipline,
51579规模guī móscale, scope, extent, CL:個|个[gè],
51580规则guī zérule, regulation, rules and regulations,
51581柜台guì táisales counter, front desk, bar, over the counter,
51582gǔnto boil, to roll, to take a hike, Get lost!,
51583guōpot, pan, boiler, CL:口,隻|只[zhī],
51584国籍guó jínationality,
51585国庆节Guó qìng jiéPRC National Day (October 1st),
51586果实guǒ shífruit, gains,
51587过分guò fènexcessive, undue, overly,
51588过敏guò mǐnto be allergic, allergy,
51589过期guò qīto be overdue, to exceed the time limit, to expire (as in expiration date),
51590laughter, yawn,
51591海关hǎi guāncustoms (i.e. border crossing inspection), CL:個|个[gè],
51592海鲜hǎi xiānseafood,
51593hǎnto yell, to shout, to call out for (a person),
51594行业háng yèindustry, business,
51595豪华háo huáluxurious,
51596好奇hào qíinquisitive, curious, inquisitiveness, curiosity,
51597和平hé píngpeace,
51598何必hé bìthere is no need, why should,
51599何况hé kuànglet alone, to say nothing of, besides, what's more,
51600合法hé fǎlawful, legitimate, legal,
51601合理hé lǐrational, reasonable, fair,
51602合同hé tong(business) contract, CL:個|个[gè],
51603合影hé yǐngjoint photo, group photo,
51604合作hé zuòto cooperate, to collaborate, to work together, cooperation, CL:個|个[gè],
51605核心hé xīncore, nucleus,
51606hènto hate, to regret,
51607hénghorizontal, across, (horizontal character stroke),
51608后果hòu guǒconsequences, aftermath,
51609忽视hū shìto neglect, to ignore,
51610呼吸hū xīto breathe,
51611pot, classifier for bottled liquid,
51612蝴蝶hú diébutterfly, CL:隻|只[zhī],
51613胡说hú shuōto talk nonsense, drivel,
51614胡同hú tòngvariant of 胡同[hú tòng],
51615胡须hú xūbeard, CL:根,綹|绺[liǔ],
51616糊涂hú tumuddled, silly, confused,
51617花生huā shēngpeanut, groundnut, CL:粒[lì],
51618滑冰huá bīngto skate, skating,
51619划船huá chuánto row a boat, rowing boat, rowing (sport),
51620华裔Huá yìethnic Chinese, non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry,
51621化学huà xuéchemistry, chemical,
51622话题huà tísubject (of a talk or conversation), topic,
51623怀念huái niànto cherish the memory of, to think of, reminisce,
51624缓解huǎn jiěto blunt, to dull, to ease, to help relieve (a crisis), to alleviate (pain),
51625幻想huàn xiǎngdelusion, fantasy,
51626慌张huāng zhāngconfused, flustered,
51627黄瓜huáng guācucumber, CL:條|条[tiáo],
51628黄金huáng jīngold,
51629皇帝huáng dìemperor, CL:個|个[gè],
51630皇后huáng hòuempress, imperial consort,
51631huīash, dust, lime, gray, discouraged, dejected,
51632灰尘huī chéndust,
51633灰心huī xīnto lose heart, to be discouraged,
51634huīto wave, to brandish, to wipe away, to command, to conduct, to scatter, to disperse,
51635恢复huī fùto reinstate, to resume, to restore, to recover, to regain, to rehabilitate,
51636汇率huì lǜexchange rate,
51637婚礼hūn lǐwedding ceremony, wedding,
51638婚姻hūn yīnmatrimony, wedding, marriage, CL:次[cì],
51639活跃huó yuèactive, vigorous,
51640火柴huǒ cháimatch (for lighting fire), CL:根,盒[hé],
51641伙伴huǒ bànpartner, companion, comrade,
51642基本jī běnbasic, fundamental, main, elementary,
51643机器jī qìmachine, CL:臺|台,部,個|个[gè],
51644激烈jī lièintense, acute, fierce,
51645肌肉jī ròumuscle, flesh,
51646及格jí géto pass a test,
51647急忙jí mánghastily,
51648集体jí tǐcollective, social, team, CL:個|个[gè],
51649集中jí zhōngto concentrate, to centralize, to focus, centralized, concentrated, to put together,
51650记录jì lùto record, record (written account), record (in sports etc), CL:個|个[gè],
51651记忆jì yìto remember, to recall, memory, CL:個|个[gè],
51652计算jì suànto count, to calculate, to compute, CL:個|个[gè],
51653寂寞jì mòlonely, lonesome, quiet, silent,
51654系领带jì lǐng dàito tie one's necktie,
51655纪录jì lùrecord,
51656纪律jì lǜdiscipline,
51657纪念jì niànto commemorate, to remember, CL:個|个[gè],
51658家庭jiā tíngfamily, household, CL:戶|户,個|个[gè],
51659家务jiā wùhousehold duties, housework,
51660家乡jiā xiānghometown, native place, CL:個|个[gè],
51661嘉宾jiā bīnesteemed guest, honored guest, guest (on a show),
51662夹子jiā ziclip, clamp, tongs, folder, wallet,
51663jiǎfirst of the ten heavenly stems 十天干[shí tiān gān], (used for an unspecified person or thing), first (in a list, as a party to a contract etc), armor plating, shell or carapace, (of the fingers or toes) nail, bladed leather or metal armor (old), ranking system used in the Imperial examinations (old), civil administration unit (old),
51664假如jiǎ rúif,
51665假装jiǎ zhuāngto feign, to pretend,
51666jià(of a woman) to marry, to marry off a daughter, to shift (blame etc),
51667价值jià zhívalue, worth, fig. values (ethical, cultural etc), CL:個|个[gè],
51668驾驶jià shǐto pilot (ship, airplane etc), to drive,
51669jiānto pan fry, to sauté,
51670肩膀jiān bǎngshoulder,
51671坚决jiān juéfirm, resolute, determined,
51672坚强jiān qiángstaunch, strong,
51673尖锐jiān ruìsharp, intense, penetrating, pointed, acute (illness),
51674艰巨jiān jùarduous, terrible (task), very difficult, formidable,
51675艰苦jiān kǔdifficult, hard, arduous,
51676jiǎnto pick up, to collect, to gather,
51677剪刀jiǎn dāoscissors, CL:把[bǎ],
51678简历jiǎn lìCurriculum Vitae (CV), résumé (resume), biographical notes,
51679简直jiǎn zhísimply, at all, practically,
51680健身房jiàn shēn fánggym, gymnasium,
51681建立jiàn lìto establish, to set up, to found,
51682建设jiàn shèto build, to construct, construction, constructive,
51683建议jiàn yìto propose, to suggest, to recommend, proposal, suggestion, recommendation, CL:個|个,點|点[diǎn],
51684建筑jiàn zhùto construct, building, CL:個|个[gè],
51685键盘jiàn pánkeyboard,
51686讲究jiǎng jiuto pay particular attention to, exquisite, aesthetic,
51687讲座jiǎng zuòa course of lectures, CL:個|个[gè],
51688降落jiàng luòto descend, to land,
51689酱油jiàng yóusoy sauce,
51690jiāoto pour liquid, to irrigate (using waterwheel), to water, to cast (molten metal), to mold,
51691交换jiāo huànto exchange, to swap, to switch (telecom), commutative (math), to commute,
51692交际jiāo jìcommunication, social intercourse,
51693郊区jiāo qūsuburban district, outskirts, suburbs, CL:個|个[gè],
51694胶水jiāo shuǐglue,
51695角度jiǎo dùangle, point of view,
51696狡猾jiǎo huácrafty, cunning, sly,
51697教材jiào cáiteaching material, CL:本[běn],
51698教练jiào liàninstructor, sports coach, trainer, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
51699教训jiào xunlesson, moral, to chide sb, to lecture sb,
51700接触jiē chùto touch, to contact, access, in touch with,
51701接待jiē dàito receive (a visitor), to admit (allow sb to enter),
51702接近jiē jìnto approach, to get close to,
51703接着jiē zheto catch and hold on, to continue, to go on to do sth, to follow, to carry on, then, after that, subsequently, to proceed, to ensue, in turn, in one's turn,
51704阶段jiē duànstage, section, phase, period, CL:個|个[gè],
51705结实jiē shirugged, sturdy,
51706jiéfestival, holiday, node, joint, section, segment, part, to economize, to save, to abridge, moral integrity, classifier for segments, e.g. lessons, train wagons, biblical verses, CL:個|个[gè],
51707节省jié shěngsaving, to save, to use sparingly, to cut down on,
51708结构jié gòustructure, composition, makeup, architecture, CL:座,個|个[gè],
51709结合jié héto combine, to link, to integrate, binding, CL:次[cì],
51710结论jié lùnconclusion, verdict, CL:個|个[gè], to conclude, to reach a verdict,
51711结账jié zhàngto pay the bill, to settle accounts, also written 結帳|结帐,
51712解放jiě fàngto liberate, to emancipate, liberation, refers to the Communists' victory over the Nationalists in 1949, CL:次[cì],
51713解说员jiě shuō yuáncommentator,
51714jièto arrive at (place or time), period, to become due, classifier for events, meetings, elections, sporting fixtures, years (of graduation),
51715借口jiè kǒuto use as an excuse, on the pretext, excuse, pretext,
51716戒烟jiè yānto give up smoking,
51717戒指jiè zhi(finger) ring,
51718金属jīn shǔmetal, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51719jǐntight, strict, close at hand, near, urgent, tense, hard up, short of money, to tighten,
51720紧急jǐn jíurgent, emergency,
51721尽量jǐn liàngas much as possible, to the greatest extent,
51722谨慎jǐn shèncautious, prudent,
51723进步jìn bùprogress, improvement, to improve, to progress, CL:個|个[gè],
51724进口jìn kǒuto import, imported,
51725近代jìn dàimodern times,
51726尽力jìn lìto strive one's hardest, to spare no effort,
51727精力jīng lìenergy,
51728经典jīng diǎnthe classics, scriptures, classical,
51729经营jīng yíngto engage in (business etc), to run, to operate,
51730景色jǐng sèscenery, scene, landscape, view,
51731敬爱jìng àirespect and love,
51732酒吧jiǔ bābar, pub, saloon, CL:家[jiā],
51733jiùto save, to assist, to rescue,
51734救护车jiù hù chēambulance, CL:輛|辆[liàng],
51735舅舅jiù jiumother's brother, maternal uncle (informal), CL:個|个[gè],
51736居然jū ránunexpectedly, to one's surprise, go so far as to,
51737桔子jú zitangerine, also written 橘子,
51738to lift, to hold up, to cite, to enumerate, to act, to raise, to choose, to elect,
51739具备jù bèito possess, to have, equipped with, able to fulfill (conditions or requirements),
51740具体jù tǐconcrete, definite, specific,
51741巨大jù dàhuge, immense, very large, tremendous, gigantic, enormous,
51742聚会jù huìparty, gathering, to meet, to get together,
51743俱乐部jù lè bùclub (i.e. a group or organization) (loanword), CL:個|个[gè],
51744据说jù shuōit is said that, reportedly,
51745juānto contribute, to donate, contribution, tax, to abandon,
51746juǎnto roll (up), to sweep up, to carry on, roll,
51747决赛jué sàifinals (of a competition),
51748决心jué xīndetermination, resolution, determined, firm and resolute, to make up one's mind, CL:個|个[gè],
51749绝对jué duìabsolute, unconditional,
51750角色jué sèrole,
51751军事jūn shìmilitary affairs, military matters, military,
51752均匀jūn yúneven, well-distributed, homogeneous,
51753卡车kǎ chētruck, CL:輛|辆[liàng],
51754开发kāi fāto exploit (a resource), to open up (for development), to develop,
51755开放kāi fàngto bloom, to open, to be open-minded, to be open (to the public), to open up (to the outside),
51756开幕式kāi mù shìopening ceremony,
51757开心kāi xīnto feel happy, to rejoice, to have a great time, to make fun of sb,
51758kǎnto chop, to cut down, to throw sth at sb,
51759看不起kàn bu qǐto look down upon, to despise,
51760看来kàn laiapparently, it seems that,
51761抗议kàng yìto protest, protest,
51762烤鸭kǎo yāroast duck,
51763classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc,
51764可见kě jiànit can clearly be seen (that this is the case), it is (thus) clear, clear, visible,
51765可靠kě kàoreliable,
51766可怕kě pàawful, dreadful, fearful, formidable, frightful, scary, hideous, horrible, terrible, terribly,
51767刻苦kè kǔhardworking, assiduous,
51768课程kè chéngcourse, academic program, CL:堂,節|节,門|门[mén],
51769variant of 克[kè], to subdue, to overthrow, to restrain,
51770克服kè fú(try to) overcome (hardships etc), to conquer, to put up with, to endure,
51771客观kè guānobjective, impartial,
51772客厅kè tīngdrawing room (room for arriving guests), living room, CL:間|间[jiān],
51773空间kōng jiānspace, CL:個|个[gè],
51774恐怖kǒng bùterrible, frightful, frightening, terror, terrorist,
51775空闲kòng xiánidle, free time, leisure,
51776控制kòng zhìcontrol, to exercise control over, to contain,
51777口味kǒu wèia person's preferences, tastes (in food), flavor,
51778kuāto boast, to exaggerate, to praise,
51779会计kuài jìaccountant, accountancy, accounting,
51780矿泉水kuàng quán shuǐmineral spring water, CL:瓶,杯[bēi],
51781辣椒là jiāohot pepper, chili,
51782蜡烛là zhúcandle, CL:根,支[zhī],
51783来自lái zìto come from (a place), From: (in email header),
51784lánto cut off, to hinder,
51785lànsoft, mushy, well-cooked and soft, to rot, to decompose, rotten, worn out, chaotic, messy, utterly, thoroughly,
51786lángwolf, CL:匹,隻|只,條|条[tiáo],
51787劳动láo dòngwork, toil, physical labor, CL:次[cì],
51788劳驾láo jiàexcuse me,
51789老百姓lǎo bǎi xìngordinary people, the "person in the street", CL:個|个[gè],
51790老板lǎo bǎnboss, business proprietor, CL:個|个[gè],
51791老实lǎo shíhonest, sincere, open and guileless, naive,
51792老鼠lǎo shǔrat, mouse, CL:隻|只[zhī],
51793姥姥lǎo lao(informal) mother's mother, maternal grandmother,
51794乐观lè guānoptimistic, hopeful,
51795léithunder, (internet slang) terrifying, terrific,
51796lèikind, type, class, category, similar, like, to resemble,
51797pear, CL:個|个[gè],
51798离婚lí hūnto divorce, divorced from (one's spouse),
51799厘米lí mǐcentimeter, also written 厘米,
51800礼拜天lǐ bài tiānSunday,
51801理论lǐ lùntheory, CL:個|个[gè],
51802理由lǐ yóureason, grounds, justification, CL:個|个[gè],
51803grain, granule, classifier for small round things (peas, bullets, peanuts, pills, grains etc),
51804立方lì fāngcube,
51805立即lì jíimmediately,
51806立刻lì kèforthwith, immediate, prompt, promptly, straightway, thereupon, at once,
51807力量lì liangpower, force, strength,
51808利润lì rùnprofits,
51809利息lì xīinterest (on a loan), CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
51810利益lì yìbenefit, (in sb's) interest, CL:個|个[gè],
51811利用lì yòngexploit, make use of, to use, to take advantage of, to utilize,
51812连忙lián mángpromptly, at once,
51813连续剧lián xù jùserialized drama, dramatic series, show in parts,
51814联合lián héto combine, to join, unite, alliance,
51815恋爱liàn ài(romantic) love, CL:個|个,場|场[chǎng], in love, to have an affair,
51816良好liáng hǎogood, favorable, well, fine,
51817粮食liáng shifoodstuff, cereals, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51818了不起liǎo bu qǐamazing, terrific, extraordinary,
51819临时lín shíat the instant sth happens, temporary, interim, ad hoc,
51820líng(small) bell, CL:隻|只[zhī],
51821零件líng jiànpart, component,
51822零钱líng qiánchange (of money), small change, pocket money,
51823零食líng shíbetween-meal nibbles, snacks,
51824灵活líng huóflexible, nimble, agile,
51825领导lǐng dǎolead, leading, to lead, leadership, leader, CL:位,個|个[gè],
51826领域lǐng yùdomain, sphere, field, territory, area,
51827流传liú chuánto spread, to circulate, to hand down,
51828浏览liú lǎnto skim over, to browse,
51829lóngdragon, CL:條|条[tiáo], imperial,
51830lòuto leak, to divulge, to leave out by mistake, waterclock or hourglass (old),
51831dew, syrup, nectar, outdoors (not under cover), to show, to reveal, to betray, to expose,
51832陆地lù dìdry land (as opposed to the sea),
51833陆续lù xùin turn, successively, one after the other, bit by bit,
51834录取lù qǔto recruit, to enroll,
51835录音lù yīnto record (sound), sound recording, CL:個|个[gè],
51836轮流lún liúto alternate, to take turns,
51837论文lùn wénpaper, treatise, thesis, CL:篇[piān], to discuss a paper or thesis (old),
51838逻辑luó jilogic (loanword),
51839落后luò hòuto fall behind, to lag (in technology etc), backward, to retrogress,
51840to scold, to abuse, CL:通,頓|顿[dùn],
51841麦克风mài kè fēngmicrophone (loanword),
51842馒头mán tousteamed roll, steamed bun, steamed bread, CL:個|个[gè],
51843满足mǎn zúto satisfy, to meet (the needs of), satisfied, content,
51844máohair, feather, down, wool, mildew, mold, coarse or semifinished, young, raw, careless, unthinking, nervous, scared, (of currency) to devalue or depreciate, classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = 角 , = 1, 10 yuan or 10 fen 分),
51845毛病máo bìngfault, defect, shortcomings, ailment, CL:個|个[gè],
51846矛盾máo dùncontradictory, contradiction, CL:個|个[gè],
51847冒险mào xiǎnto take risks, to take chances, foray, adventure,
51848贸易mào yì(commercial) trade, CL:個|个[gè],
51849眉毛méi maoeyebrow, CL:根[gēn],
51850煤炭méi tàncoal,
51851美术měi shùart, fine arts, painting, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51852魅力mèi lìcharm, fascination, glamor, charisma,
51853迷路mí lùto lose the way, lost, labyrinth, labyrinthus vestibularis (of the inner ear),
51854谜语mí yǔriddle, conundrum,
51855密切mì qièclose, familiar, intimate, closely (related), to foster close ties, to pay close attention,
51856蜜蜂mì fēngbee, honeybee, CL:隻|只,群[qún],
51857秘密mì mìsecret, CL:個|个[gè],
51858秘书mì shūsecretary,
51859棉花mián huacotton,
51860面对miàn duìto confront, to face,
51861面积miàn jiarea (of a floor, piece of land etc), surface area, tract of land,
51862面临miàn línto face sth, to be confronted with,
51863描写miáo xiěto describe, to depict, to portray, description,
51864苗条miáo tiáoslim, slender, graceful,
51865miǎosecond (of time), unit of angle or arc equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree,
51866民主mín zhǔdemocracy,
51867明确míng quèclear-cut, definite, explicit, to clarify, to specify, to make definite,
51868明显míng xiǎnclear, distinct, obvious,
51869明信片míng xìn piànpostcard,
51870明星míng xīngstar, celebrity,
51871名牌míng páifamous brand,
51872名片míng piàn(business) card,
51873名胜míng shènga place famous for its scenery or historical relics, scenic spot, CL:處|处[chù],
51874命令mìng lìngorder, command, CL:道,個|个[gè],
51875命运mìng yùnfate, destiny, CL:個|个[gè],
51876to feel with the hand, to touch, to stroke, to grope, to feel (one's pulse),
51877摩托车mó tuō chēmotorbike, motorcycle, CL:輛|辆,部[bù],
51878模仿mó fǎngto imitate, to copy, to emulate, to mimic, model,
51879模糊mó huvague, indistinct, fuzzy,
51880陌生mò shēngstrange, unfamiliar,
51881mǒusome, a certain, sb or sth indefinite, such-and-such,
51882目标mù biāotarget, goal, objective, CL:個|个[gè],
51883目录mù lùcatalog, table of contents, directory (on computer hard drive), list, contents,
51884目前mù qiánat the present time, currently,
51885木头mù touslow-witted, blockhead, log (of wood, timber etc), CL:塊|块,根[gēn],
51886哪怕nǎ pàeven, even if, even though, no matter how,
51887难怪nán guài(it's) no wonder (that...), (it's) not surprising (that),
51888难看nán kànugly, unsightly,
51889脑袋nǎo dàihead, skull, brains, mental capability, CL:顆|颗,個|个[gè],
51890内科nèi kēinternal medicine, general medicine,
51891nèntender, soft, delicate, light (color), inexperienced, unskilled,
51892能干néng gàncapable, competent,
51893能源néng yuánenergy, power source, CL:個|个[gè],
51894年代nián dàia decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties), age, era, period, CL:個|个[gè],
51895年纪nián jìage, CL:把,個|个[gè],
51896niànto read, to study (a degree course), to read aloud, to miss (sb), idea, remembrance, twenty (banker's anti-fraud numeral corresponding to 廿, 20),
51897宁可nìng kěpreferably, one would prefer to...(or not to...), would rather, (would) be better to, (to pick) the lesser of two evils,
51898牛仔裤niú zǎi kùjeans, CL:條|条[tiáo], also written 牛崽褲|牛崽裤,
51899nóngconcentrated, dense,
51900农民nóng mínpeasant, CL:個|个[gè],
51901农业nóng yèagriculture, farming,
51902女士nǚ shìlady, madam, CL:個|个,位[wèi], Miss, Ms,
51903偶然ǒu ránincidentally, occasional, occasionally, by chance, randomly,
51904pāito pat, to clap, to slap, to swat, to take (a photo), to shoot (a film), racket (sports), beat (music),
51905排队pái duìto line up,
51906排球pái qiúvolleyball, CL:個|个[gè],
51907pàiclique, school, group, faction, to dispatch, to send, to assign, to appoint, pi (Greek letter Ππ), the circular ratio pi = 3.1415926, (loanword) pie,
51908盼望pàn wàngto hope for, to look forward to,
51909赔偿péi chángto compensate,
51910培养péi yǎngto cultivate, to breed, to foster, to nurture, to educate, to groom (for a position), education, fostering, culture (biology),
51911配合pèi hématching, fitting in with, compatible with, to correspond, to fit, to conform to, rapport, to coordinate with, to act in concert with, to cooperate, to become man and wife, to combine parts of machine,
51912佩服pèi fúto admire,
51913pénbasin, flower pot, unit of volume equal to 12 斗 and 8 升, approx 128 liters, CL:個|个[gè],
51914碰见pèng jiànto run into, to meet (unexpectedly), to bump into,
51915to drape over one's shoulders, to open, to unroll, to split open, to spread out,
51916to ascertain, to act on, to criticize, to pass on, classifier for batches, lots, military flights, tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges),
51917批准pī zhǔnto approve, to ratify,
51918疲劳pí láofatigue, wearily, weariness, weary,
51919皮鞋pí xiéleather shoes,
51920classifier for horses, mules etc, Taiwan pr. [pī], ordinary person, classifier for cloth: bolt, horsepower,
51921piànthin piece, flake, a slice, film, TV play, to slice, to carve thin, partial, incomplete, one-sided, classifier for slices, tablets, tract of land, area of water, classifier for CDs, movies, DVDs etc, used with numeral 一: classifier for scenario, scene, feeling, atmosphere, sound etc,
51922片面piàn miànunilateral, one-sided,
51923piāoto float,
51924频道pín dàofrequency, (television) channel,
51925品种pǐn zhǒngbreed, variety, CL:個|个[gè],
51926píngto lean against, to rely on, on the basis of, no matter (how, what etc), proof,
51927píngflat, level, equal, to tie (make the same score), to draw (score), calm, peaceful, see also 平聲|平声[píng shēng],
51928平常píng chángordinary, common, usually, ordinarily,
51929平等píng děngequal, equality,
51930平方píng fāngsquare (as in square foot, square mile, square root),
51931平衡píng héngbalance, equilibrium,
51932平静píng jìngtranquil, undisturbed, serene,
51933平均píng jūnaverage,
51934评价píng jiàto evaluate, to assess,
51935破产pò chǎnto go bankrupt, to become impoverished, bankruptcy,
51936破坏pò huàidestruction, damage, to wreck, to break, to destroy,
51937迫切pò qièurgent, pressing,
51938朴素pǔ sùplain and simple, unadorned, simple living, not frivolous,
51939期待qī dàito look forward to, to await, expectation,
51940期间qī jiānperiod of time, time, time period, period, CL:個|个[gè],
51941其余qí yúthe rest, the others, remaining, remainder, apart from them,
51942奇迹qí jìmiracle, miraculous, wonder, marvel,
51943启发qǐ fāto enlighten, to explain and arouse interest, to inspire, inspiration, heuristic (attributively), to teach, CL:個|个[gè],
51944企图qǐ túto attempt, to try, attempt, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51945企业qǐ yècompany, firm, enterprise, corporation, CL:家[jiā],
51946气氛qì fēnatmosphere, mood,
51947汽油qì yóugasoline,
51948qiānto pull (an animal on a tether), to lead along, to hold hands,
51949签字qiān zìto sign (a signature),
51950谦虚qiān xūmodest, self-effacing, to make modest remarks,
51951前途qián túprospects, future outlook, journey,
51952qiǎnshallow, light (color),
51953qiàndeficient, to owe, to lack, yawn,
51954qiānggun, firearm, rifle, spear, thing with shape or function similar to a gun, CL:支,把,杆,條|条,枝[zhī], to substitute for another person in a test, to knock, classifier for rifle shots,
51955强调qiáng diàoto emphasize (a statement), to stress,
51956强烈qiáng lièintense, (violently) strong,
51957qiǎngto fight over, to rush, to scramble, to grab, to rob, to snatch,
51958悄悄qiāo qiāoquietly, secretly, stealthily, quiet, worried, Taiwan pr. [qiǎo qiǎo],
51959qiáoto look at, to see, to see (a doctor), to visit,
51960巧妙qiǎo miàoingenious, clever, ingenuity, artifice,
51961qiēto cut, to slice, tangent (math),
51962亲爱qīn àidear, beloved, darling,
51963亲切qīn qièamiable, cordial, close and dear, familiar,
51964亲自qīn zìpersonally,
51965侵略qīn lvèinvasion, encroachment,
51966勤奋qín fènhardworking, diligent,
51967勤劳qín láohardworking, industrious, diligent,
51968qīngnature's color, green or blue, greenish black, youth, young (of people), abbr. for Qinghai province 青海,
51969青春qīng chūnyouth, youthfulness,
51970青少年qīng shào niánadolescent, youth, teenager,
51971轻视qīng shìcontempt, contemptuous, to despise, to scorn, scornful,
51972清淡qīng dànlight (of food, not greasy or strongly flavored), insipid, slack (sales),
51973情景qíng jǐngscene, sight, circumstances, CL:個|个[gè],
51974情绪qíng xùmood, state of mind, moodiness, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
51975请求qǐng qiúrequest, CL:個|个[gè],
51976庆祝qìng zhùto celebrate,
51977球迷qiú mísoccer fan, crazy about ball sports, CL:個|个[gè],
51978趋势qū shìtrend, tendency,
51979to take a wife, to marry (a woman),
51980取消qǔ xiāoto cancel, cancellation,
51981去世qù shìto pass away, to die,
51982quāncircle, ring, loop, classifier for loops, orbits, laps of race etc, CL:個|个[gè], to surround, to circle,
51983全面quán miànall-around, comprehensive, total, overall,
51984权力quán lìpower, authority,
51985权利quán lìpower, right, privilege,
51986quànto advise, to urge, to try to persuade, to exhort,
51987缺乏quē fáshortage, be lacking, to be short of, to lack, scarcity,
51988确定què dìngdefinite, certain, fixed, to fix (on sth), to determine, to be sure, to ensure, to make certain, to ascertain, to clinch, to recognize, to confirm, OK (on computer dialog box),
51989确认què rènto confirm, to verify, confirmation,
51990燃烧rán shāoto ignite, to combust, to burn, combustion, flaming,
51991rǎngblurt out, to shout,
51992ràoto wind, to coil (thread), to rotate around, to spiral, to move around, to go round (an obstacle), to by-pass, to make a detour, to confuse, to perplex,
51993热爱rè àito love ardently, to adore,
51994热烈rè lièwarm (welcome etc),
51995热心rè xīnenthusiasm, zeal, zealous, zest, enthusiastic, ardent, warmhearted,
51996人才rén cáia person's talent, talented person, distinguished person, a talent (worth head-hunting), person's looks, an attractive woman, used interchangeably with 人材, CL:個|个[gè],
51997人口rén kǒupopulation,
51998人类rén lèihumanity, human race, mankind,
51999人生rén shēnglife (one's time on earth),
52000人事rén shìhuman affairs, ways of the world, consciousness of the world, what is humanly possible, personnel matters, sexual awareness, sexual passion, facts of life,
52001人物rén wùperson, character (in a play, novel etc), protagonist, CL:個|个[gè],
52002人员rén yuánstaff, crew, personnel, CL:個|个[gè],
52003忍不住rěn bu zhùcannot help, unable to bear,
52004日常rì chángdaily, everyday,
52005日程rì chéngschedule, itinerary, CL:個|个[gè],
52006日历rì lìcalendar, CL:張|张,本[běn],
52007日期rì qīdate, CL:個|个[gè],
52008日用品rì yòng pǐnarticles for daily use, CL:件,個|个[gè],
52009融化róng huàto melt, to thaw, to dissolve, to blend into, to combine, to fuse,
52010荣幸róng xìnghonored,
52011荣誉róng yùhonor, credit, glory, (honorable) reputation, honorary,
52012如何rú héhow, what way, what,
52013如今rú jīnnowadays, now,
52014软件ruǎn jiàn(computer) software,
52015ruòweak, feeble, young, inferior, (following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than,
52016to sprinkle, to spray, to spill, to shed,
52017嗓子sǎng zithroat, voice, CL:把[bǎ],
52018shāto kill, to murder, to fight, to weaken or reduce, to smart (topolect), to counteract, (used after a verb) extremely,
52019沙漠shā mòdesert, CL:個|个[gè],
52020沙滩shā tānbeach, sandy shore, CL:片[piàn],
52022shàito dry in the sun, to sunbathe, to share files (loan from "share"),
52023删除shān chúto delete, to cancel,
52024闪电shǎn diànlightning, CL:道[dào],
52025善良shàn liánggood and honest, kind-hearted,
52026善于shàn yúto be good at, to be adept at,
52027扇子shān zifan, CL:把[bǎ],
52028商品shāng pǐngood, commodity, merchandise, CL:個|个[gè],
52029商业shāng yèbusiness, trade, commerce,
52030上当shàng dàngtaken in (by sb's deceit), to be fooled, to be duped,
52031勺子sháo ziscoop, ladle, CL:把[bǎ],
52032shésnake, serpent, CL:條|条[tiáo],
52033舌头shé toutongue, CL:個|个[gè], enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extracting information,
52034舍不得shě bu deto hate to do sth, to hate to part with, to begrudge,
52035设备shè bèiequipment, facilities, installations, CL:個|个[gè],
52036设计shè jìplan, design, to design, to plan, CL:個|个[gè],
52037设施shè shīfacilities, installation,
52038射击shè jīto shoot, to fire (a gun),
52039摄影shè yǐngto take a photograph, photography, to shoot (a movie),
52040shēnto stretch, to extend,
52041深刻shēn kèprofound, deep, deep-going,
52042身材shēn cáistature, build (height and weight), figure,
52043身份shēn fènidentity, status, capacity, dignity, position, rank,
52044神话shén huàlegend, fairy tale, myth, mythology,
52045神经shén jīngnerve,
52046神秘shén mìmysterious, mystery,
52047shēngvariant of 升[shēng],
52048生产shēng chǎnchildbirth, parturition, to produce, manufacture,
52049生动shēng dòngvivid, lively,
52050声调shēng diàotone, note, a tone (on a Chinese syllable), CL:個|个[gè],
52051绳子shéng zicord, string, rope, CL:條|条[tiáo],
52052省略shěng lvèto leave out, an omission,
52053胜利shèng lìvictory, CL:個|个[gè],
52054shīpoem, CL:首[shǒu], poetry, verse, abbr. for Book of Songs 詩經|诗经[Shī Jīng],
52055失眠shī miánto suffer from insomnia,
52056失去shī qùto lose,
52057失业shī yèunemployment, to lose one's job,
52058时代shí dàiage, era, epoch, period, CL:個|个[gè],
52059时刻shí kèmoment, CL:個|个[gè], constantly, always,
52060时髦shí máoin vogue, fashionable,
52061时期shí qīperiod, phase, CL:個|个[gè],
52062时尚shí shàngfashion, fad, fashionable,
52063实话shí huàtruth,
52064实践shí jiànto practice, to put into practice, to fulfill,
52065实习shí xíto practice, field work, to intern, internship,
52066实现shí xiànto achieve, to implement, to realize, to bring about,
52067实行shí xíngto implement, to carry out, to put into practice,
52068实验shí yànexperiment, test, CL:個|个,次[cì], experimental, to experiment,
52069实用shí yòngpractical, functional, pragmatic, applied (science),
52070食物shí wùfood, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52071石头shí toustone, CL:塊|块[kuài],
52072使劲儿shǐ jìn érRearing,
52073始终shǐ zhōngfrom beginning to end, all along,
52074是否shì fǒuwhether (or not), if, is or isn't,
52075试卷shì juànexamination paper, test paper, CL:份,張|张[zhāng],
52076士兵shì bīngsoldier, CL:個|个[gè],
52077似的shì deseems as if, rather like,
52078事实shì shífact, CL:個|个[gè],
52079事物shì wùthing, object, CL:個|个[gè],
52080事先shì xiānin advance, before the event, beforehand, prior,
52081收获shōu huòto harvest, to reap, to gain, crop, harvest, profit, gain, bonus, reward,
52082收据shōu jùreceipt, CL:張|张[zhāng],
52083手工shǒu gōnghandwork, manual,
52084手术shǒu shù(surgical) operation, surgery, CL:個|个[gè],
52085手套shǒu tàoglove, mitten, CL:雙|双,隻|只[zhī],
52086手续shǒu xùprocedure, CL:道,個|个[gè], formalities,
52087手指shǒu zhǐfinger, CL:個|个,隻|只[zhī],
52088受伤shòu shāngto sustain injuries, wounded (in an accident etc), harmed,
52089寿命shòu mìnglife span, life expectancy,
52090书架shū jiàbookshelf, CL:個|个[gè],
52091输入shū rùto import, to input,
52092蔬菜shū càivegetables, produce, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52093舒适shū shìcozy, snug,
52094梳子shū zicomb, CL:把[bǎ],
52095熟练shú liànpracticed, proficient, skilled, skillful,
52096鼠标shǔ biāomouse (computing),
52097属于shǔ yúto be classified as, to belong to, to be part of,
52098数据shù jùdata, numbers, digital,
52099数码shù mǎnumber, numerals, figures, digital, amount, numerical code,
52100shuāito throw down, to fall, to drop and break,
52101shuǎito throw, to fling, to swing, to leave behind, to throw off, to dump (sb),
52102双方shuāng fāngbilateral, both sides, both parties involved,
52103shuìtaxes, duties,
52104说不定shuō bu dìngcan't say for sure, maybe,
52105说服shuō fúto persuade, to convince, to talk sb over, Taiwan pr. [shuì fú],
52106to tear,
52107丝绸sī chóusilk cloth, silk,
52108丝毫sī háothe slightest amount or degree, a bit,
52109思考sī kǎoto reflect on, to ponder over,
52110思想sī xiǎngthought, thinking, idea, ideology, CL:個|个[gè],
52111私人sī rénprivate, personal, interpersonal, sb with whom one has a close personal relationship, a member of one's clique,
52112似乎sì hūapparently, to seem, to appear, as if, seemingly,
52113寺庙sì miàotemple, monastery, shrine,
52114宿舍sù shèdormitory, dorm room, living quarters, hostel, CL:間|间[jiān],
52115随时suí shíat any time, at all times, at the right time,
52116suìto break down, to break into pieces, fragmentary,
52117损失sǔn shīloss, damage, CL:個|个[gè], to lose, to damage,
52118缩短suō duǎnto curtail, to cut down,
52119缩小suō xiǎoto reduce, to decrease, to shrink,
52120suǒto lock up, to lock, CL:把[bǎ],
52121suǒactually, place, classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc, that which, particle introducing a relative clause or passive, CL:個|个[gè],
52122所谓suǒ wèiso-called, what is called,
52123pagoda, tower, minaret, stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo), CL:座[zuò],
52124台阶tái jiēsteps, flight of steps, step (over obstacle), fig. way out of an embarrassing situation, bench (geology),
52125太极拳tài jí quánshadowboxing or Taiji, T'aichi or T'aichichuan, traditional form of physical exercise or relaxation, a martial art,
52126太太tài taimarried woman, Mrs., Madam, wife, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
52127谈判tán pànto negotiate, negotiation, talks, conference, CL:個|个[gè],
52128坦率tǎn shuàifrank (discussion), blunt, open,
52129tàngto scald, to burn, to iron, hot,
52131táoto escape, to run away, to flee,
52132逃避táo bìto escape, to evade, to avoid, to shirk,
52133tàocover, sheath, to encase, a case, to overlap, to interleave, bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names), harness, classifier for sets, collections, tau (Greek letter Ττ),
52134特殊tè shūspecial, particular, unusual, extraordinary,
52135特意tè yìspecially, intentionally,
52136特征tè zhēngcharacteristic, diagnostic property, distinctive feature, trait,
52137疼爱téng àito love dearly,
52138to carry (hanging down from the hand), to lift, to put forward, to mention, to raise (an issue), upwards character stroke, lifting brush stroke (in painting), scoop for measuring liquid,
52139提倡tí chàngto promote, to advocate,
52140提纲tí gāngthe key point, outline,
52141提问tí wènto question, to quiz, to grill,
52142题目tí mùsubject, title, topic, CL:個|个[gè],
52143体会tǐ huìto know from experience, to learn through experience, to realize, understanding, experience,
52144体积tǐ jīvolume, bulk, CL:個|个[gè],
52145体贴tǐ tiēconsiderate (of other people's needs),
52146体现tǐ xiànto embody, to reflect, to incarnate,
52147体验tǐ yànto experience for oneself,
52148天空tiān kōngsky,
52149天真tiān zhēnnaive, innocent, artless,
52150田野tián yěfield, open land, CL:片[piàn],
52151调皮tiáo pínaughty, mischievous, unruly,
52152调整tiáo zhěngto adjust, adjustment, revision, CL:個|个[gè],
52153挑战tiǎo zhànto challenge, challenge,
52154通常tōng chángregular, usual, normal, usually, normally,
52155通讯tōng xùncommunications, news story, dispatch, CL:個|个[gè],
52156tóngcopper (chemistry), see also 紅銅|红铜[hóng tóng], CL:塊|块[kuài],
52157同时tóng shíat the same time, simultaneously,
52158统一tǒng yīto unify, to unite, to integrate,
52159统治tǒng zhìto rule (a country), to govern, rule, regime,
52160痛苦tòng kǔpain, suffering, painful, CL:個|个[gè],
52161痛快tòng kuàioverjoyed, delighted, happily, heartily, enjoying, also pr. [tòng kuai],
52162投资tóu zīinvestment, to invest,
52163透明tòu míngtransparent, open (non-secretive),
52164突出tū chūprominent, outstanding, to give prominence to, to protrude, to project,
52165土地tǔ dìland, soil, territory, CL:片[piàn],
52166土豆tǔ dòupotato, CL:個|个[gè], peanut (Taiwan), CL:顆|颗[kē],
52167to vomit, to throw up,
52168兔子tù zihare, rabbit, CL:隻|只[zhī],
52170推辞tuī cíto decline (an appointment, invitation etc),
52171推广tuī guǎngto extend, to spread, to popularize, generalization, promotion (of a product etc),
52172推荐tuī jiànto recommend, recommendation,
52173退tuìto retreat, to decline, to move back, to withdraw,
52174退步tuì bùto do less well than before, to make a concession, setback, backward step, leeway, room to maneuver, fallback,
52175退休tuì xiūto retire, retirement (from work),
52176wāiaskew, at a crooked angle, devious, noxious,
52177外交wài jiāodiplomacy, diplomatic, foreign affairs, CL:個|个[gè],
52178wānbend, bent, CL:道[dào],
52179完美wán měiperfect, perfection, perfectly,
52180完善wán shànperfect, to make perfect, to improve,
52181完整wán zhěngcomplete, intact,
52182玩具wán jùplaything, toy,
52183万一wàn yījust in case, if by any chance, contingency,
52184王子wáng zǐprince, son of a king,
52185往返wǎng fǎnto go back and forth, to go to and fro, round trip,
52186微笑wēi xiàosmile, CL:個|个,絲|丝[sī], to smile,
52187威胁wēi xiéto threaten, to menace,
52188危害wēi hàito jeopardize, to harm, to endanger, CL:個|个[gè],
52189违反wéi fǎnto violate (a law),
52190维护wéi hùto defend, to safeguard, to protect, to uphold, to maintain,
52191围巾wéi jīnscarf, shawl, CL:條|条[tiáo],
52192围绕wéi ràoto revolve around, to center on (an issue),
52193唯一wéi yīonly, sole,
52194尾巴wěi batail,
52195伟大wěi dàgreat, mighty, large,
52196委屈wěi quto feel wronged, to cause sb to feel wronged, grievance,
52197委托wěi tuōto entrust, to trust, to commission,
52198wèistomach, CL:個|个[gè],
52199位置wèi zhiposition, place, seat, CL:個|个[gè],
52200未必wèi bìnot necessarily, maybe not,
52201未来wèi láifuture, tomorrow, CL:個|个[gè], approaching, coming, pending,
52202卫生间wèi shēng jiānbathroom, toilet, WC, CL:間|间[jiān],
52203温暖wēn nuǎnwarm,
52204温柔wēn róugentle and soft, tender,
52205wénto hear, news, well-known, famous, reputation, fame, to smell, to sniff at,
52206文件wén jiàndocument, file, CL:份[fèn],
52207文具wén jùstationery, item of stationery (pen, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener etc),
52208文明wén míngcivilized, civilization, culture, CL:個|个[gè],
52209文学wén xuéliterature, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52210wěnkiss, to kiss, mouth,
52211稳定wěn dìngsteady, stable, stability, to stabilize, to pacify,
52212问候wèn hòuto give one's respects, to send a greeting,
52213卧室wò shìbedroom, CL:間|间[jiān],
52214屋子wū zihouse, room, CL:間|间[jiān],
52215无奈wú nàihelpless, without choice, for lack of better option, grudgingly, willy-nilly, nolens volens, abbr. for 無可奈何|无可奈何[wú kě nài hé],
52216无数wú shùcountless, numberless, innumerable,
52217武器wǔ qìweapon, arms, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52218武术wǔ shùmilitary skill or technique (in former times), all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development), self-defense, tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage), also called kungfu 功夫, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52219fog, mist, CL:場|场,陣|阵[zhèn],
52220物理wù lǐphysics, physical,
52221物质wù zhìmatter, substance, material, materialistic, CL:個|个[gè],
52222吸收xī shōuto absorb, to assimilate, to ingest, to recruit,
52223to connect, to arrest, to worry,
52224系统xì tǒngsystem, CL:個|个[gè],
52225细节xì jiédetails, particulars,
52226戏剧xì jùdrama, play, theater,
52227xiāblind, groundlessly, foolishly, to no purpose,
52228xiàto frighten, to scare,
52229下载xià zǎito download, also pr. [xià zài],
52230鲜艳xiān yànbright-colored, gaily-colored,
52231显得xiǎn deto seem, to look, to appear,
52232显然xiǎn ránclear, evident, obvious(ly),
52233显示xiǎn shìto show, to illustrate, to display, to demonstrate,
52235现金xiàn jīncash,
52236现实xiàn shíreality, actuality, real, actual, realistic,
52237现象xiàn xiàngappearance, phenomenon, CL:個|个,種|种[zhǒng],
52238相处xiāng chǔto be in contact with, to associate with, to have dealings with,
52239相当xiāng dāngequivalent to, appropriate, considerably, to a certain extent, fairly, quite,
52240相对xiāng duìrelatively, opposite, to resist, to oppose, relative, vis-a-vis, counterpart,
52241相关xiāng guānto be interrelated, (statistics) correlation,
52242相似xiāng sìto resemble, similar, like, resemblance, similarity,
52243想念xiǎng niànto miss, to remember with longing, to long to see again,
52244想象xiǎng xiàngto imagine, to fancy, CL:個|个[gè],
52245享受xiǎng shòuto enjoy, to live it up, pleasure, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52246xiàngback of neck, item, thing, term (in a mathematical formula), sum (of money), classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc,
52247项链xiàng liànnecklace, CL:條|条[tiáo],
52248项目xiàng mùitem, project, sports event, CL:個|个[gè],
52249橡皮xiàng pírubber, an eraser, CL:塊|块[kuài],
52250象棋xiàng qíChinese chess, CL:副[fù],
52251象征xiàng zhēngemblem, symbol, token, badge, to symbolize, to signify, to stand for,
52252消费xiāo fèito consume, CL:個|个[gè],
52253消化xiāo huàto digest, digestion, digestive,
52254消灭xiāo mièto put an end to, to annihilate, to cause to perish, to perish, annihilation (in quantum field theory),
52255消失xiāo shīto disappear, to fade away,
52256销售xiāo shòuto sell, market, sales,
52257小吃xiǎo chīsnack, refreshments, CL:家[jiā],
52258小伙子xiǎo huǒ ziyoung man, young guy, lad, youngster, CL:個|个[gè],
52259小麦xiǎo màiwheat, CL:粒[lì],
52260小气xiǎo qìstingy, petty, miserly, narrow-minded,
52261小偷xiǎo tōuthief,
52262效率xiào lǜefficiency,
52263孝顺xiào shùnfilial piety, to be obedient to one's parents,
52264xiēto rest,
52265xiéinclined, slanting, oblique, tilting,
52266协调xié tiáoto coordinate, to harmonize, negotiation,
52267心理xīn lǐmental, psychological,
52268心脏xīn zàngheart, CL:顆|颗,個|个[gè],
52269欣赏xīn shǎngto appreciate, to enjoy, to admire,
52270信封xìn fēngenvelope, CL:個|个[gè],
52271信号xìn hàosignal,
52272信息xìn xīinformation, news, message,
52273行动xíng dòngoperation, action, to move, mobile, CL:個|个[gè],
52274行人xíng rénpedestrian, traveler on foot, passer-by, official responsible for arranging audiences with the emperor,
52275行为xíng wéiaction, conduct, behavior, activity,
52276形成xíng chéngto form, to take shape,
52277形容xíng róngto describe, description, appearance, look,
52278形式xíng shìform, shape, situation, circumstance, CL:個|个[gè],
52279形势xíng shìcircumstances, situation, terrain, CL:個|个[gè],
52280形象xíng xiàngimage, form, figure, CL:個|个[gè], visualization, vivid,
52281形状xíng zhuàngform, shape, CL:個|个[gè],
52282性质xìng zhìnature, characteristic, CL:個|个[gè],
52283幸亏xìng kuīfortunately, luckily,
52284幸运xìng yùnfortunate, lucky, fortune, luck,
52285xiōngchest, bosom, heart, mind, thorax,
52286兄弟xiōng dìbrothers, younger brother, CL:個|个[gè], I, me (humble term used by men in public speech), brotherly, fraternal,
52287雄伟xióng wěigrand, imposing, magnificent, majestic,
52288修改xiū gǎito amend, to alter, to modify,
52289休闲xiū xiánleisure, relaxation, not working, idle, to enjoy leisure, to lie fallow,
52290虚心xū xīnmodest,
52291叙述xù shùto relate (a story or information), to tell or talk about, to recount, narration, telling, narrative, account,
52292宣布xuān bùto declare, to announce, to proclaim,
52293宣传xuān chuánto disseminate, to give publicity to, propaganda, CL:個|个[gè],
52294选举xuǎn jǔto elect, election, CL:次,個|个[gè],
52295学期xué qīterm, semester, CL:個|个[gè],
52296学术xué shùlearning, science, academic, CL:個|个[gè],
52297学问xué wènlearning, knowledge, CL:個|个[gè],
52298寻找xún zhǎoto seek, to look for,
52299询问xún wènto inquire,
52300训练xùn liànto train, to drill, training, CL:個|个[gè],
52301迅速xùn sùrapid, speedy, fast,
52302延长yán chángto prolong, to extend, to delay,
52303严肃yán sùsolemn, grave, serious, earnest, severe,
52304宴会yàn huìbanquet, feast, dinner party, CL:席,個|个[gè],
52305阳台yáng táibalcony, porch,
52306yǎngto itch, to tickle,
52307样式yàng shìtype, style,
52308yāowaist, lower back, pocket, middle, loins,
52309yáoto shake, to rock, to row,
52310yǎoto bite, to nip,
52311要不yào bùotherwise, or else, how about...?, either... (or...),
52312要是yào shiif,
52314液体yè tǐliquid,
52315业务yè wùbusiness, professional work, service, CL:項|项[xiàng],
52316业余yè yúspare time, amateur, extra-curricular,
52317依然yī ránstill, as before,
52318一辈子yī bèi zi(for) a lifetime,
52319一旦yī dànin case (sth happens), if, once (sth happens, then...), when, in a short time, in one day,
52320一路yī lùthe whole journey, all the way, going the same way, going in the same direction, of the same kind,
52321一致yī zhìunanimous, identical (views or opinions),
52322遗憾yí hànregret, to regret, to be sorry that,
52323移动yí dòngto move, movement, migration, mobile, portable,
52324移民yí mínto immigrate, to migrate, emigrant, immigrant,
52325疑问yí wènquestion, interrogation, doubt,
52326second of 10 heavenly stems 十天干, second in order, letter "B" or roman "II" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc, second party (in legal contract, usually 乙方, as opposed to 甲方), ethyl, bent, winding, radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 5),
52327以及yǐ jías well as, too, and,
52328以来yǐ láisince (a previous event),
52329意外yì wàiunexpected, accident, mishap, CL:個|个[gè],
52330意义yì yìsense, meaning, significance, importance, CL:個|个[gè],
52331议论yì lùnto comment, to talk about, to discuss, discussion, CL:個|个[gè],
52332义务yì wùduty, obligation, commitment, volunteer duty, CL:項|项[xiàng], mandatory, voluntary,
52333因而yīn értherefore, as a result, thus, and as a result, ...,
52334因素yīn sùelement, factor, CL:個|个[gè],
52335yínsilver, silver-colored, relating to money or currency,
52336英俊yīng jùnhandsome,
52337英雄yīng xiónghero, CL:個|个[gè],
52338迎接yíng jiēto meet, to welcome, to greet,
52339营养yíng yǎngnutrition, nourishment, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
52340营业yíng yèto do business, to trade,
52341影子yǐng zishadow, reflection, CL:個|个[gè],
52342硬币yìng bìcoin, CL:枚[méi],
52343硬件yìng jiànhardware,
52344应付yìng futo deal with, to cope,
52345应聘yìng pìnto accept a job offer, to apply for an advertised position,
52346应用yìng yòngto use, to apply, application, applicable,
52347拥抱yōng bàoto embrace, to hug,
52348拥挤yōng jǐcrowded, to throng, congestion,
52349勇气yǒng qìcourage, valor,
52350用途yòng túuse, application,
52351优惠yōu huìpreferential, favorable,
52352优美yōu měigraceful, fine, elegant,
52353优势yōu shìsuperiority, dominance, advantage,
52354悠久yōu jiǔestablished, long,
52355邮局yóu júpost office, CL:家,個|个[gè],
52356游览yóu lǎnto go sight-seeing, to tour, to visit, CL:次[cì],
52357油炸yóu zháto deep fry,
52358犹豫yóu yùto hesitate,
52359有利yǒu lìadvantageous, to have advantages, favorable,
52360幼儿园yòu ér yuánkindergarten, nursery school,
52361娱乐yú lèto entertain, to amuse, entertainment, recreation, amusement, hobby, fun, joy,
52362与其yǔ qírather than..., 與其|与其 A 不如 B (rather than A, better to B),
52363语气yǔ qìtone, manner of speaking, mood, CL:個|个[gè],
52364宇宙yǔ zhòuuniverse, cosmos,
52365预报yù bàoforecast,
52366预订yù dìngto place an order, to book ahead,
52367预防yù fángto prevent, to take precautions against, to protect, to guard against, precautionary, prophylactic,
52368玉米yù mǐcorn, maize, CL:粒[lì],
52369元旦yuán dànNew Year's Day,
52370原料yuán liàoraw material, CL:個|个[gè],
52371原则yuán zéprinciple, doctrine, CL:個|个[gè],
52372缘故yuán gùreason, cause,
52373愿望yuàn wàngdesire, wish,
52374yūnconfused, dizzy, giddy, to faint, to swoon, to lose consciousness, to pass out,
52375运气yùn qiluck (good or bad),
52376运输yùn shūtransport, haulage, transit, CL:個|个[gè],
52377运用yùn yòngto use, to put to use,
52378灾害zāi hàidisastrous damage, scourge, CL:個|个[gè],
52379再三zài sānover and over again, again and again,
52380赞成zàn chéngto approve, to endorse, (literary) to assist,
52381赞美zàn měito admire, to praise, to eulogize,
52382糟糕zāo gāotoo bad, how terrible, what bad luck, terrible, bad,
52383造成zào chéngto bring about, to create, to cause,
52384conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause, standard, norm, rule, to imitate, to follow, then, principle, classifier for written items (such as an official statement),
52385责备zé bèito blame, to criticize, condemnation, reproach,
52386zhāito take, to borrow, to pick (flowers, fruit etc), to pluck, to select, to remove, to take off (glasses, hat etc),
52387粘贴zhān tiēto stick, to affix, to adhere, to paste (as in cut, copy and paste), Taiwan pr. [nián tiē], also written 黏貼|黏贴,
52388展开zhǎn kāito unfold, to carry out, to be in full swing, to launch,
52389展览zhǎn lǎnto put on display, to exhibit, exhibition, show, CL:個|个,次[cì],
52390战争zhàn zhēngwar, conflict, CL:場|场,次[cì],
52391占线zhàn xiànbusy (telephone line),
52392zhǎngto rise (of prices, rivers),
52393掌握zhǎng wòto grasp (often fig.), to control, to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny), to master, to know well, to understand sth well and know how to use it, fluency,
52394账户zhàng hùbank account, online account,
52395招待zhāo dàito receive (guests), to entertain, reception,
52396着凉zháo liángto catch cold,
52397照常zhào cháng(business etc) as usual,
52398召开zhào kāito convene (a conference or meeting), to convoke, to call together,
52399哲学zhé xuéphilosophy, CL:個|个[gè],
52400真理zhēn lǐtruth, CL:個|个[gè],
52401真实zhēn shítrue, real,
52402针对zhēn duìto be directed against, to be aimed at, to counter, in the light of, in connection with,
52403珍惜zhēn xīto treasure, to value, to cherish,
52404诊断zhěn duàndiagnosis, to diagnose,
52405枕头zhěn toupillow,
52406zhèndisposition of troops, wave, spate, burst, spell, short period of time, classifier for events or states of short duration,
52407振动zhèn dòngvibration,
52408zhēngto open (one's eyes),
52409争论zhēng lùnto argue, to debate, to contend, argument, contention, controversy, debate, CL:次,場|场[chǎng],
52410争取zhēng qǔto fight for, to strive for, to win over,
52411征求zhēng qiúto solicit, to seek, to request (opinions, feedback etc), to petition,
52412整个zhěng gèwhole, entire, total,
52413整体zhěng tǐwhole entity, entire body, synthesis, as a whole (situation, construction, team etc), global, macrocosm, integral, holistic, whole,
52414zhèngjust (right), main, upright, straight, correct, positive, greater than zero, principle,
52415政策zhèng cèpolicy, CL:個|个[gè],
52416政府zhèng fǔgovernment, CL:個|个[gè],
52417政治zhèng zhìpolitics, political,
52418证件zhèng jiànpaperwork, credentials,
52419证据zhèng jùevidence, proof, testimony,
52420挣钱zhèng qiánto make money,
52421zhīto support, to sustain, to erect, to raise, branch, division, to draw money, classifier for rods such as pens and guns, for army divisions and for songs or compositions,
52422支票zhī piàocheck (bank), cheque, CL:本[běn],
52423zhístraight, to straighten, fair and reasonable, frank, straightforward, (indicates continuing motion or action), vertical, vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters,
52424执行zhí xíngto implement, to carry out, to execute, to run,
52425执照zhí zhàoa license, a permit,
52426指导zhǐ dǎoto guide, to give directions, to direct, to coach, guidance, tuition, CL:個|个[gè],
52427指挥zhǐ huīto conduct, to command, to direct, conductor (of an orchestra), CL:個|个[gè],
52428制定zhì dìngto draw up, to formulate,
52429制度zhì dùsystem (e.g. political, adminstrative etc), institution, CL:個|个[gè],
52430制作zhì zuòto make, to manufacture,
52431智慧zhì huìwisdom, knowledge, intelligent, intelligence,
52432至今zhì jīnso far, to this day, until now,
52433至于zhì yúas for, as to, to go so far as to,
52434治疗zhì liáoto treat, to cure, medical treatment, cure,
52435志愿者zhì yuàn zhěvolunteer,
52436秩序zhì xùorder (orderly), order (sequence), social order, the state (of society), CL:個|个[gè],
52437zhōngclock, o'clock, time as measured in hours and minutes, bell, CL:架,座[zuò],
52438中介zhōng jièto act as intermediary, to link, intermediate, inter-, agency, agent,
52439中心zhōng xīncenter, heart, core, CL:個|个[gè],
52440中旬zhōng xúnmiddle third of a month,
52441zhòngheavy, serious, to attach importance to,
52442重量zhòng liàngweight, CL:個|个[gè],
52443周到zhōu daothoughtful, considerate, attentive, thorough,
52444逐步zhú bùprogressively, step by step,
52445竹子zhú zibamboo, CL:棵,支,根[gēn],
52446zhǔto cook, to boil,
52447主持zhǔ chíto take charge of, to manage or direct, to preside over, to uphold, to stand for (justice etc), to host (a TV or radio program etc),
52448主观zhǔ guānsubjective,
52449主人zhǔ rénmaster, host, owner, CL:個|个[gè],
52450主席zhǔ xíchairperson, premier, chairman, CL:個|个,位[wèi],
52451主张zhǔ zhāngto advocate, to stand for, view, position, stand, proposition, viewpoint, assertion, CL:個|个[gè],
52452嘱咐zhǔ fùto tell, to exhort, injunction,
52453祝福zhù fúblessings, to wish sb well,
52454注册zhù cèto register, to enroll,
52455抓紧zhuā jǐnto grasp firmly, to pay special attention to, to rush in, to make the most of,
52456专家zhuān jiāexpert, specialist, CL:個|个[gè],
52457专心zhuān xīnto concentrate, absorption, concentration, engrossed,
52458转变zhuǎn biànto change, to transform, shift, transformation, CL:個|个[gè],
52459转告zhuǎn gàoto pass on, to communicate, to transmit,
52460zhuāngadornment, to adorn, dress, clothing, costume (of an actor in a play), to play a role, to pretend, to install, to fix, to wrap (sth in a bag), to load, to pack,
52461装饰zhuāng shìto decorate, decoration, decorative, ornamental,
52462状况zhuàng kuàngcondition, state, situation, CL:個|个[gè],
52463状态zhuàng tàistate of affairs, state, mode, situation, CL:個|个[gè],
52464追求zhuī qiúto pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly, to seek after, to woo,
52465资格zī géqualifications,
52466资金zī jīnfunds, funding, capital,
52467资料zī liàomaterial, resources, data, information, profile (Internet), CL:份,個|个[gè],
52468资源zī yuánnatural resource (such as water or minerals), resource (such as manpower or tourism),
52469姿势zī shìposture, position,
52470咨询zī xúnto consult, to seek advice, consultation, (sales) inquiry (formal),
52471purple, violet, amethyst, Lithospermum erythrorhizon (flowering plant whose root provides red purple dye), Japanese: murasaki,
52472字幕zì mùcaption, subtitle,
52473自从zì cóngsince (a time), ever since,
52474自动zì dòngautomatic, voluntarily,
52475自豪zì háo(feel a sense of) pride, to be proud of sth (in a good way),
52476自觉zì juéconscious, aware, on one's own initiative, conscientious,
52477自私zì sīselfish, selfishness,
52478自信zì xìnto have confidence in oneself, self-confidence,
52479自由zì yóufreedom, free, liberty, CL:個|个[gè],
52480自愿zì yuànvoluntary,
52481综合zōng hécomprehensive, composite, synthesized, to sum up, to integrate, to synthesize,
52482宗教zōng jiàoreligion,
52483总裁zǒng cáichairman, director-general (of a company etc),
52484总共zǒng gòngaltogether, in sum, in all, in total,
52485总理zǒng lǐpremier, prime minister, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
52486总算zǒng suànat long last, finally, on the whole,
52487总统zǒng tǒngpresident (of a country), CL:個|个,位,名,屆|届[jiè],
52488总之zǒng zhīin a word, in short, in brief,
52489组合zǔ héto assemble, combination, combinatorial,
52490阻止zǔ zhǐto prevent, to block,
52491祖国zǔ guóancestral land CL:個|个[gè], homeland, used for PRC,
52492祖先zǔ xiānancestor, forebears,
52494最初zuì chūfirst, primary, initial,
52495罪犯zuì fàncriminal,
52496尊敬zūn jìngrespect, to revere,
52497遵守zūn shǒuto comply with, to abide by, to respect (an agreement),
52498作品zuò pǐnwork (of art), opus, CL:部,篇[piān],
52499作为zuò wéione's conduct, deed, activity, accomplishment, achievement, to act as, as (in the capacity of), qua, to view as, to look upon (sth as), to take sth to be,
52500作文zuò wénto write an essay, composition (student essay), CL:篇[piān],
62501哎哟āi yōhey, ow, ouch, interjection of pain or surprise,
62502áito suffer, to endure, to pull through (hard times), to delay, to stall, to play for time, to dawdle,
62503癌症ái zhèngcancer,
62504爱不释手ài bù shì shǒuto love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly,
62505爱戴ài dàito love and respect, love and respect,
62506暧昧ài mèivague, ambiguous, equivocal, dubious,
62507安居乐业ān jū lè yèlive in peace and work happily (idiom),
62508安宁ān níngpeaceful, tranquil, calm, composed, free from worry,
62509安详ān xiángserene,
62510安置ān zhìto find a place for, to help settle down, to arrange for, to get into bed, placement,
62511暗示àn shìto hint, to suggest, suggestion, hint,
62512案件àn jiànlaw case, legal case, judicial case, CL:宗,樁|桩,起[qǐ],
62513案例àn lìcase (law), CL:個|个[gè],
62514按摩àn mómassage, to massage,
62515昂贵áng guìexpensive, costly,
62516凹凸āo tūbumpy, uneven, slotted and tabbed joint, crenelation,
62517áoto cook on a slow fire, to extract by heating, to decoct, to endure,
62518奥秘ào mìsecret, mystery,
62519to hold on to, to cling to, to dig up, to rake, to push aside, to climb, to pull out, to strip off,
62521巴不得bā bù déto be eager for, to long for, to look forward to,
62522巴结bā jieto fawn on, to curry favor with, to make up to,
62523拔苗助长bá miáo zhù zhǎngto spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom),
62524把关bǎ guānto guard a pass, to check on sth,
62525把手bǎ shǒuhandle, grip, knob,
62526把戏bǎ xìacrobatics, jugglery, cheap trick, game,
62527霸道bà dàothe Way of the Hegemon, abbr. of 霸王之道, despotic rule, rule by might, evil as opposed to the Way of the King 王道, overbearing, tyranny, (of liquor, medicine etc) strong, potent,
62528罢工bà gōnga strike, to go on strike,
62529bāito break with both hands,
62530百分点bǎi fēn diǎnpercentage point,
62531摆脱bǎi tuōto break away from, to cast off (old ideas etc), to get rid of, to break away (from), to break out (of), to free oneself from, to extricate oneself,
62532拜访bài fǎngto pay a visit, to call on,
62533拜年bài niánpay a New Year call, wish sb a Happy New Year,
62534拜托bài tuōto request sb to do sth, please!,
62535败坏bài huàito ruin, to corrupt, to undermine,
62536颁布bān bùto issue, to proclaim, to enact (laws, decrees etc),
62537颁发bān fāto issue, to promulgate, to award,
62538斑纹bān wénstripe, streak,
62539版本bǎn běnversion, edition, release,
62540半途而废bàn tú ér fèito give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished,
62541伴侣bàn lǚcompanion, mate, partner,
62542伴随bàn suíto accompany, to follow, to occur together with, concomitant,
62543扮演bàn yǎnto play the role of, to act,
62544绑架bǎng jiàto kidnap, to abduct, to hijack, a kidnapping, abduction, staking,
62545榜样bǎng yàngexample, model, CL:個|个[gè],
62546bàngsee 磅秤 scale, platform balance, pound (unit of weight, about 454 grams),
62547包庇bāo bìto shield, to harbor, to cover up,
62548包袱bāo fucloth-wrapper, a bundle wrapped in cloth, load, weight, burden,
62549包围bāo wéito surround, to encircle, to hem in,
62550包装bāo zhuāngto pack, to package, to wrap, packaging,
62551饱和bǎo hésaturation,
62552饱经沧桑bǎo jīng cāng sānghaving lived through many changes,
62553保管bǎo guǎnto assure, to guarantee, to take care of, to safeguard, certainly, surely,
62554保密bǎo mìto keep sth confidential, to maintain secrecy,
62555保姆bǎo mǔnanny, housekeeper,
62556保守bǎo shǒu(politically) conservative, to guard, to keep,
62557保卫bǎo wèito defend, to safeguard,
62558保养bǎo yǎngto take good care of (or conserve) one's health, to keep in good repair, to maintain, maintenance,
62559保障bǎo zhàngto ensure, to guarantee, to safeguard,
62560保重bǎo zhòngto take care of oneself,
62561抱负bào fùaspiration, ambition,
62562抱怨bào yuànto complain, to grumble,
62563报仇bào chóuto take revenge, to avenge,
62564报酬bào chóureward, remuneration,
62565报答bào dáto repay, to requite,
62566报到bào dàoto report for duty, to check in, to register,
62567报复bào fùto make reprisals, to retaliate, revenge, retaliation,
62568报社bào shègeneral office of a newspaper, newspaper office, CL:家[jiā],
62569报销bào xiāoto submit an expense account, to apply for reimbursement, to write off, to wipe out,
62570爆发bào fāto break out, to erupt, to explode, to burst out,
62571爆炸bào zhàexplosion, to explode, to blow up, to detonate,
62572曝光bào guānglight meter, exposure meter,
62573暴力bào lìviolence, (use) force, violent,
62574暴露bào lùto expose, to reveal, to lay bare, also pr. [pù lù],
62575悲哀bēi āigrieved, sorrowful,
62576悲惨bēi cǎnmiserable, tragic,
62577卑鄙bēi bǐbase, mean, contemptible, despicable,
62578北极běi jíthe North Pole, the Arctic Pole, the north magnetic pole,
62579被动bèi dòngpassive,
62580被告bèi gàodefendant,
62581背叛bèi pànto betray,
62582背诵bèi sòngrecite, repeat from memory,
62583备份bèi fènbackup,
62584备忘录bèi wàng lùmemorandum, aide-memoire, memorandum book,
62585贝壳bèi késhell, conch, cowry, mother of pearl, hard outer skin, alternative reading , mostly written,
62586奔波bēn bōto rush about, to be constantly on the move,
62587奔驰bēn chíto run quickly, to speed, to gallop,
62588本能běn nénginstinct,
62589本钱běn qiáncapital,
62590本人běn rénthe person himself, I (humble form used in speeches), oneself, myself, in person, personal,
62591本身běn shēnitself, in itself, per se,
62592本事běn shiability, skill,
62593本着běn zhebased on..., in conformance with.., taking as one's main principle,
62594笨拙bèn zhuōclumsy, awkward, stupid,
62595崩溃bēng kuìto collapse, to crumble, to fall apart,
62596béngneed not, (contraction of 不 and 用),
62597bèngto jump, to bounce, to hop,
62598迸发bèng fāto burst forth,
62599逼迫bī pòto force, to compel, to coerce,
62600鼻涕bí tìnasal mucus, snivel,
62601比方bǐ fanganalogy, instance,
62602比喻bǐ yùto compare, to liken to, metaphor, analogy, figure of speech, figuratively,
62603比重bǐ zhòngproportion, specific gravity,
62605弊病bì bìngmalady, evil, malpractice, drawback, disadvantage,
62606弊端bì duānmalpractice, abuse, corrupt practice,
62607必定bì dìngbe bound to, be sure to,
62608闭塞bì sèto stop up, to close up, hard to get to, out of the way, inaccessible, unenlightened, blocking,
62609碧玉bì yùjasper,
62610鞭策biān cèto spur on, to urge on, to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress),
62611编织biān zhīto weave, to knit, to plait, to braid,
62612边疆biān jiāngborder area, borderland, frontier, frontier region,
62613边界biān jièboundary, border,
62614边境biān jìngfrontier, border,
62615边缘biān yuánedge, fringe, verge, brink, periphery, marginal, borderline,
62616biǎnflat, (old form of character 匾, horizontal tablet with inscription),
62617贬低biǎn dīto belittle, to disparage, to play down, to demean, to degrade, to devalue,
62618贬义biǎn yìderogatory sense, negative connotation,
62619遍布biàn bùto cover the whole (area), to be found throughout,
62620便利biàn lìconvenient, easy, to facilitate,
62621便条biàn tiáo(informal) note, CL:張|张,個|个[gè],
62622便于biàn yúeasy to, convenient for,
62623变故biàn gùan unforeseen event, accident, misfortune,
62624变迁biàn qiānchanges, vicissitudes,
62625变质biàn zhìto degenerate, to go bad, to deteriorate, metamorphosis,
62626辩护biàn hùto speak in defense of, to argue in favor of, to defend, to plead,
62627辩解biàn jiěto explain, to justify, to defend (a point of view etc), to provide an explanation, to try to defend oneself,
62628辩证biàn zhèngto investigate, dialectical,
62629辨认biàn rènto recognize, to identify,
62630辫子biàn ziplait, braid, pigtail, a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent, handle, CL:根,條|条[tiáo],
62631标本biāo běnspecimen, sample, the root cause and symptoms of a disease,
62632标记biāo jìsign, mark, symbol, to mark up,
62633标题biāo títitle, heading, headline, caption, subject,
62634飙升biāo shēngto rise rapidly, to soar,
62635表决biǎo juéto decide by vote, to vote,
62636表态biǎo tàito declare one's position, to say where one stands,
62637表彰biǎo zhāngto honor, to commend, to cite (in dispatches),
62638biēto choke, to stifle, to restrain, to hold back, to hold in (urine), to hold (one's breath),
62639别墅bié shùvilla, CL:幢,座[zuò],
62640别致bié zhìvariant of 別緻|别致[bié zhì],
62641别扭biè niuawkward, difficult, uncomfortable, not agreeing, at loggerheads, gauche, awkward (writing or speech),
62642濒临bīn línon the verge of, close to,
62643冰雹bīng báohail, hailstone, CL:場|场,粒[lì],
62644并存bìng cúnto exist at the same time, to coexist,
62645并非bìng fēireally isn't,
62646并列bìng lièto stand side by side, to be juxtaposed,
62647拨打bō dǎto call, to dial,
62648播放bō fàngto broadcast, to transmit,
62649播种bō zhǒngto sow seeds, sowing, seed,
62650波浪bō làngwave,
62651波涛汹涌bō tāo xiōng yǒngwaves surging forth, roaring sea,
62652剥削bō xuēto exploit, exploitation,
62653博大精深bó dà jīng shēnwide-ranging and profound, broad and deep,
62654博览会bó lǎn huìexposition, international fair,
62655搏斗bó dòuto wrestle, to fight, to struggle,
62656伯母bó mǔwife of father's elder brother, aunt, (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother), CL:個|个[gè],
62657薄弱bó ruòweak, frail,
62658不顾bù gùin spite of, regardless of,
62659不愧bù kuìto be worthy of, to deserve to be called, to prove oneself to be,
62660不料bù liàounexpectedly, to one's surprise,
62661不像话bù xiàng huàunreasonable, shocking, outrageous,
62662不屑一顾bù xiè yī gùto disdain as beneath contempt,
62663补偿bǔ chángto compensate, to make up,
62664补救bǔ jiùto remedy,
62665补贴bǔ tiēto subsidize, subsidy, allowance,
62666哺乳bǔ rǔbreast feeding, to suckle, to nurse,
62667捕捉bǔ zhuōto catch, to seize, to capture,
62668不得已bù dé yǐto act against one's will, to have no alternative but to, to have to, to have no choice, must,
62669不妨bù fángthere is no harm in, might as well,
62670不敢当bù gǎn dānglit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise, you flatter me,
62671不禁bù jīncan't help (doing sth), can't refrain from,
62672不堪bù kāncannot bear, cannot stand, utterly, extremely,
62673不可思议bù kě sī yìinconceivable (idiom); unimaginable, unfathomable,
62674不时bù shífrom time to time, now and then, occasionally,
62675不惜bù xīnot stint, not spare, not hesitate (to do sth), not scruple (to do sth),
62676不相上下bù xiāng shàng xiàequally matched, about the same,
62677不言而喻bù yán ér yùit goes without saying, it is self-evident,
62678不由得bù yóu decan't help, cannot but,
62679不择手段bù zé shǒu duànby fair means or foul, by hook or by crook, unscrupulously,
62680不止bù zhǐincessantly, without end, more than, not limited to,
62681布告bù gàoposting on a bulletin board, notice, bulletin, to announce,
62682布局bù júarrangement, composition, layout, opening (chess jargon),
62683布置bù zhìto put in order, to arrange, to decorate, to fix up, to deploy,
62684步伐bù fápace, (measured) step, march,
62685部署bù shǔto dispose, to deploy, deployment,
62686部位bù wèiposition, place,
62687才干cái gànability, competence,
62688财富cái fùwealth, riches,
62689财务cái wùfinancial affairs,
62690财政cái zhèngfinances (public), financial,
62691裁缝cái féngtailor, dressmaker,
62692裁判cái pànjudgment, to referee, umpire, judge, referee, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
62693裁员cái yuánto cut staff, to lay off employees,
62694采购cǎi gòuto procure (for an enterprise etc), to purchase,
62695采集cǎi jíto gather, to collect, to harvest,
62696采纳cǎi nàto accept, to adopt,
62697彩票cǎi piàolottery ticket,
62698参谋cān móustaff officer, to give advice,
62699参照cān zhàoto consult a reference, to refer to (another document),
62700残酷cán kùcruel, cruelty,
62701残留cán liúto remain, left over, surplus, remnant,
62702残忍cán rěncruel, mean, merciless, ruthless,
62703灿烂càn lànto glitter, brilliant, splendid,
62704cāngcabin, the hold of a ship or airplane,
62705苍白cāng báipale, wan,
62706仓促cāng cùall of a sudden, hurriedly,
62707仓库cāng kùdepot, storehouse, warehouse,
62708操劳cāo láoto work hard, to look after,
62709操练cāo liàndrill, practice,
62710操纵cāo zòngto operate, to control, to rig, to manipulate,
62711操作cāo zuòto work, to operate, to manipulate,
62712嘈杂cáo zánoisy, clamorous,
62713草案cǎo àndraft (legislation, proposal etc),
62714草率cǎo shuàicareless, negligent, sloppy, not serious,
62715策划cè huàto plot, to scheme, to bring about, to engineer, planning, producer, planner,
62716策略cè lvètactics, to be tactful,
62717测量cè liángsurvey, to measure, to gauge, to determine,
62718侧面cè miànlateral side, side, aspect, profile,
62719层出不穷céng chū bù qióngmore and more emerge, innumerable succession, breeding like flies (idiom),
62720层次céng cìarrangement of ideas, administrative level, level, stage, phase,
62721差距chā jùdisparity, gap,
62722查获chá huòto investigate and capture (a criminal), to ferret out, to hunt down and arrest,
62723chàfork in road, bifurcation, branch in road, river, mountain range etc, to branch off, to turn off, to diverge, to stray (from the path), to change the subject, to interrupt, to stagger (times),
62724刹那chà nàan instant (Sanskrit: ksana), split second, the twinkling of an eye,
62725诧异chà yìflabbergasted, astonished,
62726柴油chái yóudiesel fuel,
62727chānto assist by the arm, to mix, to support, to sustain,
62728chángluttonous, greedy, to have a craving,
62729缠绕chán ràotwisting, to twine, to wind, to pester, to bother,
62730产业chǎn yèindustry, estate, property, industrial,
62731阐述chǎn shùto expound (a position), to elaborate (on a topic), to treat (a subject),
62732颤抖chàn dǒuto shudder, to shiver, to shake, to tremble,
62733猖狂chāng kuángsavage, furious,
62734昌盛chāng shèngprosperous,
62735尝试cháng shìto try, to attempt, CL:次[cì],
62736偿还cháng huánto repay, to reimburse,
62737常年cháng niánall year round, for years on end, average year,
62738常务cháng wùroutine, everyday business, daily operation (of a company),
62739场合chǎng hésituation, occasion,
62740场面chǎng miànscene, spectacle, occasion, situation,
62741场所chǎng suǒlocation, place,
62742敞开chǎng kāito open wide, unrestrictedly,
62743倡导chàng dǎoto advocate, to initiate, to propose, to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought),
62744倡议chàng yìto suggest, to initiate, proposal, initiative,
62745畅通chàng tōngunimpeded, free-flowing, straight path, unclogged, move without obstruction,
62746畅销chàng xiāoto sell well, best seller, chart-topping,
62747超级chāo jísuper-, ultra-, hyper-,
62748超越chāo yuèto surpass, to exceed, to transcend,
62749钞票chāo piàopaper money, a bill (e.g. 100 yuan), CL:張|张,扎[zā],
62750潮流cháo liútide, current, trend,
62751潮湿cháo shīdamp, moist,
62752嘲笑cháo xiàoto jeer at, to deride, to ridicule, mockery, derision,
62753撤退chè tuìto retreat,
62754撤销chè xiāoto repeal, to revoke, to undo (computing),
62755沉淀chén diànto settle, to precipitate (solid sediment out of a solution),
62756沉闷chén mènoppressive (of weather), heavy, depressed, not happy,
62757沉思chén sīto contemplate, to ponder, contemplation, meditation,
62758沉重chén zhòngheavy, hard, serious, critical,
62759沉着chén zhuósteady, calm and collected, not nervous,
62760陈旧chén jiùold-fashioned,
62761陈列chén lièto display, to exhibit,
62762陈述chén shùan assertion, to declare, to state,
62763称心如意chèn xīn rú yìafter one's heart (idiom); gratifying and satisfactory, everything one could wish,
62764称号chēng hàoname, term of address, title,
62765chéngto hold, to contain, to ladle, to pick up with a utensil,
62766chéngorange tree, orange (color),
62767乘务员chéng wù yuánattendant on an airplane, train, boat etc,
62768承办chéng bànto undertake, to accept a contract,
62769承包chéng bāoto contract, to undertake (a job),
62770承诺chéng nuòto promise, to undertake to do something, commitment,
62771城堡chéng bǎocastle, rook (chess piece),
62772成本chéng běn(manufacturing, production etc) costs,
62773成交chéng jiāoto complete a contract, to reach a deal,
62774成天chéng tiān(coll.) all day long, all the time,
62775成效chéng xiàoeffect, result,
62776成心chéng xīnintentional, deliberate, on purpose,
62777成员chéng yuánmember,
62778惩罚chéng fápenalty, punishment, to punish,
62779诚挚chéng zhìsincere, cordial,
62780澄清chéng qīngclear (of liquid), limpid, to clarify, to make sth clear, to be clear (about the facts),
62781呈现chéng xiànto appear, to emerge, to present (a certain appearance), to demonstrate,
62782chèngsteelyard, Roman balance, CL:臺|台[tái],
62783吃苦chī kǔto bear, hardships,
62784吃力chī lìto entail strenuous effort, to toil at a task, strenuous, laborious, strain,
62785迟缓chí huǎnslow, sluggish,
62786迟疑chí yíto hesitate,
62787持久chí jiǔlasting, enduring, persistent, permanent, protracted, endurance, persistence, to last long,
62788池塘chí tángpool, pond,
62789赤道chì dàoequator (of the earth or astronomical body),
62790赤字chì zì(financial) deficit, red letter,
62791冲动chōng dòngto have an urge, to be impetuous, impulse, urge,
62792冲击chōng jīan attack, under attack, a shock,
62793冲突chōng tūconflict, to conflict, clash of opposing forces, collision (of interests), contention,
62794充当chōng dāngto serve as, to act as, to play the role of,
62795充沛chōng pèiabundant, plentiful, vigorous,
62796充实chōng shírich, full, substantial, to enrich, to augment, to substantiate (an argument),
62797充足chōng zúadequate, sufficient, abundant,
62798崇拜chóng bàito worship, adoration,
62799崇高chóng gāomajestic, sublime,
62800崇敬chóng jìngto revere, high esteem,
62801重叠chóng diéto overlap, to superimpose, to telescope, to run together, to duplicate, one over another, superposition, an overlap, redundancy, reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步 to have a stroll),
62802重阳节Chóng yáng jiéDouble Ninth or Yang Festival, 9th day of 9th lunar month,
62803抽空chōu kòngto find the time to do sth,
62804筹备chóu bèipreparations, to get ready for sth,
62805踌躇chóu chúto hesitate,
62806稠密chóu mìdense,
62807丑恶chǒu èugly, repulsive,
62808出路chū lùa way out (of a difficulty etc),
62809出卖chū màito offer for sale, to sell, to sell out or betray,
62810出身chū shēnto be born of, to come from, family background, class origin,
62811出神chū shénentranced, Trance (music genre),
62812出息chū xifuture prospects, profit, to mature, to grow up,
62813出洋相chū yáng xiàngto make a fool of oneself,
62814初步chū bùinitial, preliminary, tentative,
62815储备chǔ bèireserves, to store up,
62816储存chǔ cúnstockpile, to store, to stockpile, storage,
62817储蓄chǔ xùto deposit money, to save, savings,
62818处分chǔ fènto discipline sb, to punish, disciplinary action, to deal with (a matter), CL:個|个[gè],
62819处境chǔ jìngplight, unfavorable situation,
62820处置chǔ zhìto handle, to take care of, to punish,
62821触犯chù fànto offend,
62822穿越chuān yuèto pass through, to cross, to overcome,
62823川流不息chuān liú bù xīthe stream flows without stopping (idiom); unending flow,
62824船舶chuán bóshipping, boats,
62825传达chuán dáto pass on, to convey, to relay, to transmit, transmission,
62826传单chuán dānleaflet, flier, pamphlet,
62827传授chuán shòuto impart, to pass on, to teach,
62828喘气chuǎn qìto breathe deeply, to pant,
62829chuànto string together, to mix up, to conspire, to rove, to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus), to move across, bunch or cluster, string (computing), classifier for rows or strings,
62830床单chuáng dānbed sheet, CL:條|条,件,張|张,床[chuáng],
62831创立chuàng lìto establish, to set up, to found,
62832创新chuàng xīninnovation, to bring forth new ideas, to blaze new trails,
62833创业chuàng yèto begin an undertaking, to start a major task, to initiate, to venture, venture, entrepreneurship,
62834创作chuàng zuòto create, to produce, to write, creative work, creation, CL:個|个[gè],
62835吹牛chuī niúto talk big, to shoot off one's mouth, to chat (dialect),
62836吹捧chuī pěngto flatter, to laud sb's accomplishments, adulation,
62837chuíhammer, to hammer into shape, weight (e.g. of a steelyard or balance),
62838垂直chuí zhíperpendicular, vertical,
62839纯粹chún cuìpurely,
62840纯洁chún jiépure, clean and honest, to purify,
62841词汇cí huìvocabulary, list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes),
62842慈祥cí xiángkindly, benevolent (often of older person),
62843雌雄cí xióngmale and female,
62844thorn, sting, thrust, to prick, to pierce, to stab, to assassinate, to murder,
62845次品cì pǐnsubstandard products, defective, seconds,
62846次序cì xùsequence, order,
62847伺候cì hòuto serve, to wait upon,
62848cóngcluster, collection, collection of books, thicket,
62849从容不迫cóng róng bù pòcalm, unruffled,
62850凑合còu heto bring together, to make do in a bad situation, to just get by, to improvise, passable, not too bad,
62851粗鲁cū lǔcrude, coarse, rough,
62852cuànto flee, to scuttle, to exile or banish, to amend or edit,
62853摧残cuī cánto ravage, to ruin,
62854脆弱cuì ruòweak, frail,
62855cuōto rub or roll between the hands or fingers, to twist,
62856磋商cuō shāngto consult, to discuss seriously, to negotiate, to confer, negotiations, consultations,
62857挫折cuò zhésetback, reverse, check, defeat, frustration, disappointment, to frustrate, to discourage, to set sb back, to blunt, to subdue,
62858to put up, to build (scaffolding), to hang (clothes on a pole), to connect, to join, to arrange in pairs, to match, to add, to throw in (resources), to take (boat, train),
62859搭档dā dàngto cooperate, partner,
62860搭配dā pèito pair up, to match, to arrange in pairs, to add sth into a group,
62861答辩dá biànto reply (to an accusation), to defend one's dissertation,
62862答复dá fùto answer, to reply, Reply to: (in email header),
62863达成dá chéngto reach (an agreement), to accomplish,
62864打包dǎ bāoto wrap, to pack, to ask for a doggy bag (at a restaurant),
62865打官司dǎ guān sito file a lawsuit, to sue, to dispute,
62866打击dǎ jīto hit, to strike, to attack, to crack down on sth, a setback, a blow, percussion (music),
62867打架dǎ jiàto fight, to scuffle, to come to blows, CL:場|场[cháng],
62868打量dǎ liangto size sb up, to take measure of, to suppose, to reckon,
62869打猎dǎ lièto go hunting,
62870打仗dǎ zhàngto fight a battle, to go to war,
62871大不了dà bù liǎoat worst, if worst comes to worst, serious, alarming,
62872大臣dà chénchancellor (of a monarchy), cabinet minister,
62873大伙儿dà huǒ rerhua variant of 大伙[dà huǒ],
62874大厦dà shàlarge building, edifice, mansion, CL:座[zuò],
62875大肆dà sìwantonly, without restraint (of enemy or malefactor), unbridled,
62876大体dà tǐin general, more or less, in rough terms, basically, on the whole,
62877大意dà yicareless,
62878大致dà zhìmore or less, roughly, approximately,
62879歹徒dǎi túevil-doer, malefactor, gangster, hoodlum,
62880带领dài lǐngto guide, to lead,
62881代价dài jiàprice, cost, consideration (in share dealing),
62882代理dài lǐto act on behalf of sb in a responsible position, to act as an agent or proxy, surrogate,
62883逮捕dài bǔto arrest, to apprehend, an arrest,
62884怠慢dài mànto slight, to neglect,
62885担保dān bǎoto guarantee, to vouch for,
62886胆怯dǎn qiètimid, cowardly,
62887淡季dàn jìoff season, slow business season, see also 旺季[wàng jì],
62888淡水dàn shuǐpotable water (water with low salt content), fresh water,
62889蛋白质dàn bái zhìprotein,
62890诞辰dàn chénbirthday,
62891诞生dàn shēngto be born,
62892当场dāng chǎngat the scene, on the spot,
62893当初dāng chūat that time, originally,
62894当面dāng miànto sb's face, in sb's presence,
62895当前dāng qiáncurrent, today's, modern, present, to be facing (us),
62896当事人dāng shì rénpersons involved or implicated, party (to an affair),
62897当务之急dāng wù zhī jítop priority job, matter of vital importance,
62898当心dāng xīnto take care, to look out,
62899当选dāng xuǎnto be elected,
62900dǎngparty, association, club, society, CL:個|个[gè],
62901档案dàng ànfile, record, archive,
62902档次dàng cìgrade, class, quality, level,
62903岛屿dǎo yǔisland,
62904倒闭dǎo bìto go bankrupt, to close down,
62905导弹dǎo dànguided missile, cruise missile, missile, CL:枚[méi],
62906导航dǎo hángnavigation,
62907导向dǎo xiàngto be oriented towards, orientation,
62908捣乱dǎo luànto disturb, to look for trouble, to stir up a row, to bother sb intentionally,
62909稻谷dào gǔrice crops,
62910盗窃dào qièto steal,
62911得不偿失dé bù cháng shī(saying) the gains do not make up for the losses,
62912得力dé lìable, capable, competent, efficient,
62913得天独厚dé tiān dú hòu(of an area) rich in resources, (of a person) gifted or able (idiom),
62914得罪dé zuìto commit an offense, to violate the law, excuse me! (formal), see also 得罪[dé zui],
62915dēngto step on, to tread on, to wear, Taiwan pr. [dèng],
62916灯笼dēng lónglantern,
62917登陆dēng lùto land, to come ashore, to make landfall (of typhoon etc), to log in,
62918登录dēng lùto register, to log in,
62919等级děng jígrade, rank, status,
62920dèngto open (one's eyes) wide, to stare at, to glare at,
62921堤坝dī bàdam,
62922敌视dí shìhostile, malevolence, antagonism, to view as enemy, to stand against,
62923抵达dǐ dáto arrive, to reach (a destination),
62924抵抗dǐ kàngto resist, resistance,
62925抵制dǐ zhìto resist, to boycott, to refuse (to cooperate), to reject, resistance, refusal,
62926递增dì zēngto increase by degrees, in increasing order, incremental, progressive,
62927地步dì bùcondition, situation, plight, extent, room for action,
62928地势dì shìterrain, topography relief,
62929地质dì zhìgeology,
62930颠簸diān bǒto shake, to jolt, to bump,
62931颠倒diān dǎoto turn upside-down, to reverse, back-to-front, confused, deranged, crazy,
62932点缀diǎn zhuìto decorate, to adorn, sprinkled, studded, only for show,
62933典礼diǎn lǐcelebration, ceremony,
62934典型diǎn xíngmodel, typical case, archetype, typical, representative,
62935diànpad, cushion, mat, to pad out, to fill a gap, to pay for sb, to advance (money),
62936电源diàn yuánelectric power source,
62937奠定diàn dìngto establish, to fix, to settle,
62938惦记diàn jìto think of, to keep thinking about, to be concerned about,
62939diāoto hold in the mouth,
62940雕刻diāo kèto carve, to engrave, carving,
62941雕塑diāo sùa statue, a Buddhist image, sculpture, to carve,
62942diàoa string of 100 cash (arch.), to lament, to condole with,
62943调动diào dòngto transfer, to maneuver (troops etc), to mobilize, to bring into play,
62944diēto drop, to fall, to tumble, Taiwan pr. [dié],
62945dīngto watch attentively, to fix attention on, to stare, to gaze, to follow, to shadow sb,
62946叮嘱dīng zhǔto warn repeatedly, to urge, to exhort again and again,
62947定期dìng qīregularly, at regular intervals,
62948定义dìng yìdefinition,
62949丢人diū rénto lose face,
62950丢三落四diū sān là sìforgetful, empty-headed,
62951东道主dōng dào zhǔhost, official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference),
62952东张西望dōng zhāng xī wàngto look in all directions (idiom), to glance around,
62953董事长dǒng shì zhǎngchairman of the board, chairman,
62954dòngclassifier for houses or buildings, ridgepole (old),
62955冻结dòng jiéto freeze (loan, wage, price etc),
62956洞穴dòng xuécave, cavern,
62957动荡dòng dàngunrest (social or political), turmoil, upheaval, commotion,
62958动机dòng jīmotor, locomotive, motive, motivation, intention,
62959动静dòng jìngsound of activity or people talking, news of activity,
62960动力dòng lìpower, motion, propulsion, force,
62961动脉dòng màiartery,
62962动身dòng shēnto go on a journey, to leave,
62963动手dòng shǒuto set about (a task), to hit, to punch, to touch,
62964动态dòng tàidevelopment, trend, dynamic state, movement, moving,
62965动员dòng yuánto mobilize, to arouse, mobilization, CL:次,個|个[gè],
62966dōupocket, bag, to wrap up or hold in a bag, to move in a circle, to canvas or solicit, to take responsibility for, to disclose in detail, combat armor (old),
62967陡峭dǒu qiàoprecipitous,
62968斗争dòu zhēnga struggle, fight, battle,
62969督促dū cùto supervise and urge completion of a task, to urge on,
62970都市dū shìcity, metropolis,
62971独裁dú cáidictatorship,
62972毒品dú pǐndrugs, narcotics, poison,
62973赌博dǔ bóto gamble,
62974堵塞dǔ sèto block, to stop, blockage,
62975杜绝dù juéto put an end to,
62976duānend, extremity, item, port, to hold sth level with both hands, to carry, regular,
62977端午节Duān wǔ jiéthe Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month),
62978端正duān zhèngupright, regular, proper, correct,
62979短促duǎn cùshort in time, fleeting, brief,
62980断定duàn dìngto conclude, to determine, to come to a judgment,
62981断断续续duàn duàn xù xùintermittent, off and on, discontinuous, stop-go, stammering, disjointed, inarticulate,
62982断绝duàn juéto sever, to break off,
62983堆积duī jīto pile up, to heap, accumulation,
62984对策duì cècountermeasure for dealing with a situation,
62985对称duì chènsymmetry, symmetrical,
62986对付duì futo handle, to deal with, to cope, to get by with,
62987对抗duì kàngto withstand, to resist, to stand off, antagonism, confrontation,
62988对立duì lìto oppose, to set sth against, to be antagonistic to, antithetical, relative opposite, opposing, diametrical,
62989对联duì liánrhyming couplet, pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway, CL:幅[fú],
62990对应duì yìngto correspond, a correspondence, corresponding, homologous, matching with sth, counterpart,
62991对照duì zhàoto contrast, to compare, to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts), to check,
62992兑换duì huànto convert, to exchange,
62993兑现duì xiàn(of a cheque etc) to cash, to honor a commitment,
62994队伍duì wǔranks, troops, CL:個|个[gè],
62995顿时dùn shíimmediately, suddenly,
62996多元化duō yuán huàdiversification, pluralism, to diversify,
62997哆嗦duō suoto tremble, to shiver, uncontrolled shaking of the body,
62998堕落duò luòto morally degenerate, to become depraved, a fall from grace, a fall into sin or depravity,
62999额外é wàiextra, added, additional,
63000恶心è xīnbad habit, vicious habit, vice,
63001恶化è huàto worsen,
63002遏制è zhìto check, to contain, to hold back, to keep within limits, to constrain, to restrain,
63003恩怨ēn yuàn(feeling of) resentment, (longstanding) grudge,
63004而已ér yǐthat's all, nothing more,
63005耳环ěr huánearring, CL:隻|只,對|对[duì],
63006二氧化碳èr yǎng huà tàncarbon dioxide CO2,
63007发布fā bùto release, to issue, to announce, to distribute,
63008发财fā cáito get rich,
63009发呆fā dāito stare blankly, to be stunned, to be lost in thought,
63010发动fā dòngto start, to launch, to unleash, to mobilize, to arouse,
63011发火fā huǒto catch fire, to ignite, to detonate, to get angry,
63012发觉fā juéto find, to detect, to discover,
63013发射fā shèto shoot (a projectile), to fire (a rocket), to launch, to emit (a particle), to discharge, emanation, emission,
63014发誓fā shìto vow, to pledge, to swear,
63015发行fā xíngto publish, to issue (stocks, currency etc), to release, to distribute (a film),
63016发炎fā yánto become inflamed, inflammation,
63017发扬fā yángto develop, to make full use of,
63018发育fā yùto develop, growth, development,
63019法人fǎ rénlegal person, corporation, see also 自然人[zì rán rén],
63020fānforeign, ethnic groups from outside China, (when used after a verb) times or fold, classifier for the number of iterations of an action or deed etc,
63021繁华fán huáflourishing, bustling,
63022繁忙fán mángbusy, bustling,
63023繁体字fán tǐ zìtraditional Chinese character,
63024繁殖fán zhíto breed, to reproduce, to propagate,
63025反驳fǎn bóto retort, to refute,
63026反常fǎn chángunusual, abnormal,
63027反倒fǎn dàobut on the contrary, but expectedly,
63028反动fǎn dòngreaction, reactionary,
63029反感fǎn gǎnto be disgusted with, to dislike, bad reaction, antipathy,
63030反抗fǎn kàngto resist, to rebel,
63031反馈fǎn kuìto send back information, feedback,
63032反面fǎn miànreverse side, backside, the other side (of a problem etc), negative, bad,
63033反射fǎn shèto reflect, reflection (from a mirror etc), reflex (i.e. automatic reaction of organism),
63034反思fǎn sīto think back over sth, to review, to revisit, to rethink, reflection, reassessment,
63035反问fǎn wènto ask (a question) in reply, to answer a question with a question, rhetorical question,
63036反之fǎn zhīon the other hand..., conversely...,
63037范畴fàn chóucategory,
63038泛滥fàn lànto be in flood, to overflow (the banks), to inundate, to spread unchecked,
63039贩卖fàn màito sell, to peddle, to traffic,
63040方位fāng wèidirection, points of the compass, bearing, position, azimuth,
63041方言fāng yándialect,
63042方针fāng zhēnpolicy, guidelines, CL:個|个[gè],
63043防守fáng shǒuto defend, to protect (against),
63044防疫fáng yìdisease prevention, protection against epidemic,
63045防御fáng yùdefense, to defend,
63046防止fáng zhǐto prevent, to guard against, to take precautions,
63047防治fáng zhìprevention and cure,
63048纺织fǎng zhīspinning and weaving,
63049放大fàng dàto enlarge, to magnify,
63050放射fàng shèto radiate, radioactive,
63051放手fàng shǒuto let go one's hold, to give up, to have a free hand,
63052非法fēi fǎillegal,
63053飞禽走兽fēi qín zǒu shòubirds and animals, the beasts of the field and the birds of the air,
63054飞翔fēi xiángto fly,
63055飞跃fēi yuèto leap,
63056肥沃féi wòfertile,
63057诽谤fěi bàngto slander, to libel,
63058匪徒fěi túgangster, bandit,
63059废除fèi chúto abolish, to abrogate, to repeal,
63060废墟fèi xūruins,
63061沸腾fèi téngboiling, ebullition,
63062分辨fēn biànto distinguish, to differentiate, to resolve,
63063分寸fēn cùnpropriety, appropriate behavior, proper speech or action, within the norms,
63064分红fēn hónga bonus, to award a bonus,
63065分解fēn jiěto resolve, to decompose, to break down,
63066分裂fēn lièto split up, to divide, to break up, fission, schism,
63067分泌fēn mìto secrete, secretion,
63068分明fēn míngclearly demarcated, sharply contoured,
63069分歧fēn qídifference (of opinion, position), bifurcation,
63070分散fēn sànto scatter, to disperse, to distribute,
63071分手fēn shǒuto split up, to break up,
63072吩咐fēn fùto tell, to instruct, to command,
63073坟墓fén mùsepulcher, tomb,
63074粉末fěn mòfine powder, dust,
63075粉色fěn sèwhite, light pink, erotic, beautiful woman, powdered (with make-up),
63076粉碎fěn suìto crush, to smash, to shatter,
63077分量fèn liangquantity, weight, measure,
63078风暴fēng bàostorm, violent commotion, fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc),
63079风度fēng dùelegance (for men), elegant demeanor, grace, poise,
63080风光fēng guāngscene, view, sight, landscape, to be well-regarded, to be well-off, grand (topolect), impressive (topolect),
63081风气fēng qìgeneral mood, atmosphere, common practice,
63082风趣fēng qùhumor, wit, humorous, witty,
63083风土人情fēng tǔ rén qínglocal conditions and customs (idiom),
63084风味fēng wèilocal flavor, local style,
63085封闭fēng bìto seal, to close, to confine, to seal off, to close down, sealed, confined, closed, unreceptive,
63086封建fēng jiànsystem of enfeoffment, feudalism, feudal, feudalistic,
63087封锁fēng suǒto blockade, to seal off,
63088丰满fēng mǎnample, well developed, fully rounded,
63089丰盛fēng shèngrich, sumptuous,
63090丰收fēng shōubumper harvest,
63091锋利fēng lìsharp (e.g. knife blade), incisive, to the point,
63092féngto meet by chance, to come across, to fawn upon,
63093奉献fèng xiànto consecrate, to dedicate, to devote,
63094否决fǒu juéveto,
63095夫妇fū fùa (married) couple, husband and wife, CL:對|对[duì],
63096夫人fū renlady, madam, Mrs., CL:位[wèi],
63097敷衍fū yǎnto elaborate (on a theme), to expound (the classics), perfunctory, to skimp, to botch, to do sth half-heartedly or just for show, barely enough to get by,
63098幅度fú dùwidth, extent, range, scope,
63099服气fú qìto be convinced, to accept,
63100符号fú hàosymbol, mark, sign,
63101福利fú lì(material) welfare, well-being,
63102福气fú qigood fortune, to enjoy good fortune,
63103俘虏fú lǔcaptive,
63104辐射fú shèradiation,
63105腐败fǔ bàicorruption, to corrupt, to rot, rotten,
63106腐烂fǔ lànto rot, to become gangrenous,
63107腐蚀fǔ shícorrosion, to corrode (degrade chemically), to rot, corruption,
63108腐朽fǔ xiǔrotten, decayed, decadent, degenerate,
63109辅助fǔ zhùto assist, to aid, supplementary, auxiliary, subsidiary,
63110抚养fǔ yǎngto foster, to bring up, to raise,
63111俯仰fǔ yǎnglowering and raising of the head, (fig.) small move, pitch (position angle),
63112富裕fù yùprosperous, well-to-do, well-off,
63113secondary, auxiliary, deputy, assistant, vice-, abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb, classifier for pairs, sets of things & facial expressions,
63114副作用fù zuò yòngside effect,
63115负担fù dānburden, to bear a burden,
63116覆盖fù gàito cover,
63117附和fù hèto parrot, to crib, to copy sb's action or words, to trail sb's footsteps, copy-cat,
63118附件fù jiànenclosure, attachment (email), appendix,
63119附属fù shǔsubsidiary, auxiliary, attached, affiliated, subordinate, subordinating,
63120复活fù huóresurrection,
63121复兴fù xīngto revive, to rejuvenate,
63122腹泻fù xièdiarrhea, to have the runs,
63123赋予fù yǔto assign, to entrust (a task), to give, to bestow,
63124改良gǎi liángto improve,
63125盖章gài zhāngto affix a seal (to sth),
63126干旱gān hàndrought, arid, dry,
63127干扰gān rǎoto interfere, obstruction,
63128干涉gān shèto interfere, to meddle, interference,
63129干预gān yùto meddle, to intervene, intervention,
63130尴尬gān gàawkward, embarrassed,
63131甘心gān xīnto be willing to, to resign oneself to,
63132感慨gǎn kǎito sigh with sorrow, regret etc, rueful, deeply moved,
63133感染gǎn rǎninfection, to infect, to influence,
63134干劲gàn jìnenthusiasm for doing sth,
63135纲领gāng lǐngprogram, guiding principle,
63136港口gǎng kǒuport, harbor,
63137港湾gǎng wānnatural harbor, bay serving as harbor,
63138岗位gǎng wèia post, a job,
63139杠杆gàng gǎnlever, pry bar, crowbar, financial leverage,
63140高超gāo chāoexcellent, superlative,
63141高潮gāo cháohigh tide, high water, upsurge, climax, orgasm, chorus (part of a song),
63142高峰gāo fēngpeak, summit, height,
63143高考gāo kǎocollege entrance exam (abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试), entrance exam for senior government service posts (Taiwan),
63144高明gāo míngbrilliant, superior, tall and bright,
63145高尚gāo shàngnoble, lofty, refined, exquisite,
63146高涨gāo zhǎngupsurge, (tensions etc) run high,
63147稿件gǎo jiànrough draft, material contributing to a final document,
63148告辞gào cíto say goodbye, to take one's leave,
63149告诫gào jièto warn, to admonish,
63150to cut, to cut apart,
63151to place, to put aside, to shelve,
63152疙瘩gē daswelling or lump on skin, pimple, knot, preoccupation, problem,
63153歌颂gē sòngto sing the praises of, to extol, to eulogize,
63154隔阂gé héestrangement,
63155隔离gé líto separate, to isolate,
63156格局gé jústructure, pattern, layout,
63157格式gé shìform, specification, format,
63158个体gè tǐindividual,
63159各抒己见gè shū jǐ jiàneveryone gives their own view,
63160根深蒂固gēn shēn dì gùdeep-rooted (problem etc),
63161根源gēn yuánorigin, root (cause),
63162跟前gēn qiánin front of, close to, nearby, the time just before,
63163跟随gēn suíto follow,
63164跟踪gēn zōngto follow sb's tracks, to tail, to shadow,
63165耕地gēng dìarable land, to plow land,
63166更新gēng xīnto replace the old with new, to renew, to renovate, to upgrade, to update, to regenerate,
63167更正gēng zhèngto correct, to make a correction,
63168公安局gōng ān júpublic security bureau,
63169公道gōng daofair, equitable,
63170公告gōng gàopost, announcement,
63171公关gōng guānpublic relations,
63172公民gōng míncitizen,
63173公婆gōng póhusband's parents, parents-in-law,
63174公然gōng ránopenly, publicly, undisguised,
63175公认gōng rènpublicly known (to be), accepted (as),
63176公式gōng shìformula,
63177公务gōng wùofficial business,
63178公正gōng zhèngjust, fair, equitable,
63179公证gōng zhèngnotarization, notarized, acknowledgement,
63180供不应求gōng bù yìng qiúsupply does not meet demand,
63181供给gōng jǐto furnish, to provide, supply (as in supply and demand),
63182工夫gōng futime, spare time, skill, labor, effort,
63183工艺品gōng yì pǐnhandicraft article, handiwork, CL:個|个[gè],
63184宫殿gōng diànpalace, CL:座[zuò],
63185功课gōng kèhomework, assignment, task, classwork, lesson, study, CL:門|门[mén],
63186功劳gōng láocontribution, meritorious service, credit,
63187功效gōng xiàoefficacy,
63188攻击gōng jīto attack, to accuse, to charge, an attack (terrorist or military),
63189攻克gōng kèto capture, to take, to overcome, to solve,
63190恭敬gōng jìngdeferential, respectful,
63191巩固gǒng gùto consolidate, consolidation, to strengthen,
63192共和国gòng hé guórepublic,
63193共计gòng jìto sum up to, to total,
63194共鸣gòng míngresonance (physics), sympathetic response to sth,
63195勾结gōu jiéto collude with, to collaborate with, to gang up with,
63196钩子gōu zihook,
63197构思gòu sīto design, to plot, to plan out, to compose, to draw a mental sketch, conception, plan, idea, composition,
63198孤独gū dúlonely, solitary,
63199孤立gū lìisolate, isolated,
63200辜负gū fùto fail to live up (to expectations), unworthy (of trust), to let down, to betray (hopes), to disappoint,
63201姑且gū qiětemporarily, the time being, for the moment, provisional, tentatively,
63202古董gǔ dǒngcurio, antique,
63203古怪gǔ guàieccentric, grotesque, oddly, queer,
63204股东gǔ dōngshareholder, stockholder,
63205股份gǔ fèna share (in a company), stock,
63206鼓动gǔ dòngto agitate, to arouse, to instigate, to encite,
63207骨干gǔ gàndiaphysis (long segment of a bone), fig. backbone,
63208固然gù ránadmittedly (it's true that...),
63209固有gù yǒuintrinsic to sth, inherent, native,
63210固执gù zhíobstinate, stubborn,
63211顾虑gù lǜmisgivings, apprehensions,
63212顾问gù wènadviser, consultant,
63213故乡gù xiānghome, homeland, native place, CL:個|个[gè],
63214故障gù zhàngmalfunction, breakdown, defect, shortcoming, fault, failure, impediment, error, bug (in software),
63215拐杖guǎi zhàngcrutches, crutch, walking stick,
63216关照guān zhàoto take care, to keep an eye on, to look after, to tell, to remind,
63217官方guān fāngofficial, (by the) government,
63218观光guān guāngto tour, sightseeing, tourism,
63219管辖guǎn xiáto administer, to have jurisdiction (over),
63220guàncan, jar, pot,
63221贯彻guàn chèto implement, to put into practice, to carry out,
63222灌溉guàn gàito irrigate,
63223惯例guàn lìconvention, usual practice,
63224光彩guāng cǎiluster, splendor, radiance, brilliance,
63225光辉guāng huīradiance, glory, brilliant, magnificent,
63226光芒guāng mángrays of light, brilliant rays, radiance,
63227广阔guǎng kuòwide, vast,
63228规范guī fànnorm, standard, specification, regulation, rule, within the rules, to fix rules, to regulate, to specify,
63229规格guī géstandard, norm, specification,
63230规划guī huàto plan (how to do sth), planning, plan, program,
63231规章guī zhāngrule, regulation,
63232归根到底guī gēn dào dǐ(saying) to sum it up...,
63233归还guī huánto return sth, to revert,
63234归纳guī nàto sum up, to summarize, to conclude from facts, induction (method of deduction in logic),
63235轨道guǐ dàoorbit, railway or tram line, fig. conventional way of thinking,
63236guìto kneel,
63237贵族guì zúlord, nobility, nobleman, noblewoman, aristocrat, aristocracy,
63238棍棒gùn bàngclub,
63239国防guó fángnational defense,
63240国务院Guó Wù YuànState Council (PRC), State Department (USA),
63241果断guǒ duànfirm, decisive,
63242过度guò dùexcessive, over-, excess, going too far, extravagant, intemperate, overdue,
63243过渡guò dùto cross over (by ferry), transition, interim, caretaker (administration),
63244过奖guò jiǎngto over-praise, to flatter,
63245过滤guò lǜto filter, filter,
63246过失guò shīdefect, fault,
63247过问guò wènto show an interest in, to get involved with,
63248过瘾guò yǐnto satisfy a craving, to get a kick out of sth, gratifying, immensely enjoyable, satisfying, fulfilling,
63249过于guò yútoo much, excessively,
63250hāioh alas, hey!, hi! (loanword),
63251海拔hǎi báheight above sea level, elevation,
63252海滨hǎi bīnshore, seaside,
63253含糊hán húobscurity, vague,
63254含义hán yìmeaning (implicit in a phrase), implied meaning, hidden meaning, hint, connotation,
63255寒暄hán xuānexchanging conventional greetings, to talk about the weather,
63256罕见hǎn jiànrare, rarely seen,
63257捍卫hàn wèito defend, to uphold, to safeguard,
63258航空háng kōngaviation,
63259航天háng tiānspace flight,
63260航行háng xíngto sail, to fly, to navigate,
63261行列háng lièprocession,
63262豪迈háo màibold, open-minded, heroic,
63263毫米háo mǐmillimeter,
63264毫无háo wúnot in the least, to completely lack,
63265号召hào zhàoto call, to appeal,
63266耗费hào fèito waste, to spend, to consume, to squander,
63267好客hào kèhospitality, to treat guests well, to enjoy having guests, hospitable, friendly,
63268expel breath, my goodness,
63269和蔼hé ǎikindly, nice, amiable,
63270和解hé jiěto settle (a dispute out of court), to reconcile, settlement, conciliation, to become reconciled,
63271和睦hé mùpeaceful relations, harmonious,
63272和气hé qifriendly, polite, amiable,
63273和谐hé xiéharmonious, harmony,
63274合并hé bìngto merge, to annex,
63275合成hé chéngto compose, to constitute, compound, synthesis, mixture, synthetic,
63276合乎hé hūto accord with, conforming to,
63277合伙hé huǒto act jointly, to form a partnership,
63278合身hé shēnwell-fitting (of clothes),
63279合算hé suànworthwhile, be a good deal, be a bargain, reckon up, calculate,
63281痕迹hén jìvestige, mark, trace,
63282狠心hěn xīncallous, heartless,
63283恨不得hèn bu déwishing one could do sth, to hate to be unable, itching to do sth, can't wait for, to wish one could do sth, to desire strongly,
63284hēngto groan, to snort, to hum, to croon, humph!,
63285hōngroar of laughter (onomatopoeia), hubbub, to roar (as a crowd),
63286hōngto bake, to heat by fire, to set off by contrast,
63287轰动hōng dòngto cause a sensation,
63288红包hóng bāolit. money wrapped in red as a gift, a bonus payment, a kickback, a bribe,
63289宏观hóng guānmacro-, macroscopic, holistic,
63290宏伟hóng wěigrand, imposing, magnificent,
63291洪水hóng shuǐdeluge, flood,
63292喉咙hóu lóngthroat, larynx,
63293hǒuroar or howl of an animal, bellow of rage,
63294后代hòu dàiposterity, later periods, later ages, later generations,
63295后顾之忧hòu gù zhī yōufears of trouble in the rear (idiom); family worries (obstructing freedom of action), worries about the future consequences, often in negative expressions, meaning "no worries about anything",
63296后勤hòu qínlogistics,
63297候选hòu xuǎncandidate,
63298忽略hū lvèto neglect, to overlook, to ignore,
63299呼啸hū xiàoto whistle, to scream, to whiz,
63300呼吁hū yùto call on (sb to do sth), to appeal (to), an appeal,
63301胡乱hú luàncareless, reckless, casually, absent-mindedly, at will, at random, any old how,
63302湖泊hú pōlake,
63303互联网Hù lián wǎngthe Internet,
63304花瓣huā bànpetal, CL:片[piàn],
63305华丽huá lìgorgeous,
63306华侨huá qiáooverseas Chinese, (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
63307画蛇添足huà shé tiān zúlit. draw legs on a snake (idiom); fig. to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, to overdo it,
63308化肥huà féifertilizer,
63309化石huà shífossil,
63310化验huà yànlaboratory test, chemical experiment, assay,
63311化妆huà zhuāngto put on makeup,
63312划分huà fēnto divide,
63313话筒huà tǒngmicrophone, (telephone) receiver, handset,
63314怀孕huái yùnpregnant, to have conceived, gestation, pregnancy,
63315欢乐huān lègaiety, gladness, glee, merriment, pleasure, happy, joyous, gay,
63316还原huán yuánto restore to the original state, reduction (chemistry),
63317环节huán jiéround segment, segment (of annelid worms), connection, link, sector, annular ring,
63318缓和huǎn héto ease (tension), to alleviate, to moderate, to allay, to make more mild,
63319患者huàn zhěpatient, sufferer,
63320荒凉huāng liángdesolate,
63321荒谬huāng miùabsurd, ridiculous,
63322荒唐huāng tángbeyond belief, preposterous, absurd, intemperate, dissipated,
63323慌忙huāng mángin a great rush, in a flurry,
63324黄昏huáng hūndusk, evening, nightfall,
63325恍然大悟huǎng rán dà wùto suddenly realize, to suddenly see the light,
63326挥霍huī huòto squander money, extravagant, prodigal, free and easy, agile,
63327辉煌huī huángsplendid, glorious,
63328回报huí bào(in) return, reciprocation, payback, retaliation, to report back, to reciprocate,
63329回避huí bìto shun, to avoid (sb), to skirt, to evade (an issue), to step back, to withdraw, to recuse (a judge etc),
63330回顾huí gùto look back, to review,
63331回收huí shōuto recycle, to reclaim, to retrieve, to recover, to recall (a defective product),
63332悔恨huǐ hènremorse, repentance,
63333毁灭huǐ mièto perish, to ruin, to destroy,
63334会晤huì wùto meet, meeting, conference,
63335汇报huì bàoto report, to give an account of, report,
63336贿赂huì lùto bribe, a bribe,
63337昏迷hūn míto lose consciousness, to be in a coma, stupor, coma, stunned, disoriented,
63338浑身hún shēnall over, from head to foot,
63339混合hùn héto mix, to blend,
63340混乱hùn luànconfusion, chaos, disorder,
63341混淆hùn xiáoto obscure, to confuse, to mix up, to blur, to mislead,
63342混浊hùn zhuóturbid, muddy, dirty,
63343活该huó gāi(coll.) serve sb right, deservedly, ought, should,
63344活力huó lìenergy, vitality, vigor, vital force,
63345火箭huǒ jiànrocket, CL:枚[méi],
63346火焰huǒ yànblaze, flame,
63347火药huǒ yàogunpowder,
63348货币huò bìcurrency, monetary, money,
63349或许huò xǔperhaps, maybe,
63350基地jī dìbase (of operations), industrial or military base, al-Qaeda,
63351基金jī jīnfund,
63352基因jī yīngene (loanword),
63353机动jī dònglocomotive, motorized, power-driven, adaptable, flexible (use, treatment, timing etc),
63354机构jī gòumechanism, structure, organization, agency, institution, CL:所[suǒ],
63355机关jī guānmechanism, gear, machine-operated, office, agency, organ, organization, establishment, institution, body, strategum, scheme, intrigue, plot, trick, CL:個|个[gè],
63356机灵jī língclever, quick-witted,
63357机密jī mìsecret, classified (information),
63358机械jī xièmachine, machinery, mechanical, (old) cunning, scheming,
63359机遇jī yùopportunity, favorable circumstance, stroke of luck,
63360机智jī zhìquick-witted, tact, witty, resourceful,
63361激发jī fāto arouse, to excite,
63362激励jī lìto encourage, to urge, motivation, incentive,
63363激情jī qíngpassion, fervor, enthusiasm, strong emotion,
63364饥饿jī èhunger, starvation, famine,
63365讥笑jī xiàoto sneer,
63366极端jí duānextreme,
63367极限jí xiànlimit, extreme boundary,
63368即便jí biàneven if, even though, right away, immediately,
63369即将jí jiāngon the eve of, to be about to, to be on the verge of,
63370级别jí bié(military) rank, level, grade,
63371疾病jí bìngdisease, sickness, ailment,
63372嫉妒jí dùto be jealous, to envy, to hate,
63373及早jí zǎoat the earliest possible time, as soon as possible,
63374急功近利jí gōng jìn lìseeking instant benefit (idiom); shortsighted vision, looking only for fast return,
63375急剧jí jùrapid, sudden,
63376急切jí qièeager, impatient,
63377急于求成jí yú qiú chénganxious for quick results (idiom); to demand instant success, impatient for result, impetuous,
63378急躁jí zàoirritable, irascible, impetuous,
63379籍贯jí guànone's native place, place of ancestry, registered birthplace,
63380集团jí tuángroup, bloc, corporation, conglomerate,
63381吉祥jí xiánglucky, auspicious, propitious,
63382给予jǐ yǔto accord, to give, to show (respect),
63383寄托jì tuōto have sb look after sb, to entrust the care of sb, to place (hope etc) on,
63384继承jì chéngto inherit, to carry on, to succeed,
63385继往开来jì wǎng kāi láito follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition, forming a bridge between earlier and later stages,
63386记性jì xìngmemory,
63387记载jì zǎito write down, to record, written account,
63388季度jì dùquarter of a year, season (sports),
63389季军jì jūnthird in a race, bronze medalist,
63390计较jì jiàoto bother about, to haggle, to bicker, to argue, plan, stratagem,
63391忌讳jì huìtaboo, to avoid as taboo, to abstain from,
63392寂静jì jìngquiet,
63393纪要jì yàominutes, written summary of a meeting,
63394技能jì néngtechnical ability, skill,
63395技巧jì qiǎoskill, technique,
63396迹象jì xiàngmark, indication, sign, indicator,
63397家常jiā chángthe daily life of a family,
63398家伙jiā huohousehold dish, implement or furniture, domestic animal, guy (slang), chap,
63399家属jiā shǔfamily member, (family) dependent,
63400家喻户晓jiā yù hù xiǎounderstood by everyone (idiom); well known, a household name,
63401加工jiā gōngto process, processing, working (of machinery),
63402加剧jiā jùto intensify, to sharpen, to accelerate, to aggravate, to exacerbate, to embitter,
63403佳肴jiā yáofine food, delicacies, delicious food,
63404夹杂jiā záto mix together (disparate substances), to mingle, a mix, to be tangled up with,
63405假设jiǎ shèsuppose that..., hypothesis, conjecture,
63406假使jiǎ shǐif, in case, suppose, given ...,
63407坚定jiān dìngfirm, steady, staunch, resolute,
63408坚固jiān gùfirm, firmly, hard, stable,
63409坚韧jiān rèntough and durable, tenacious,
63410坚实jiān shífirm and substantial, solid,
63411坚硬jiān yìnghard, solid,
63412监督jiān dūto control, to supervise, to inspect,
63413监视jiān shìto monitor, to oversee, to keep a close watch over, to spy on,
63414监狱jiān yùprison,
63415尖端jiān duānsharp pointed end, the tip, the cusp, tip-top, most advanced and sophisticated, highest peak, the best,
63416艰难jiān nándifficult, hard, challenging,
63417兼职jiān zhíto hold concurrent posts, concurrent job, moonlighting,
63418jiǎnto choose, to pick, to sort out, to pick up,
63419剪彩jiǎn cǎito cut the ribbon (at a launching or opening ceremony),
63420检讨jiǎn tǎoto examine or inspect, self-criticism, review,
63421检验jiǎn yànto inspect, to examine, to test,
63422简化jiǎn huàto simplify,
63423简陋jiǎn lòusimple and crude (of a room or building),
63424简体字jiǎn tǐ zìsimplified Chinese character, as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字|繁体字[fán tǐ zì],
63425简要jiǎn yàoconcise, brief,
63427鉴别jiàn biéto differentiate, to distinguish,
63428鉴定jiàn dìngto appraise, to identify, to evaluate,
63429鉴于jiàn yúin view of, seeing that, considering, whereas,
63430间谍jiàn diéspy,
63431间隔jiàn gécompartment, gap, interval, to divide,
63432间接jiàn jiēindirect,
63433见多识广jiàn duō shí guǎngexperienced and knowledgeable (idiom),
63434见解jiàn jiěopinion, view, understanding,
63435见闻jiàn wénwhat one sees and hears, knowledge, information,
63436见义勇为jiàn yì yǒng wéito see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects); to stand up bravely for the truth, acting heroically in a just cause,
63437健全jiàn quánrobust, sound,
63438践踏jiàn tàto trample,
63439舰艇jiàn tǐngwarship, naval vessel,
63440将近jiāng jìnalmost, nearly, close to,
63441将军jiāng jūngeneral, high-ranking military officer, to check or checkmate, fig. to embarrass, to challenge, to put sb on the spot,
63442僵硬jiāng yìngstiff, rigid,
63443jiǎngoar, paddle,
63444奖励jiǎng lìto reward, reward (as encouragement),
63445奖赏jiǎng shǎngreward, prize, award,
63446降临jiàng línto descend to,
63447交叉jiāo chāto cross, to intersect, to overlap,
63448交代jiāo dàito hand over, to explain, to make clear, to brief (sb), to account for, to justify oneself, to confess, to finish (colloquial),
63449交涉jiāo shèto negotiate, relating to,
63450交往jiāo wǎngto associate, to contact, association, contact,
63451交易jiāo yì(business) transaction, business deal, CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
63452焦点jiāo diǎnfocus, focal point,
63453焦急jiāo jíanxiety, anxious,
63454娇气jiāo qìdelicate, squeamish, finicky,
63455角落jiǎo luònook, corner,
63456搅拌jiǎo bànto stir, to agitate,
63457缴纳jiǎo nàto pay (taxes etc),
63458教养jiào yǎngto train, to educate, to bring up, to nurture, education, culture, upbringing, early conditioning,
63459较量jiào liàngto have a contest with sb, to cross swords, to measure up against, to compete with, to haggle, to quibble,
63460jiēall, each and every, in all cases,
63461接连jiē liánon end, in a row, in succession,
63462阶层jiē cénghierarchy, stratum,
63463揭发jiē fāto expose, to bring to light, to disclose, revelation,
63464揭露jiē lùto expose, to unmask, to ferret out, to disclose, disclosure,
63465节奏jié zòurhythm, tempo, musical pulse, cadence, beat,
63466杰出jié chūoutstanding, distinguished, remarkable, prominent, illustrious,
63467结晶jié jīngcrystallization, crystalline, crystal,
63468结局jié júconclusion, ending,
63469结算jié suànto settle a bill, to close an account,
63470竭尽全力jié jìn quán lìto spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost,
63471截至jié zhìup to (a time), by (a time),
63472解除jiě chúto remove, to sack, to get rid of, to relieve (sb of their duties), to free, to lift (an embargo), to rescind (an agreement),
63473解雇jiě gùto fire, to sack, to dismiss,
63474解剖jiě pōuto dissect (an animal), to analyze, anatomy,
63475解散jiě sànto dissolve, to disband,
63476解体jiě tǐto break up into components, to disintegrate, to collapse, to crumble,
63477借鉴jiè jiànto use other people's experience, to borrow from a source, to use as reference,
63478借助jiè zhùto draw support from, with the help of,
63479戒备jiè bèito take precautions, to guard against (emergency),
63480界限jiè xiànboundary, marginal,
63481津津有味jīn jīn yǒu wèiwith keen interest pleasure (idiom); with gusto, to relish, eagerly, with great interest,
63482金融jīn róngbanking, finance, financial,
63483紧密jǐn mìinseparably close,
63484紧迫jǐn pòpressing, urgent,
63485尽快jǐn kuàias quickly as possible, as soon as possible, with all speed,
63486锦绣前程jǐn xiù qián chéngbright future, bright prospects,
63487进而jìn érand then (what follows next),
63488进攻jìn gōngto attack, to assault, to go on the offensive, attack, assault, offense (sports),
63489进化jìn huàevolution, CL:個|个[gè],
63490进展jìn zhǎnto make headway, to make progress,
63491近来jìn láirecently, lately,
63492近视jìn shìshortsighted, nearsighted, myopia,
63493浸泡jìn pàoto steep, to soak, to immerse,
63494晋升jìn shēngto promote to a higher position,
63495劲头jìn tóuenthusiasm, zeal, vigor, strength,
63496jīngstalk, stem, CL:條|条[tiáo],
63497精打细算jīng dǎ xì suàn(saying) meticulous planning and careful accounting,
63498精华jīng huábest feature, most important part of an object, quintessence, essence, soul,
63499精简jīng jiǎnto simplify, to reduce,
63500精密jīng mìaccuracy, exact, precise, refined,
63501精确jīng quèaccurate, precise,
63502精通jīng tōngproficient,
63503精心jīng xīnwith utmost care, fine, meticulous, detailed,
63504精益求精jīng yì qiú jīngto perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving,
63505精致jīng zhìdelicate, fine, exquisite, refined,
63506经费jīng fèifunds, expenditure, CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
63507经商jīng shāngto trade, to carry out commercial activities, in business,
63508经纬jīng wěiwarp and woof, longitude and latitude, main points,
63509惊动jīng dòngalarm, alert, disturb,
63510惊奇jīng qíto be amazed, to be surprised, to wonder,
63511惊讶jīng yàamazed, astonished, to surprise, amazing, astonishment, awe,
63512兢兢业业jīng jīng yè yècautious and conscientious,
63513jǐnga well, CL:口[kǒu], neat, orderly,
63514警告jǐng gàoto warn, to admonish,
63515警惕jǐng tìto be on the alert, vigilant, alert, on guard, to warn,
63516颈椎jǐng zhuīcervical vertebra, the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck of humans and most mammals,
63517敬礼jìng lǐto salute, salute,
63518境界jìng jièboundary, state, realm,
63519竞赛jìng sàirace, competition, CL:個|个[gè],
63520竞选jìng xuǎnto take part in an election, to run for office,
63521镜头jìng tóucamera lens, camera shot (in a movie etc), scene,
63522纠纷jiū fēna dispute, entanglement (law),
63523纠正jiū zhèngto correct, to make right,
63524酒精jiǔ jīngalcohol, ethanol CH3CH2OH, ethyl alcohol, also written 乙醇, grain alcohol,
63525救济jiù jìemergency relief, to help the needy with cash or goods,
63526就近jiù jìnnearby, in a close neighborhood,
63527就业jiù yèlooking for employment, getting a job, to start a career,
63528就职jiù zhíto take office, to assume a post,
63529鞠躬jū gōngto bow,
63530拘留jū liúto detain (a prisoner), to keep sb in custody,
63531拘束jū shùto restrict, to restrain, constrained, awkward, ill at ease, uncomfortable, reticent,
63532居住jū zhùto reside, to dwell, to live in a place, resident in,
63533局部jú bùpart, local,
63534局面jú miànaspect, phase, situation,
63535局势jú shìsituation, state (of affairs),
63536局限jú xiànto limit, to confine, to restrict sth within set boundaries,
63537举动jǔ dòngact, action, activity, move, movement,
63538举世闻名jǔ shì wén míng(saying) world famous,
63539举世瞩目jǔ shì zhǔ mùto receive worldwide attention,
63540举足轻重jǔ zú qīng zhònga foot's move sways the balance (idiom); to hold the balance of power, to play the decisive role,
63541咀嚼jǔ juéto chew, to think over,
63542沮丧jǔ sàngdispirited, dejected, dismayed,
63543剧本jù běnscript for play, opera, movie etc, screenplay, scenario,
63544剧烈jù lièviolent, acute, severe, fierce,
63545聚精会神jù jīng huì shénto concentrate one's attention (idiom),
63546据悉jù xīaccording to reports, it is reported (that),
63547决策jué cèstrategic decision, decision-making, policy decision, to determine policy,
63548觉悟jué wùconsciousness, awareness, Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda),
63549觉醒jué xǐngto awaken, to come to realize, awakened to the truth, the truth dawns upon one, scales fall from the eyes, to become aware,
63550绝望jué wàngdesperation, forlorn, hopeless,
63551军队jūn duìarmy troops, CL:支,個|个[gè],
63552卡通kǎ tōngcartoon,
63553开采kāi cǎito extract (ore or other resource from a mine), to exploit, to mine,
63554开除kāi chúto expel,
63555开阔kāi kuòwide, open (spaces), to open up,
63556开朗kāi lǎngspacious and well-lit, open and clear, to open out (onto a wider vista), optimistic, cheerful, carefree, easy-going, open-minded,
63557开明kāi míngenlightened, open-minded, enlightenment,
63558开辟kāi pìto open up, to set up, to establish,
63559开水kāi shuǐboiled water, boiling water,
63560开拓kāi tuòto break new ground (for agriculture), to open up (a new seam), to develop (border regions), fig. to open up (new horizons),
63561开展kāi zhǎn(begin to) develop, unfold, to start, to launch, to open, to carry out,
63562开支kāi zhīexpenditures, pay, expenses, CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
63563刊登kān dēngto carry a story, to publish (in a newspaper or magazine),
63564刊物kān wùpublication,
63565勘探kān tànexploration,
63566看待kàn dàito look upon, to regard,
63567看望kàn wàngto visit, to pay a call to,
63568慷慨kāng kǎivehement, fervent, generous, giving, liberal,
63569kángto carry on one's shoulder,
63570考察kǎo cháto inspect, to observe and study, on-the-spot investigation,
63571考古kǎo gǔarchaeology,
63572考核kǎo héto examine, to check up on, to assess, to review, appraisal, review, evaluation,
63573考验kǎo yànto test, to put to the test,
63574靠拢kào lǒngto draw close to,
63575to tap, knock,
63576颗粒kē lìkernel, granule, granulated (sugar, chemical product),
63577科目kē mùsubject,
63578渴望kě wàngto thirst for, to long for,
63579可观kě guānconsiderable, impressive, significant,
63580可口kě kǒutasty, to taste good,
63581可恶kě wùrepulsive, vile, hateful, abominable,
63582可笑kě xiàofunny, ridiculous,
63583可行kě xíngfeasible,
63584刻不容缓kè bù róng huǎnto brook no delay, to demand immediate action,
63585课题kè títask, problem, issue,
63586客户kè hùclient, customer,
63587kěnto gnaw, to nibble, to bite,
63588恳切kěn qièearnest, sincere,
63589kēnghole, pit, tunnel, to defraud,
63590空洞kōng dòngcavity, empty, vacuous,
63591空前绝后kōng qián jué hòuunprecedented and never to be duplicated, the first and the last, unmatched, unique,
63592空想kōng xiǎngdaydream, fantasy, to fantasize,
63593空虚kōng xūhollow, emptiness, meaningless,
63594kǒnghole, CL:個|个[gè], classifier for cave dwellings,
63595恐吓kǒng hèto threaten, to menace,
63596恐惧kǒng jùfear, dread, phobia,
63597空白kòng báiblank space,
63598空隙kòng xìcrack, gap between two objects, gap in time between two events,
63599口气kǒu qìtone of voice, the way one speaks, manner of expression, tone,
63600口腔kǒu qiāngoral cavity,
63601口头kǒu tóuoral, verbal,
63602口音kǒu yīnoral speech sounds (linguistics),
63603枯竭kū jiéused up, dried up, exhausted (of resources),
63604枯燥kū zàodry and dull, uninteresting, dry-as-dust,
63605苦尽甘来kǔ jìn gān láibitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom); the hard times are over, the good times just beginning,
63606kuàto carry (esp. slung over the arm, shoulder or side),
63607kuàto step across, to stride over, to straddle, to span,
63608快活kuài huohappy, cheerful,
63609宽敞kuān changspacious, wide,
63610款待kuǎn dàito entertain, to be hospitable to,
63611款式kuǎn shìpattern, style, design, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
63612kuāngbasket, CL:隻|只[zhī],
63613旷课kuàng kèto play truant, to cut classes,
63614框架kuàng jiàframe, framework, fig. pattern, outline, organizing plan,
63615况且kuàng qiěmoreover, besides, in addition, furthermore,
63616亏待kuī dàito treat sb unfairly,
63617亏损kuī sǔndeficit, (financial) loss,
63618昆虫kūn chónginsect, CL:隻|只,群,堆[duī],
63619捆绑kǔn bǎngto bind,
63620扩充kuò chōngto expand,
63621扩散kuò sànto spread, to proliferate, to diffuse, spread, proliferation, diffusion,
63622扩张kuò zhāngexpansion, dilation, to expand (e.g. one's power or influence), to broaden,
63623喇叭lǎ bahorn (automobile etc), loudspeaker, brass wind instrument, trumpet, suona 鎖吶|锁呐[suǒ nà],
63624lasentence-final particle, contraction of 了啊, indicating exclamation, particle placed after each item in a list of examples,
63625来历lái lìhistory, antecedents, origin,
63626来源lái yuánsource (of information etc), origin,
63627栏目lán mùregular column or segment (in a publication or broadcast program), program (TV or radio),
63628懒惰lǎn duòidle, lazy,
63629狼狈láng bèiin a difficult situation, to cut a sorry figure, scoundrel! (derogatory),
63630朗读lǎng dúread aloud, read loudly and clearly,
63631lāoto fish up, to dredge up,
63632唠叨láo daoto prattle, to chatter, talkative, garrulous, to nag,
63633牢固láo gùfirm, secure,
63634牢骚láo sāodiscontent, complaint, to complain,
63635乐趣lè qùdelight, pleasure, joy,
63636乐意lè yìto be willing to do sth, to be ready to do sth, to be happy to do sth, content, satisfied,
63637雷达léi dáradar (loanword),
63638类似lèi sìsimilar, analogous,
63639冷淡lěng dàncold, indifferent,
63640冷酷lěng kùgrim, unfeeling, callous,
63641冷却lěng quèto cool off, cooling,
63642lèngto look distracted, to stare blankly, distracted, blank, (coll.) unexpectedly, rash, rashly,
63643黎明lí míngdawn, daybreak,
63644里程碑lǐ chéng bēimilestone,
63645礼节lǐ jiéetiquette,
63646理睬lǐ cǎito heed, to pay attention to,
63647理所当然lǐ suǒ dāng ránas it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of course, inevitable and right,
63648理直气壮lǐ zhí qì zhuàngin the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one's side, to have the courage of one's convictions, just and forceful,
63649理智lǐ zhìreason, intellect, rationality,
63650立场lì chǎngposition, standpoint, CL:個|个[gè],
63651立交桥lì jiāo qiáooverpass, flyover,
63652立体lì tǐthree-dimensional, solid, stereoscopic,
63653立足lì zúto stand, to have a footing, to be established, to base oneself on,
63654历代lì dàisuccessive generations, successive dynasties, past dynasties,
63655历来lì láialways, throughout (a period of time), (of) all-time,
63656利害lì hàipros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, gains and losses,
63657利率lì lǜinterest rates,
63658力所能及lì suǒ néng jías far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability, within one's powers,
63659力图lì túto try hard to, to strive to,
63660力争lì zhēngto work hard for, to do all one can, to contend strongly,
63661例外lì wài(make an) exception,
63662连年lián niánsuccessive years, over many years,
63663连锁lián suǒto interlock, to be linked, chain (store etc),
63664连同lián tóngtogether with, along with,
63665联欢lián huānhave a get-together,
63666联络lián luòcommunication, to get in touch with, to contact, connection (math.),
63667联盟lián méngalliance, union, coalition,
63668联想lián xiǎngto associate (cognitively), to make an associative connection, mental association, word prediction and auto-complete functions of input method editing programs,
63669廉洁lián jiéhonest, not coercive, honesty, integrity, incorruptible,
63670良心liáng xīnconscience,
63671liàngto dry in the air,
63672谅解liàng jiěto understand, to make allowances for, understanding,
63673辽阔liáo kuòvast, extensive,
63674列举liè jǔa list, to list, to enumerate,
63675línto drain, to drench, to drip, diseases of the bladder,
63676临床lín chuángclinical,
63677吝啬lìn sèstingy, mean, miserly,
63678零星líng xīngfragmentary, random, bits and pieces, sporadic,
63679凌晨líng chénvery early in the morning, in the wee hours,
63680灵感líng gǎninspiration, insight, a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavor,
63681灵魂líng húnsoul, spirit,
63682灵敏líng mǐnsmart, clever, sensitive, keen, quick, sharp,
63683伶俐líng lìclever, witty, intelligent,
63684领会lǐng huìto understand, to comprehend, to grasp,
63685领事馆lǐng shì guǎnconsulate,
63686领土lǐng tǔterritory,
63687领悟lǐng wùto understand, to comprehend,
63688领先lǐng xiānto lead, to be in front,
63689领袖lǐng xiùleader, CL:個|个,位,名[míng],
63690liūto slip away, to escape in stealth, to skate,
63691留恋liú liànreluctant to leave, to hate to have to go, to recall fondly,
63692留念liú niànto keep as a souvenir, to recall fondly,
63693留神liú shénto take care, to be careful,
63694流浪liú làngto drift about, to wander, to roam, nomadic, homeless, unsettled (e.g. population), vagrant,
63695流露liú lùto express, to reveal (one's thoughts or feelings),
63696流氓liú mángrogue, hoodlum, gangster, immoral behavior,
63697流通liú tōngto circulate, to distribute, circulation, distribution,
63698聋哑lóng yǎdeaf and dumb,
63699隆重lóng zhònggrand, prosperous, ceremonious, solemn,
63700垄断lǒng duànto enjoy market dominance, to monopolize,
63701笼罩lǒng zhàoto envelop, to shroud,
63702lǒuto hug, to embrace, to hold in one's arms,
63703炉灶lú zàostove,
63704轮船lún chuánsteamship, steamer, ocean liner, ship, CL:艘[sōu],
63705轮廓lún kuòan outline, silhouette,
63706轮胎lún tāitire, pneumatic tire,
63707论坛lùn tánforum (for discussion),
63708论证lùn zhèngto prove a point, to expound on, to demonstrate or prove (through argument), proof,
63709啰唆luō suōsee 囉嗦|啰嗦[luō suo],
63710螺丝钉luó sī dīngscrew,
63711落成luò chéngto complete a construction project,
63712落实luò shípractical, workable, to implement, to carry out, to decide,
63713络绎不绝luò yì bù juécontinuously; in an endless stream (idiom),
63714屡次lǚ cìrepeatedly, time and again,
63715履行lǚ xíngto fulfill (one's obligations), to carry out (a task), to implement (an agreement), to perform,
63716掠夺lvè duóto plunder, to rob, also written 略奪|略夺,
63717略微lvè wēia little bit, slightly,
63718麻痹má bìparalysis, palsy, numbness, to benumb,
63719麻木má mùnumb, insensitive, apathetic,
63720麻醉má zuìanesthesia, fig. to poison (sb's mind),
63721码头mǎ tóudock, pier, wharf, CL:個|个[gè],
63722mamodal particle indicating that sth is obvious, particle indicating a pause for emphasis,
63723埋伏mái fúto ambush, to lie in wait for, to lie low, ambush,
63724埋没mái mòto engulf, to bury, to overlook, to stifle, to neglect, to fall into oblivion,
63725埋葬mái zàngto bury,
63726màitake a step,
63727脉搏mài bóa pulse (both medical and figurative),
63728埋怨mán yuànto complain, to grumble (about), to reproach, to blame,
63729慢性màn xìngslow and patient, chronic (disease), slow to take effect (e.g. a slow poison),
63730漫长màn chángvery long, endless,
63731漫画màn huàcaricature, cartoon, Japanese manga,
63732蔓延màn yánto extend, to spread,
63733忙碌máng lùbusy, bustling,
63734茫茫máng mángboundless, vast and obscure,
63735茫然máng ránblankly, vacantly, at a loss,
63736盲目máng mùblind, blindly, ignorant, lacking understanding,
63737冒充mào chōngto feign, to pretend to be, to pass oneself off as,
63738茂盛mào shènglush,
63739méiclassifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rockets, satellites etc, tree trunk, whip, wooden peg, used as a gag for marching soldiers (old),
63740没辙méi zhé(idiom) unable to solve; no way to escape a problem,
63741媒介méi jièmedia, medium,
63742媒体méi tǐmedia, esp. news media,
63743美观měi guānpleasing to the eye, beautiful, artistic,
63744美满měi mǎnhappy, blissful,
63745美妙měi miàobeautiful, wonderful, splendid,
63746门诊mén zhěnoutpatient service,
63747méngto cover, ignorant, to suffer (misfortune), to receive (a favor), to cheat,
63748萌芽méng yásprout, germ of a plant,
63749猛烈měng lièfierce, violent (criticism etc),
63750梦想mèng xiǎng(figuratively) to dream of, dream,
63751to narrow one's eyes, to squint,
63752弥补mí bǔto complement, to make up for a deficiency,
63753弥漫mí mànvariant of 彌漫|弥漫[mí màn],
63754迷惑mí huoto puzzle, to confuse, to baffle,
63755迷人mí rénfascinating, enchanting, charming, tempting,
63756迷失mí shīlost, not knowing one's location,
63757迷信mí xìnsuperstition, to have a superstitious belief (in sth),
63758密度mì dùdensity, thickness,
63759密封mì fēngto seal up,
63760免得miǎn deso as not to, so as to avoid,
63761免疫miǎn yìimmunity (to disease),
63762勉励miǎn lìto encourage,
63763勉强miǎn qiǎngto do with difficulty, to force sb to do sth, reluctant, barely enough,
63764面貌miàn màoappearance, face, features, CL:個|个[gè],
63765面子miàn ziouter surface, outside, honor, reputation, face (as in "losing face"), self-respect, feelings, (medicinal) powder,
63766描绘miáo huìto describe, to portray,
63767渺小miǎo xiǎominute, tiny, negligible, insignificant,
63768蔑视miè shìto loathe, to despise, contempt,
63769灭亡miè wángto be destroyed, to become extinct, to perish, to die out, to destroy, to exterminate,
63770民间mín jiānamong the people, popular, folk, non-governmental, involving people rather than governments,
63771民用mín yòng(for) civilian use,
63772敏感mǐn gǎnsensitive, susceptible, politically sensitive (pretext for censorship),
63773敏捷mǐn jiénimble, quick, shrewd,
63774敏锐mǐn ruìkeen, sharp, acute,
63775明明míng míngobviously, plainly, undoubtedly, definitely,
63776名次míng cìposition in a ranking of names,
63777名额míng équota, number of places, place (in an institution, a group etc),
63778名副其实míng fù qí shínot just in name only, but also in reality (idiom),
63779名誉míng yùfame, reputation, honor, honorary, emeritus (of retired professor),
63780命名mìng míngto give a name to, to dub, to christen, to designate, named after, naming,
63781摸索mō suoto feel about, to grope about, to fumble, to do things slowly,
63782membrane, film,
63783摩擦mó cāfriction, rubbing, chafing, fig. disharmony, conflict, same as 磨擦,
63784磨合mó héto break in, to wear in,
63785模范mó fànmodel, fine example,
63786模式mó shìmode, method,
63787模型mó xíngmodel, mould, matrix, pattern,
63788魔鬼mó guǐdevil,
63789魔术mó shùmagic,
63790抹杀mǒ shāto erase, to cover traces, to obliterate evidence, to expunge, to blot out, to suppress,
63791莫名其妙mò míng qí miàounfathomable mystery (idiom); subtle and ineffable, unable to make head or tail of it, boring (e.g. movie),
63792默默mò mòin silence, not speaking,
63793墨水儿mò shuǐ rerhua variant of 墨水, ink,
63794谋求móu qiúto seek, to strive for,
63795模样mú yànglook, style, appearance, approximation, about, CL:個|个[gè],
63796母语mǔ yǔnative language, mother tongue, (linguistics) parent language,
63797目睹mù dǔto witness, to see at first hand, to see with one's own eyes,
63798目光mù guāngsight, vision, view, gaze, look,
63799沐浴mù yùto take a bath, to bathe, to immerse,
63800拿手ná shǒuexpert in, good at,
63801纳闷儿nà mèn rpuzzled, bewildered,
63802耐用nài yòngdurable,
63803难得nán déseldom, rare, hard to come by,
63804难堪nán kānhard to take, embarrassed,
63805难免nán miǎnhard to avoid, difficult to escape from,
63806难能可贵nán néng kě guìrare and precious, valuable, remarkable,
63807恼火nǎo huǒto get angry, irritated, to annoy, to aggravate, annoying,
63808内涵nèi hánmeaning, content, essential properties implied or reflected by a notion, intention, connotation, self-possessed,
63809内幕nèi mùinside story, non-public information, behind the scenes, internal,
63810内在nèi zàiintrinsic, innate,
63811能量néng liàngenergy, capabilities,
63812eninterjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement,
63813拟定nǐ dìngto draw up, to draft, to formulate,
63814年度nián dùyear (e.g. school year, fiscal year), annual,
63815niēto pinch (with one's fingers), to knead, to make up,
63816níngto pinch, wring,
63817凝固níng gùto freeze, to solidify, to congeal, fig. with rapt attention,
63818凝聚níng jùto condense, to coagulate, coacervation (i.e. form tiny droplets), aggregation, coherent,
63819凝视níng shìto gaze at, to fix one's eyes on,
63820宁肯nìng kěnwould rather..., it would be better..., would prefer,
63821宁愿nìng yuànwould rather, better,
63822纽扣儿niǔ kòu érButtons children,
63823扭转niǔ zhuǎnto reverse, to turn around (an undesirable situation),
63824浓厚nóng hòudense, thick (fog, clouds etc), to have a strong interest in, deep, fully saturated (color),
63825农历nóng lìthe traditional Chinese calendar, the lunar calendar,
63826奴隶nú lìslave,
63827nuóto shift, to move,
63828虐待nvè dàito mistreat, to maltreat, to abuse, mistreatment, maltreatment,
63829òoh (interjection indicating that one has just learned sth),
63830殴打ōu dǎto beat up, to come to blows, battery (law),
63831欧洲Oū zhōuEurope, European,
63832呕吐ǒu tùto vomit,
63833to lie on one's stomach, to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop etc), (Taiwan) percent,
63834排斥pái chìto reject, to exclude, to eliminate, to remove, to repel,
63835排除pái chúto eliminate, to get rid of, to remove,
63836排放pái fàngemission, discharge, exhaust (gas etc),
63837徘徊pái huáito dither, to hesitate, to pace back and forth, by ext. to hover around, to linger,
63838派别pài biédenomination, group, school, faction, school of thought,
63839派遣pài qiǎnto send (on a mission), to dispatch,
63840攀登pān dēngto climb, to pull oneself up, to clamber, to scale, fig. to forge ahead in the face of hardships and danger,
63841盘旋pán xuánto spiral, to circle, to go around, to hover, to orbit,
63842pànbank, field-path,
63843判决pàn juéjudgment (by a court of law), to pass judgment on, to sentence,
63844庞大páng dàhuge, enormous, tremendous,
63845抛弃pāo qìto abandon, to discard, to renounce, to dump (sb),
63846泡沫pào mòfoam, (soap) bubble, (economic) bubble,
63847培训péi xùnto cultivate, to train, to groom, training,
63848培育péi yùto train, to breed,
63849配备pèi bèito allocate, to provide, to outfit with,
63850配偶pèi ǒuconsort, mate, spouse,
63851配套pèi tàoto form a complete set, coherent,
63852盆地pén dìbasin (low-lying geographical feature), depression,
63853烹饪pēng rèncooking, culinary arts,
63854pěngto clasp, to cup the hands, to hold up with both hands, to offer (esp. in cupped hands), to praise, to flatter,
63855to hack, to chop, to split open, (of lightning) to strike,
63856批发pī fāwholesale, bulk trade, distribution,
63857批判pī pànto criticize, critique, CL:個|个[gè],
63858疲惫pí bèibeaten, exhausted, tired,
63859疲倦pí juànto tire, tired,
63860皮革pí géleather, CL:張|张[zhāng],
63861屁股pì gubuttocks, bottom, butt, back part,
63862譬如pì rúfor example, for instance, such as,
63863偏差piān chābias, deviation,
63864偏见piān jiànprejudice,
63865偏僻piān pìremote, desolate, far from the city,
63866偏偏piān piān(indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal), unfortunately, against expectations,
63867片断piàn duànsection, fragment, segment,
63868片刻piàn kèshort period of time, a moment,
63869飘扬piāo yángto wave, to flutter, to fly,
63870漂浮piāo fúto float, to hover, to drift (also fig., to lead a wandering life), to rove, showy, superficial,
63871拼搏pīn bóto struggle, to wrestle,
63872拼命pīn mìngto do one's utmost, with all one's might, at all costs, (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it,
63873频繁pín fánfrequently, often,
63874频率pín lǜfrequency,
63875贫乏pín fálack, incomplete,
63876贫困pín kùnimpoverished, poverty,
63877品尝pǐn chángto taste a small amount, to sample,
63878品德pǐn démoral character,
63879品行pǐn xíngbehavior, moral conduct,
63880品质pǐn zhìquality,
63881平凡píng fáncommonplace, ordinary, mediocre,
63882平面píng miànplane (flat surface), print media,
63883平坦píng tǎnlevel, even, smooth, flat,
63884平行píng xíngparallel, of equal rank, simultaneous,
63885平原píng yuánfield, plain, CL:個|个[gè],
63886评估píng gūto evaluate, to assess, assessment, evaluation,
63887评论píng lùnto comment on, to discuss, comment, commentary, CL:篇[piān],
63888屏障píng zhàngprotective screen,
63889slope, CL:個|个[gè], sloping, slanted,
63890to splash, to spill, rough and coarse, brutish,
63891rather, quite, considerably (Taiwan pr. ), oblique, inclined, slanting,
63892破例pò lìto make an exception,
63893迫不及待pò bù jí dàiimpatient (idiom); in a hurry, itching to get on with it,
63894迫害pò hàito persecute, persecution,
63895魄力pò lìcourage, daring, boldness, resolution, drive,
63896to throw oneself at, to pounce on, to devote one's energies, to flap, to flutter, to dab, to pat, to bend over,
63897to spread, to display, to set up, (old) holder for door-knocker,
63898普及pǔ jípopular, to popularize, universal, ubiquitous, pervasive,
63899朴实pǔ shíplain, simple, guileless, down-to-earth, sincere and honest,
63900瀑布pù bùwaterfall,
63901期望qī wàngto have expectations, to earnestly hope, expectation, hope,
63902期限qī xiàntime limit, deadline, allotted time,
63903欺负qī futo bully,
63904欺骗qī piànto deceive, to cheat,
63905凄凉qī liángdesolate,
63906奇妙qí miàofantastic, wonderful,
63907旗袍qí páoChinese-style dress, cheongsam,
63908旗帜qí zhìensign, flag,
63909齐全qí quáncomplete,
63910齐心协力qí xīn xié lìto work with a common purpose (idiom); to make concerted efforts, to pull together, to work as one,
63911歧视qí shìto discriminate against, discrimination,
63912起草qǐ cǎodraft (a bill), draw up (plans),
63913起初qǐ chūoriginally, at first, at the outset,
63914起伏qǐ fúto move up and down, to undulate, ups and downs,
63915起哄qǐ hòngto heckle, rowdy jeering, to create a disturbance,
63916起码qǐ mǎat the minimum, at the very least,
63917起义qǐ yìuprising, insurrection, revolt,
63918起源qǐ yuánorigin, to originate, to come from,
63919启程qǐ chéngto set out on a journey,
63920启示qǐ shìenlightenment, revelation, apocalypse,
63921启事qǐ shìannouncement (written, on billboard, letter, newspaper or website), to post information, a notice,
63922乞丐qǐ gàibeggar,
63923岂有此理qǐ yǒu cǐ lǐhow can this be so? (idiom); preposterous, ridiculous, absurd,
63924器材qì cáiequipment, material,
63925器官qì guānorgan (part of body tissue), apparatus,
63926气概qì gàilofty quality, mettle, spirit,
63927气功qì gōngqigong, a system of deep breathing exercises,
63928气魄qì pòspirit, boldness, positive outlook, imposing attitude,
63929气色qì sècomplexion,
63930气势qì shìimposing manner, loftiness, grandeur, energetic looks, vigor,
63931气味qì wèiodor, scent,
63932气象qì xiàngmeteorological feature, CL:個|个[gè], meteorology, atmosphere, ambience, scene,
63933气压qì yāatmospheric pressure, barometric pressure,
63934迄今为止qì jīn wéi zhǐso far, up to now, still (not),
63935qiāto pick (flowers), to pinch, to nip, to pinch off, to clutch, (slang) to fight,
63936恰当qià dàngappropriate, suitable,
63937恰到好处qià dào hǎo chùit's just perfect, it's just right,
63938恰巧qià qiǎofortunately, unexpectedly, by coincidence,
63939洽谈qià tánto discuss,
63940牵扯qiān chěto involve, to implicate,
63941牵制qiān zhìto control, to curb, to restrict, to impede, to pin down (enemy troops),
63942千方百计qiān fāng bǎi jìlit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom); by every possible means,
63943签订qiān dìngto agree to and sign (a treaty etc),
63944签署qiān shǔto sign (an agreement),
63945迁就qiān jiùto yield, to adapt to, to accommodate to (sth),
63946迁徙qiān xǐto migrate, to move,
63947谦逊qiān xùnhumble, modest, unpretentious, modesty,
63948前景qián jǐngforeground, vista, (future) prospects, perspective,
63949前提qián típremise, precondition, prerequisite,
63950潜力qián lìpotential, capacity,
63951潜水qián shuǐto dive, to go under water, lurker (Internet slang for sb who reads forum posts but never replies),
63952潜移默化qián yí mò huàimperceptible influence, to influence secretly,
63953谴责qiǎn zéto denounce, to condemn, to criticize, condemnation, criticism,
63954强制qiáng zhìto enforce, enforcement, forcibly, compulsory,
63955抢劫qiǎng jiéto rob, looting,
63956抢救qiǎng jiùrescue,
63957强迫qiǎng pòto compel, to force,
63958桥梁qiáo liángbridge, fig. connection between two areas,
63959qiàoto stick up, to rise on one end, to tilt,
63960锲而不舍qiè ér bù shěto chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth, to persevere, unflagging efforts,
63961切实qiè shífeasible, earnestly, conscientiously, realistic, practical,
63962亲热qīn rèaffectionate, intimate, warm-hearted,
63963亲身qīn shēnpersonal, oneself,
63964侵犯qīn fànto infringe on, to encroach on, to violate,
63965钦佩qīn pèito admire, to look up to, to respect sb greatly,
63966勤俭qín jiǎnhardworking and frugal,
63967勤恳qín kěndiligent and attentive, assiduous, sincere,
63968qīnghydrogen (chemistry),
63969轻而易举qīng ér yì jǔeasy, with no difficulty,
63970清澈qīng chèclear, limpid,
63971清晨qīng chénearly morning,
63972清除qīng chúto eliminate, to get rid of,
63973清洁qīng jiéclean,
63974清理qīng lǐto clear up, to tidy up, to dispose of,
63975清晰qīng xīclear, distinct,
63976清醒qīng xǐngclear-headed, sober, awake,
63977清真qīng zhēnIslamic, Muslim, halal (of food), clean, pure,
63978倾听qīng tīngto listen attentively,
63979倾向qīng xiàngtrend, tendency, orientation,
63980倾斜qīng xiéto incline, to lean, to slant, to slope, to tilt,
63981晴朗qíng lǎngsunny and cloudless,
63982情报qíng bào(spy) intelligence, information-gathering,
63983情节qíng jiéplot, circumstances,
63984情理qíng lǐreason, sense,
63985情形qíng xingcircumstances, situation, CL:個|个[gè],
63986请柬qǐng jiǎninvitation card, written invitation,
63987请教qǐng jiàoto ask for guidance, to consult,
63988请示qǐng shìto ask for instructions,
63989请帖qǐng tiěinvitation card, written invitation,
63990丘陵qiū línghills,
63991区分qū fēnto differentiate, to find differing aspects,
63992区域qū yùarea, region, district,
63993屈服qū fúto surrender, to yield,
63994曲折qū zhécomplicated, winding,
63995驱逐qū zhúto expel, to deport, banishment,
63996渠道qú dàoirrigation ditch, medium or channel of communication,
63997取缔qǔ dìto ban, to prohibit (publications, customs etc), to outlaw, to suppress (violators),
63998曲子qǔ zipoem for singing, tune, music, CL:支[zhī],
63999趣味qù wèifun, interest, delight, taste, liking, preference,
64000圈套quān tàotrap, snare, trick,
64001全局quán júoverall situation,
64002全力以赴quán lì yǐ fùto do at all costs, to make an all-out effort,
64003权衡quán héngto weigh, to consider, to assess, to balance, to trade-off,
64004权威quán wēiauthority, authoritative, power and prestige,
64005权益quán yìrights and benefits,
64006拳头quán toufist, clenched fist, CL:個|个[gè], competitive (product),
64008缺口quē kǒunick, jag, gap, shortfall,
64009缺席quē xíabsence, absent,
64010缺陷quē xiàndefect, flaw, physical defect,
64012确保què bǎoto ensure, to guarantee,
64013确立què lìto establish, to institute,
64014确切què qièdefinite, exact, precise,
64015确信què xìnto be convinced, to be sure, to firmly believe, to be positive that, definite news,
64016群众qún zhòngmass, multitude, the masses,
64017rǎnto dye, to catch (a disease), to acquire (bad habits etc), to contaminate, to add colour washes to a painting,
64018让步ràng bùto concede, to give in, to yield, a concession,
64019饶恕ráo shùto forgive, to pardon, to spare,
64020扰乱rǎo luànto disturb, to perturb, to harass,
64021惹祸rě huòstirring up trouble, to invite disaster,
64022热泪盈眶rè lèi yíng kuàngeyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom), extremely moved,
64023热门rè ménpopular, hot, in vogue,
64024人道rén dàohuman sympathy, humanitarianism, humane, the "human way", one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation (Buddhism), sexual intercourse,
64025人格rén gépersonality, integrity, dignity,
64026人工rén gōngartificial, manpower, manual work,
64027人家rén jiaother people, sb else, he, she or they, I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people"),
64028人间rén jiānthe human world, the earth,
64029人士rén shìperson, figure, public figure,
64030人为rén wéiartificial, man-made, having human cause or origin, human attempt or effort,
64031人性rén xìnghuman nature, humanity, human, the totality of human attributes,
64032人质rén zhìhostage,
64033仁慈rén cíbenevolent, charitable, kind, kindly, kindness, merciful,
64034忍耐rěn nàito show restraint, to repress (anger etc), to exercise patience,
64035忍受rěn shòuto bear, to endure,
64036认定rèn dìngto maintain (that sth is true), to determine (a fact), determination (of an amount), of the firm opinion, to believe firmly, to set one's mind on, to identify with,
64037认可rèn kěto approve, approval, acknowledgment, OK,
64038任命rèn mìngto appoint and nominate, (job) appointment, CL:紙|纸[zhǐ],
64039任性rèn xìngwillful, headstrong, uninhibited,
64040任意rèn yìarbitrary, at will, at random,
64041任重道远rèn zhòng dào yuǎna heavy load and a long road, fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7),
64042仍旧réng jiùstill (remaining), to remain (the same), yet,
64043日新月异rì xīn yuè yìdaily renewal, monthly change (idiom); every day sees new developments, rapid progress,
64044日益rì yìday by day, more and more, increasingly, more and more with each passing day,
64045融洽róng qiàharmonious, friendly relations, on good terms with one another,
64046溶解róng jiěto dissolve,
64047容貌róng màoone's appearance, one's aspect, looks, features,
64048容纳róng nàto hold, to contain, to accommodate, to tolerate (different opinions),
64049容器róng qìreceptacle, vessel,
64050容忍róng rěnto put up with, to tolerate,
64051róuto knead, to massage, to rub,
64052柔和róu hégentle, soft,
64053弱点ruò diǎnweak point, failing,
64054若干ruò gāna certain number or amount, how many?, how much?,
64055撒谎sā huǎngto tell lies,
64057三角sān jiǎotriangle,
64058散文sǎn wénprose, essay,
64059散布sàn bùto disseminate,
64060散发sàn fāto distribute, to emit, to issue,
64061丧失sàng shīto lose, to forfeit,
64062嫂子sǎo zi(informal) older brother's wife, sister-in-law, CL:個|个[gè],
64063色彩sè cǎitint, coloring, coloration, character,
64064刹车shā chēto brake (when driving), to stop, to switch off, to check (bad habits), a brake,
64065shádialectal equivalent of 什麼|什么[shén me],
64066筛选shāi xuǎnto filter,
64067山脉shān màimountain range, CL:條|条[tiáo],
64068闪烁shǎn shuòflickering, twinkling, evasive, vague (of speech),
64069擅长shàn chángto be good at, to be expert in,
64070擅自shàn zìwithout permission, of one's own initiative,
64071商标shāng biāotrademark, logo,
64072伤脑筋shāng nǎo jīnknotty, troublesome, bothersome,
64073上级shàng jíhigher authorities, superiors, CL:個|个[gè],
64074上进心shàng jìn xīnmotivation, ambition,
64075上任shàng rènto take office,
64076上瘾shàng yǐnto get into a habit, to become addicted,
64077上游shàng yóuupper reaches (of a river), upper level, upper echelon, upstream,
64078shāoto bring sth to sb, to deliver,
64079shāotip of branch,
64080shàoa whistle, sentry,
64081奢侈shē chǐluxurious, extravagant, wasteful,
64082设立shè lìto set up, to establish,
64083设想shè xiǎngto imagine, to assume, to envisage, tentative plan, to have consideration for,
64084设置shè zhìto set up, to install,
64085社区shè qūcommunity,
64086涉及shè jíto involve, to touch upon (a topic),
64087摄取shè qǔabsorb (nutrition), take a photo,
64088摄氏度shè shì dùdegrees centigrade,
64089深奥shēn àoprofound, abstruse, recondite, profoundly,
64090深沉shēn chéndeep, extreme, dull, low pitched (sound),
64091深情厚谊shēn qíng hòu yìdeep friendship,
64092申报shēn bàoto report (to the authorities), to declare (to customs),
64093绅士shēn shìgentleman,
64094呻吟shēn yínto moan, to groan,
64095神奇shén qímagical, mystical, miraculous,
64096神气shén qìexpression, manner, spirited, vigorous,
64097神情shén qínglook, expression,
64098神色shén sèexpression, look,
64099神圣shén shèngdivine, hallow, holy, sacred,
64100神态shén tàiappearance, manner, bearing, deportment, look, expression, mien,
64101神仙shén xiānDaoist immortal, supernatural entity, (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc, fig. lighthearted person,
64102审查shěn cháto examine, to investigate, to censor out, censorship,
64103审理shěn lǐto hear (a case),
64104审美shěn měiesthetics, appreciating the arts, taste,
64105审判shěn pàna trial, to try sb,
64106渗透shèn tòuto permeate, to infiltrate, to pervade, osmosis,
64107慎重shèn zhòngcautious, careful, prudent,
64108生存shēng cúnto exist, to survive,
64109生机shēng jīopportunity to live, to reprieve from death, life force, vitality,
64110生理shēng lǐphysiology,
64111生疏shēng shūunfamiliar, strange, out of practice, not accustomed,
64112生态shēng tàiway of life, ecology,
64113生物shēng wùorganism, living creature, life form, biological, CL:個|个[gè],
64114生效shēng xiàoto take effect, to go into effect,
64115生锈shēng xiùto rust, to grow rusty, to corrode, oxidization,
64116生育shēng yùto bear, to give birth, to grow, to rear, to bring up (children),
64117牲畜shēng chùdomesticated animals, livestock,
64118声明shēng míngstatement, declaration, CL:項|项,份[fèn],
64119声势shēng shìfame and power, prestige, influence, impetus, momentum,
64120声誉shēng yùreputation, fame,
64121省会shěng huìprovincial capital,
64122盛产shèng chǎnsuperabundant, to teem with, to produce in abundance, to abound in,
64123盛开shèng kāiblooming, in full flower,
64124盛情shèng qínggreat kindness, magnificent hospitality,
64125盛行shèng xíngto be in vogue, to be prevalent,
64126胜负shèng fùvictory or defeat, the outcome of a battle,
64127失误shī wùlapse, mistake, to make a mistake, fault, service fault (in volleyball, tennis etc),
64128失踪shī zōngto be missing, to disappear, unaccounted for,
64129师范shī fànteacher-training, pedagogical, normal (school, e.g. Beijing Normal University),
64130施加shī jiāto exert (effort or pressure),
64131施展shī zhǎnto use fully, to put to use,
64132尸体shī tǐdead body, corpse, carcass, CL:具[jù],
64133shíto pick up, to collate or arrange, ten (banker's anti-fraud numeral),
64134十足shí zúample, complete, hundred percent, a pure shade (of some color),
64135识别shí biéto distinguish, to discern,
64136时差shí chātime difference, time lag, jet lag,
64137时常shí chángoften, frequently,
64138时而shí éroccasionally, from time to time,
64139时光shí guāngtime, era, period of time,
64140时机shí jīfortunate timing, occasion, opportunity,
64141时事shí shìcurrent trends, the present situation, how things are going,
64142时装shí zhuāngthe latest fashion in clothes, fashionable,
64143实惠shí huìtangible benefit, material advantages, advantageous (deal), substantial (discount),
64144实力shí lìstrength,
64145实施shí shīto implement, to carry out,
64146实事求是shí shì qiú shìto seek truth from facts (idiom), to be practical and realistic,
64147实质shí zhìsubstance, essence,
64148石油shí yóuoil, petroleum,
64149使命shǐ mìngmission (diplomatic or other), set task,
64150是非shì fēiright and wrong, quarrel,
64151试图shì túto attempt, to try,
64152试验shì yànexperiment, test, experimental, CL:次,個|个[gè],
64153势必shì bìto be bound to, undoubtedly will,
64154势力shì lipower, (ability to) influence,
64155世代shì dàigeneration, an era, accumulation of years, passing on from generation to generation,
64156世界观shì jiè guānworldview, world outlook, Weltanschauung,
64157示范shì fànto demonstrate, to show how to do sth, demonstration, a model example,
64158示威shì wēito demonstrate (as a protest), a demonstration, a military show of force,
64159示意shì yìto hint, to indicate (an idea to sb),
64160释放shì fàngto release, to set free, to liberate (a prisoner), to discharge,
64161事故shì gùaccident, CL:樁|桩,起,次[cì],
64162事迹shì jìdeed, past achievement, important event of the past,
64163事件shì jiànevent, happening, incident, CL:個|个[gè],
64164事态shì tàisituation, existing state of affairs,
64165事务shì wù(political, economic etc) affairs, work,
64166事项shì xiàngmatter, item,
64167事业shì yèundertaking, project, activity, (charitable, political or revolutionary) cause, publicly funded institution, enterprise or foundation, career, occupation, CL:個|个[gè],
64168适宜shì yísuitable, appropriate,
64169视力shì lìvision, eyesight,
64170视线shì xiànline of sight,
64171视野shì yěfield of view, horizon,
64172逝世shì shìto pass away, to die,
64173收藏shōu cángto hoard, to collect, collection, to bookmark (internet),
64174收缩shōu suōto pull back, to shrink, to contract,
64175收益shōu yìearnings, profit,
64176收音机shōu yīn jīradio, CL:臺|台[tái],
64177手法shǒu fǎtechnique, trick, skill,
64178手势shǒu shìgesture, sign, signal,
64179手艺shǒu yìcraftmanship, workmanship, handicraft, trade,
64180首要shǒu yàothe most important, of chief importance,
64181守护shǒu hùto guard, to protect,
64182受罪shòu zuìto endure, to suffer, hardships, torments, a hard time, a nuisance,
64183授予shòu yǔto award, to confer,
64184书法shū fǎcalligraphy, handwriting, penmanship,
64185书籍shū jíbooks, works,
64186书记shū jisecretary, clerk, CL:個|个[gè],
64187书面shū miànin writing, written,
64188舒畅shū chànghappy, entirely free from worry,
64189疏忽shū huto neglect, to overlook, negligence, carelessness,
64190shǔto count, to enumerate, to criticize (i.e. enumerate shortcomings),
64191shùto erect, vertical, vertical stroke (in Chinese characters),
64192shùto bind, bunch, bundle, classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of light etc, to control,
64193束缚shù fùto bind, to restrict, to tie, to commit, fetters,
64194树立shù lìto set up, to establish,
64195数额shù éamount, sum of money, fixed number,
64196数目shù mùamount, number,
64197shuǎto play with, to wield, to act (cool etc), to display (a skill, one's temper etc),
64198衰老shuāi lǎoto age, to deteriorate with age, old and weak,
64199衰退shuāi tuìto decline, to fall, to drop, to falter, a decline, recession (in economics),
64200率领shuài lǐngto lead, to command, to head,
64201shuànto rinse, to trick, to fool sb, to cook by dipping finely sliced ingredients briefly in boiling water or soup (generally done at the dining table),
64202双胞胎shuāng bāo tāitwin, CL:對|对[duì],
64203爽快shuǎng kuairefreshed, rejuvenated, frank and straightforward,
64204水利shuǐ lìwater conservancy, irrigation works,
64205水龙头shuǐ lóng tóufaucet, tap,
64206水泥shuǐ nícement, CL:袋[dài],
64207司法sī fǎjudicial, (administration of) justice,
64208司令sī lìngcommanding officer,
64209思念sī niànto think of, to long for, to miss,
64210思索sī suǒto think deeply, to ponder,
64211思维sī wéi(line of) thought, thinking,
64212思绪sī xùtrain of thought, emotional state, mood, feeling,
64213私自sī zìprivate, personal, secretly, without explicit approval,
64214斯文sī wénrefined, educate, cultured, intellectual, polite, gentle,
64215死亡sǐ wángto die, death,
64216四肢sì zhīthe four limbs of the body,
64217肆无忌惮sì wú jì dànabsolutely unrestrained, unbridled, without the slightest scruple,
64218饲养sì yǎngto raise, to rear,
64219sǒngto excite, to raise up, to shrug, high, lofty, towering,
64220sōuclassifier for ships, Taiwan pr. [sāo],
64221搜索sōu suǒto search, to look for sth, to scour (search meticulously), to look sth up, internet search, database search,
64222苏醒sū xǐngto wake up, to regain consciousness,
64223俗话sú huàcommon saying, proverb,
64224塑造sù zàoto model, to mould, plastic (arts), flexible, to portray (in sculpture or in words),
64225素食sù shívegetables, vegetarian food,
64226素质sù zhìinner quality, basic essence, change over time,
64227诉讼sù sònglawsuit,
64228算了suàn lelet it be, let it pass, forget about it,
64229算数suàn shùto count numbers, to keep to one's word, to hold (i.e. to remain valid), to count (i.e. to be important),
64230随即suí jíimmediately, presently, following which,
64231随身suí shēnto (carry) on one's person, to (take) with one,
64232随手suí shǒuconveniently, without extra trouble, while doing it, in passing,
64233随意suí yìas one wishes, according to one's wishes, at will, voluntary, conscious,
64234岁月suì yuèyears, passing of time,
64235隧道suì dàotunnel,
64236损坏sǔn huàito damage, to injure,
64237索赔suǒ péito ask for compensation, to claim damages, claim for damages,
64238索性suǒ xìngyou might as well (do it), simply, just,
64240踏实tā shipractical, down-to-earth, realistic, firmly based, steadfast, to have peace of mind, free from anxiety,
64241台风tái fēnghurricane, typhoon,
64242太空tài kōngouter space,
64243泰斗tài dǒuleading scholar of his time, magnate,
64244瘫痪tān huànparalysis, be paralyzed (body, transportation, etc),
64245贪婪tān lánavaricious, greedy, rapacious, insatiable, avid,
64246贪污tān wūcorruption,
64247摊儿tān rerhua variant of 攤|摊[tān],
64248弹性tán xìngflexibility, elasticity,
64249坦白tǎn báihonest, forthcoming, to confess,
64250探测tàn cèto probe, to take readings, to explore, exploration,
64251探索tàn suǒto explore, to probe,
64252探讨tàn tǎoto investigate, to probe,
64253探望tàn wàngto visit,
64254叹气tàn qìto sigh, to heave a sigh,
64255糖葫芦táng hú lusugar-coated Chinese hawthorn fruit on a stick, tanghulu,
64256倘若tǎng ruòprovided that, supposing that, if,
64257tāovariant of 掏[tāo],
64258滔滔不绝tāo tāo bù juéunceasing torrent (idiom), talking non-stop, gabbling forty to the dozen,
64259陶瓷táo cípottery and porcelain, ceramics,
64260淘气táo qìnaughty, bad,
64261淘汰táo tàito wash out, elimination (by selection), natural selection, to knock out (in a competition), to die out, to phase out,
64262讨价还价tǎo jià huán jiàto haggle over price,
64263特长tè chángpersonal strength, one's special ability or strong points,
64264特定tè dìngspecial, specific, designated, particular,
64265特色tè sècharacteristic, distinguishing feature or quality,
64266提拔tí báto promote to a higher job, to select for promotion,
64267提炼tí liànto extract (ore, minerals etc), to refine, to purify, to process,
64268提示tí shìto prompt, to present, to point out, to draw attention to sth, hint, brief, cue,
64269提议tí yìproposal, suggestion, to propose, to suggest,
64270题材tí cáisubject matter,
64271体谅tǐ liàngto empathize, to allow (for something), to show understanding, to appreciate,
64272体面tǐ miàndignity, face (as in "losing face"), honorable, creditable, pretty,
64273体系tǐ xìsystem, setup, CL:個|个[gè],
64274天才tiān cáitalent, gift, genius, talented, gifted,
64275天伦之乐tiān lún zhī lèfamily love and joy, domestic bliss,
64276天然气tiān rán qìnatural gas,
64277天生tiān shēngnature, disposition, innate, natural,
64278天堂tiān tángparadise, heaven,
64279天文tiān wénastronomy,
64280田径tián jìngtrack and field (athletics),
64281tiǎnto lick, to lap,
64282挑剔tiāo tipicky, fussy,
64283条款tiáo kuǎnclause (of contract or law), CL:項|项[xiàng],
64284条理tiáo lǐarrangement, order, tidiness,
64285条约tiáo yuētreaty, pact, CL:個|个[gè],
64286调和tiáo héharmonious, to mediate, to reconcile, to compromise, mediation, to mix, to blend, blended, to season, seasoning, to placate,
64287调剂tiáo jìto adjust, to balance, to make up a medical prescription,
64288调节tiáo jiéto adjust, to regulate, to harmonize, to reconcile (accountancy etc),
64289调解tiáo jiěto mediate, to bring parties to an agreement,
64290调料tiáo liàocondiment, seasoning, flavoring,
64291挑拨tiǎo bōto incite disharmony, to instigate,
64292挑衅tiǎo xìnto provoke, provocation,
64293跳跃tiào yuèto jump, to leap, to bound, to skip,
64294停泊tíng bóto anchor, anchorage, mooring (of a ship),
64295停顿tíng dùnto halt, to break off, pause (in speech),
64296停滞tíng zhìstagnation, at a standstill, bogged down,
64297亭子tíng zipavilion,
64298挺拔tǐng bátall and straight,
64299通货tōng huòcurrency, exchange of goods,
64300通俗tōng súcommon, everyday, average,
64301通用tōng yòngcommon (use), interchangeable,
64302铜矿tóng kuàngCopper,
64303同胞tóng bāoborn of the same parents, sibling, fellow citizen, compatriot,
64304同志tóng zhìcomrade, homosexual (slang), CL:個|个[gè],
64305童话tóng huàchildren's fairy tales,
64306统筹兼顾tǒng chóu jiān gùan overall plan taking into account all factors,
64307统计tǒng jìstatistics, to count, to add up,
64308统统tǒng tǒngtotally,
64309投机tóu jīto speculate (on financial markets), opportunistic, congenial, agreeable,
64310投票tóu piàoto vote, vote,
64311投降tóu xiángto surrender, surrender,
64312投掷tóu zhìto throw sth a long distance, to hurl, to throw at, to throw (dice etc), to flip (a coin),
64313bald, blunt,
64314突破tū pòto break through, to make a breakthrough, to surmount or break the back of (a task etc), (of ball sports) to break through a defense,
64315图案tú àndesign, pattern,
64316徒弟tú dìapprentice, disciple,
64317途径tú jìngway, channel,
64318涂抹tú mǒto paint, to smear, to apply (makeup etc), to doodle, to erase, to obliterate,
64319土壤tǔ rǎngsoil,
64320团结tuán jiéa rally, to hold a rally, to join forces,
64321团体tuán tǐgroup, organization, team, CL:個|个[gè],
64322团圆tuán yuánto have a reunion,
64323推测tuī cèspeculation, to conjecture, to surmise, to speculate,
64324推翻tuī fānto overthrow,
64325推理tuī lǐreasoning, speculative, inference,
64326推论tuī lùnto infer, inference, corollary, reasoned conclusion,
64327推销tuī xiāoto market, to sell,
64328吞咽tūn yànto swallow, to gulp,
64329脱离tuō líto separate oneself from, to break away from, diastasis (medicine), abscission, abjunction (botany),
64330拖延tuō yánto adjourn, to delay, to defer, adjournment, procrastination,
64331托运tuō yùnto consign (goods), to check through (baggage),
64332妥当tuǒ dangappropriate, proper, ready,
64333妥善tuǒ shànappropriate, proper,
64334妥协tuǒ xiéto compromise, to reach terms, a compromise,
64335椭圆tuǒ yuánoval, ellipse, elliptic,
64336唾沫tuò mospittle, saliva,
64337挖掘wā juéto excavate, to dig, to unearth,
64338娃娃wá wababy, small child, doll,
64339瓦解wǎ jiěto collapse, to disintegrate, to crumble,
64340wareplaces 啊 when following the vowel "u" or "ao",
64341歪曲wāi qūto distort, to misrepresent,
64342外表wài biǎoexternal, outside, outward appearance,
64343外行wài hánglayman, amateur,
64344外界wài jièthe outside world, external,
64345外向wài xiàngoutward-looking, extrovert, extroverted (personality), export-oriented (economy),
64347完备wán bèifaultless, complete, perfect, to leave nothing to be desired,
64348完毕wán bìto finish, to end, to complete,
64349玩弄wán nòngto play with, to toy with, to dally with, to engage in, to resort to,
64350玩意儿wán yì rerhua variant of 玩意[wán yì],
64351顽固wán gùstubborn, obstinate,
64352顽强wán qiángtenacious, hard to defeat,
64353挽回wǎn huíto retrieve, to redeem,
64354挽救wǎn jiùto save, to remedy, to rescue,
64355惋惜wǎn xīto feel sorry for a person over sth that should have happened,
64356万分wàn fēnvery much, extremely, one ten thousandth part,
64357往常wǎng chánghabitually (in the past), as one used to do formerly, as it used to be,
64358往事wǎng shìpast events, former happenings,
64359网络wǎng luònetwork (computing, telecommunications, transport etc),
64360妄想wàng xiǎngto attempt vainly, a vain attempt,
64361微不足道wēi bù zú dàonegligible, insignificant,
64362微观wēi guānmicro-, sub-atomic,
64363威风wēi fēngmight, awe-inspiring authority, impressive,
64364威力wēi lìmight, formidable power,
64365威望wēi wàngprestige,
64366威信wēi xìnprestige, reputation, trust, credit with the people,
64367危机wēi jīcrisis, CL:個|个[gè],
64368违背wéi bèito violate, to be contrary to,
64369维持wéi chíto keep, to maintain, to preserve,
64370维生素wéi shēng sùvitamin,
64371维修wéi xiūmaintenance (of equipment), to protect and maintain,
64372唯独wéi dúonly, just (i.e. it is only that...), all except, unique,
64373为难wéi nánto feel embarrassed or awkward, to make things difficult (for someone), to find things difficult (to do or manage),
64374为期wéi qī(to be done) by (a certain date), lasting (a certain time),
64375为首wéi shǒuhead, be headed by,
64376委员wěi yuáncommittee member, committee, council, CL:個|个[gè],
64377伪造wěi zàoto forge, to fake, to counterfeit,
64378胃口wèi kǒuappetite,
64379位于wèi yúto be located at, to be situated at, to lie,
64380未免wèi miǎnunavoidable, a bit too much, over the top (you exaggerate),
64381畏惧wèi jùto fear, to dread, foreboding,
64382卫星wèi xīng(space) satellite, CL:顆|颗[kē],
64383慰问wèi wènto express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc,
64384温带wēn dàitemperate zone,
64385温和wēn hémild, gentle, moderate,
64386文凭wén píngdiploma,
64387文物wén wùcultural relic, historical relic, CL:件,個|个[gè],
64388文献wén xiàndocument,
64389文雅wén yǎelegant, refined,
64390文艺wén yìliterature and art,
64391问世wèn shìto be published, to come out,
64392nest, pit or hollow on the human body, lair, den, place, to harbor or shelter, to hold in check, to bend, classifier for litters and broods,
64393乌黑wū hēijet-black, dark,
64394污蔑wū mièto slander, to smear, to tarnish,
64395诬陷wū xiànto entrap, to frame, to plant false evidence against sb,
64396无比wú bǐincomparable, matchless,
64397无偿wú chángfree, no charge, at no cost,
64398无耻wú chǐwithout any sense of shame, unembarrassed, shameless,
64399无从wú cóngnot to have access, beyond one's authority or capability, sth one has no way of doing,
64400无动于衷wú dòng yú zhōngaloof, indifferent, unconcerned,
64401无非wú fēionly, nothing else,
64402无精打采wú jīng dǎ cǎidispirited and downcast (idiom); listless, in low spirits, washed out,
64403无可奉告wú kě fèng gào(idiom) "no comment",
64404无可奈何wú kě nài héhave no way out, have no alternative, abbr. to 無奈|无奈[wú nài],
64405无赖wú làihoodlum, rascal, rogue, rascally, scoundrelly,
64406无理取闹wú lǐ qǔ nàoto make trouble without reason (idiom); to be deliberately provocative,
64407无能为力wú néng wéi lìimpotent (idiom), powerless, helpless,
64408无穷无尽wú qióng wú jìnvast and limitless (idiom); endless span of time, no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end,
64409无微不至wú wēi bù zhìin every possible way (idiom); meticulous,
64410无忧无虑wú yōu wú lǜcarefree and without worries (idiom),
64411无知wú zhīignorant, ignorance,
64412舞蹈wǔ dǎodance,
64413武侠wǔ xiámartial arts chivalry (Chinese literary, theatrical and cinema genre), knight-errant,
64414武装wǔ zhuāngarms, equipment, to arm, military, armed (forces),
64415侮辱wǔ rǔto insult, to humiliate, dishonor,
64416do not,
64417务必wù bìmust, to need to, to be sure to,
64418务实wù shípragmatic, dealing with concrete issues,
64419误差wù chādifference, error, inaccuracy,
64420误解wù jiěto misunderstand, to misread, misunderstanding,
64421物美价廉wù měi jià liángood quality and cheap, a bargain,
64422物资wù zīgoods, supplies,
64423variant of 溪, creek, rivulet,
64424膝盖xī gàiknee,
64425熄灭xī mièto stop burning, to go out (of fire), to die out, extinguished,
64426吸取xī qǔto absorb, to draw (a lesson, insight etc), to assimilate,
64427昔日xī rìformerly, in olden days,
64428牺牲xī shēngto sacrifice oneself, to lay down one's life, to do sth at the expense of, beast slaughtered for sacrifice, sacrifice, CL:個|个[gè],
64429夕阳xī yángsunset, the setting sun,
64430媳妇xí fùdaughter-in-law, wife (of a younger man), young married woman, young woman,
64431习俗xí súcustom, tradition, local tradition, convention,
64432袭击xí jīattack (esp. surprise attack), raid, to attack,
64433喜闻乐见xǐ wén lè jiàna delight to see (idiom); an attractive spectacle,
64434喜悦xǐ yuèhappy, joyous,
64435系列xì lièseries,
64436细胞xì bāocell (biology),
64437细菌xì jūnbacterium, germ,
64438细致xì zhìdelicate, fine, careful, meticulous, painstaking,
64439xiáred clouds,
64440狭隘xiá àinarrow, tight, narrow minded, lacking in experience,
64441狭窄xiá zhǎinarrow,
64442峡谷xiá gǔcanyon, gill, ravine,
64443夏令营xià lìng yíngsummer camp,
64444下属xià shǔsubordinate, underling,
64445先进xiān jìnadvanced (technology), to advance,
64446先前xiān qiánbefore, previously,
64447鲜明xiān míngbright, clear-cut, distinct,
64448掀起xiān qǐto lift, to raise in height, to begin, upsurge, to set off (a campaign),
64449纤维xiān wéifiber, CL:種|种[zhǒng],
64450xiánbow string, string of musical instrument, watchspring, chord (segment of curve), hypotenuse, CL:根[gēn],
64451xiánto dislike, suspicion, resentment, enmity, abbr. for 嫌犯, criminal suspect,
64452嫌疑xián yísuspicion, (be) suspected (of),
64453闲话xián huàdigression, gossip, complaint, scandal, CL:段[duàn],
64454贤惠xián huìchaste, virtuous,
64455衔接xián jiēto join together, to combine,
64456显著xiǎn zhùoutstanding, notable, remarkable, statistically significant,
64457现场xiàn chǎnglit. actual location, the scene (of the incident), on-the-spot,
64458现成xiàn chéngready-made, readily available,
64459现状xiàn zhuàngcurrent situation,
64460宪法xiàn fǎconstitution (of a country), CL:部[bù],
64461陷害xiàn hàito entrap, to set up, to frame (up), to make false charges against,
64462陷入xiàn rùto sink into, to get caught up in, to land in (a predicament),
64463馅儿xiàn rerhua variant of 餡|馅, stuffing, filling, e.g. in 包子 or 饺子[jiǎo zi],
64464线索xiàn suǒtrail, clues, thread (of a story),
64465相差xiāng chàto differ, discrepancy between,
64466相等xiāng děngequal, equally, equivalent,
64467相辅相成xiāng fǔ xiāng chéngto complement one another (idiom),
64468相应xiāng yìngto correspond, answering (one another), to agree (among the part), corresponding, relevant, appropriate, (modify) accordingly,
64469镶嵌xiāng qiànto inlay, to embed, to set (e.g. a jewel in a ring), tiling, tesselation,
64470乡镇xiāng zhènvillage, township,
64471想方设法xiǎng fāng shè fǎto think up every possible method (idiom); to devise ways and means, to try this, that and the other,
64472响亮xiǎng liàngloud and clear, resounding,
64473响应xiǎng yìngrespond to, answer, CL:個|个[gè],
64474xiànglane, alley,
64475向导xiàng dǎoguide,
64476向来xiàng láialways (previously),
64477向往xiàng wǎngto yearn for, to look forward to,
64478消除xiāo chúto eliminate, to remove,
64479消毒xiāo dúto disinfect, to sterilize,
64480消防xiāo fángfire-fighting, fire control,
64481消耗xiāo hàoto use up, to consume,
64482消极xiāo jínegative, passive, inactive,
64483销毁xiāo huǐto destroy (by melting or burning), to obliterate,
64484小心翼翼xiǎo xīn yì yìcautious and solemn (idiom); very carefully, prudent, gently and cautiously,
64485效益xiào yìbenefit, effectiveness, efficiency,
64486肖像xiào xiàngportrait,
64487携带xié dàito carry (on one's person), to support (old), Taiwan pr. [xī dài],
64488协会xié huìan association, a society, CL:個|个,家[jiā],
64489协商xié shāngto consult with, to talk things over, agreement,
64490协议xié yìagreement, pact, protocol, CL:項|项[xiàng],
64491协助xié zhùto provide assistance, to aid,
64492写作xiě zuòwriting, written works,
64493xièbits, fragments, crumbs, filings, trifling, trivial, to condescend to,
64494谢绝xiè juéto refuse politely,
64495泄露xiè lùto leak (information), to divulge,
64496泄气xiè qìto leak (gas), to be discouraged, to despair, (disparaging) pathetic, to vent one's anger, (of a tire) to be flat,
64497新陈代谢xīn chén dài xièmetabolism (biology), the new replaces the old (idiom),
64498新郎xīn lángbridegroom, groom,
64499新娘xīn niángbride,
64500新颖xīn yǐnglit. new bud, fig. new and original,
64501心得xīn déknowledge gained, CL:個|个[gè],
64502心灵xīn língbright, smart, quick-witted, heart, thoughts, spirit,
64503心态xīn tàiattitude (of the heart), state of one's psyche, way of thinking, mentality,
64504心疼xīn téngto love dearly, the pain of love,
64505心血xīn xuèheart's blood, expenditure (for some project), meticulous care,
64506心眼儿xīn yǎn rone's thoughts, mind, intention, willingness to accept new ideas, baseless suspicions,
64507辛勤xīn qínhardworking, industrious,
64508欣慰xīn wèito be gratified,
64509欣欣向荣xīn xīn xiàng róngluxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing, thriving,
64510薪水xīn shuǐsalary, wage,
64511信赖xìn làito trust, to have confidence in, to have faith in, to rely on,
64512信念xìn niànfaith, belief, conviction,
64513信仰xìn yǎngto believe in (a religion), firm belief, conviction,
64514信誉xìn yùprestige, distinction, reputation, trust,
64515xīngfishy (smell),
64516兴隆xīng lóngprosperous, thriving, flourishing,
64517兴旺xīng wàngprosperous, thriving, to prosper, to flourish,
64518行政xíng zhèngadministrative, executive (adjective),
64519形态xíng tàishape, form, pattern, morphology,
64520刑事xíng shìcriminal, penal,
64521性感xìng gǎnsex appeal, eroticism, sexuality, sexy,
64522性命xìng mìnglife,
64523性能xìng néngfunction, performance,
64524性情xìng qíngnature, temperament,
64525幸好xìng hǎofortunately,
64526兴高采烈xīng gāo cǎi lièhappy and excited (idiom); in high spirits, in great delight,
64527兴致勃勃xìng zhì bó bóto become exhilarated (idiom); in high spirits, full of zest,
64528胸怀xiōng huáione's bosom (the seat of emotions), breast, broad-minded and open, to think about, to cherish,
64529胸膛xiōng tángchest,
64530凶恶xiōng èvariant of 兇惡|凶恶, fierce, ferocious, fiendish, frightening,
64531凶手xiōng shǒumurderer, assassin,
64532雄厚xióng hòurobust, strong and solid,
64533修复xiū fùto restore, to renovate, restoration,
64534修建xiū jiànto build, to construct,
64535修理xiū lǐto repair, to perform maintenance, to overhaul, to fix, to prune, to trim,
64536羞耻xiū chǐ(a feeling of) shame,
64537休养xiū yǎngto recuperate, to recover, to convalesce,
64538xiùto embroider, embroidery,
64539嗅觉xiù juésense of smell,
64540虚假xū jiǎfalse, phony, pretense,
64541虚荣xū róngvanity,
64542虚伪xū wěifalse, hypocritical, artificial, sham,
64543需求xū qiúrequirement, demand (economics),
64544须知xū zhīprerequisites, rules that must be known before starting sth,
64545许可xǔ kěto allow, to permit,
64546酗酒xù jiǔheavy drinking, to get drunk, to drink to excess,
64547畜牧xù mùto raise animals,
64548序言xù yánpreface, introductory remarks, preamble, prelude,
64549宣誓xuān shìto swear an oath (of office), to make a vow,
64550宣扬xuān yángto proclaim, to make public or well known,
64551悬挂xuán guàto suspend, to hang, suspension (cable car),
64552悬念xuán niànsuspense in a movie, play etc, concern for sb's welfare,
64553悬崖峭壁xuán yá qiào bìsheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom),
64554旋律xuán lǜmelody, rhythm,
64555旋转xuán zhuǎnto rotate, to revolve, to spin, to whirl,
64556选拔xuǎn báto select the best,
64557选手xuǎn shǒuathlete, contestant,
64558削弱xuē ruòto weaken, to impair, to cripple,
64559学历xué lìeducational background, academic qualifications,
64560学说xué shuōtheory, doctrine,
64561学位xué wèiacademic degree, e.g.: BSc 學士學位|学士学位, MSc 碩士學位|硕士学位, Diploma 學位證書|学位证书, PhD 博士學位|博士学位[bó shì xué wèi],
64562雪上加霜xuě shàng jiā shuāngto add hail to snow (idiom); one disaster on top of another, to make things worse in a bad situation,
64563血压xuè yāblood pressure,
64564熏陶xūn táoto seep in, to influence, to nurture, influence, training,
64565循环xún huánto cycle, to circulate, circle, loop,
64566循序渐进xún xù jiàn jìnin sequence, step by step (idiom); to make steady progress incrementally,
64567巡逻xún luóto patrol (police, army or navy),
64568寻觅xún mìto look for,
64569押金yā jīndeposit, down payment,
64570压迫yā pòto oppress, to repress, to constrict, oppression, stress (physics),
64571压岁钱yā suì qiánmoney given to children as new year present,
64572压缩yā suōto compress, compression,
64573压抑yā yìto constrain or repress emotions, oppressive, stifling, depressing, repression,
64574压榨yā zhàto press, to squeeze, to extract juice, oil etc by squeezing,
64575压制yā zhìto suppress, to inhibit, to stifle,
64576亚军yà jūnsecond place (in a sports contest), runner-up,
64577烟花yān huāfireworks, prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater),
64578淹没yān mòto submerge, to drown, to flood, to drown out (also fig.),
64579延期yán qīto delay, to extend, to postpone, to defer,
64580延伸yán shēnto extend, to spread,
64581延续yán xùto continue, to go on, to last,
64582严寒yán hánbitter cold, severe winter,
64583严禁yán jìnstrictly prohibit,
64584严峻yán jùngrim, severe, rigorous,
64585严厉yán lìsevere, strict,
64586严密yán mìstrict, tight (organization, surveillance etc),
64587沿海yán hǎicoastal,
64588言论yán lùnspeech, expression of opinion, public opinion,
64589炎热yán rèblistering hot, sizzling hot (weather),
64590岩石yán shírock,
64591演变yǎn biànto develop, to evolve,
64592演讲yǎn jiǎnglecture, to make a speech,
64593演习yǎn xímaneuver, exercise, practice, to maneuver,
64594演绎yǎn yìto deduce, to infer,
64595演奏yǎn zòuto play a musical instrument, to perform music,
64596掩盖yǎn gàito conceal, to hide behind, to cover up,
64597掩护yǎn hùto screen, to shield, to cover, protection, cover, CL:面[miàn],
64598掩饰yǎn shìto conceal a fault, to gloss over,
64599眼光yǎn guānggaze, insight, foresight, vision, way of looking at things,
64600眼色yǎn sèa wink, to signal with one's eyes,
64601眼神yǎn shénexpression or emotion showing in one's eyes, meaningful glance, wink, eyesight (topolect),
64602眼下yǎn xiànow, at present, subocular (medicine),
64603验收yàn shōuto check on receipt, an inventory of received goods, to verify and accept (a delivery),
64604验证yàn zhèngto inspect and verify, experimental verification, to validate (a theory), to authenticate,
64605厌恶yàn wùto loathe, to hate, disgusted with sth,
64606氧气yǎng qìoxygen,
64607样品yàng pǐnsample, specimen,
64608摇摆yáo bǎito sway, to wobble, to waver,
64609摇滚yáo gǔnto shake and boil, rock and roll (music),
64610摇晃yáo huàngto rock, to shake, to sway,
64611遥控yáo kòngremote control,
64612遥远yáo yuǎndistant, remote,
64613谣言yáo yánrumor,
64614咬牙切齿yǎo yá qiè chǐgnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger, fuming with rage between gritted teeth,
64615要不然yào bù ránotherwise, or else, or,
64616要点yào diǎnmain point, essential,
64617要命yào mìngto cause sb's death, very, extremely, frightening, annoying,
64618要素yào sùessential factor, key constituent,
64619耀眼yào yǎnto dazzle, dazzling,
64620野蛮yě mánbarbarous, uncivilized,
64621野心yě xīnambition, wild schemes, careerism,
64622一流yī liútop quality, front ranking,
64623依次yī cìin order, in succession,
64624依旧yī jiùas before, still,
64625依据yī jùaccording to, basis, foundation,
64626依靠yī kàoto rely on sth (for support etc), to depend on,
64627依赖yī làito depend on, to be dependent on,
64628依托yī tuōto rely on, to depend on,
64629衣裳yī shangclothes,
64630一度yī dùfor a time, at one time, one time, once,
64631一贯yī guànconsistent, constant, from start to finish, all along, persistent,
64632一律yī lǜsame, uniformly, all, without exception,
64633一目了然yī mù liǎo ránobvious at a glance (idiom),
64634一向yī xiàngalways (previously), a period of time in the recent past,
64635一再yī zàirepeatedly,
64636遗产yí chǎnheritage, legacy, inheritance, bequest, CL:筆|笔[bǐ],
64637遗传yí chuánheredity, inheritance, to transmit,
64638遗留yí liú(leave or be a) legacy, left over, hand down (to next generation),
64639遗失yí shīto lose, lost,
64640疑惑yí huòto doubt, to distrust, unconvincing, to puzzle over, misgivings, suspicions,
64641仪器yí qìinstrument, apparatus, CL:臺|台[tái],
64642仪式yí shìceremony,
64643以便yǐ biànso that, so as to, in order to,
64644以免yǐ miǎnin order to avoid, so as not to,
64645以往yǐ wǎngin the past, formerly,
64646以至yǐ zhìdown to, up to, to such an extent as to ... (also written 以至於|以至于),
64647以致yǐ zhìto such an extent as to, down to, up to,
64649wing, area surrounding the bullseye of a target, to assist, one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy, old variant of 翌,
64650一帆风顺yī fān fēng shùnpropitious wind throughout the journey (idiom), plain sailing, to go smoothly, have a nice trip!,
64651一举两得yī jǔ liǎng déone move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone,
64652一如既往yī rú jì wǎngjust as in the past (idiom); as before, continuing as always,
64653一丝不苟yī sī bù gǒunot one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules, meticulous, not one hair out of place,
64654异常yì chángexceptional, abnormal, an anomaly,
64655意料yì liàoto anticipate, to expect,
64656意识yì shíconsciousness, awareness, consciously (i.e. deliberately), to be aware,
64657意图yì túintent, intention, intend, schematic diagram,
64658意味着yì wèi zheto signify, to mean, to imply,
64659意向yì xiàngintention, purpose, intent, inclination, disposition,
64660意志yì zhìwill, willpower, determination, CL:個|个[gè],
64661毅力yì lìperseverance, willpower,
64662毅然yì ránfirmly, resolutely, without hesitation,
64663抑制yì zhìto inhibit, to keep down, to suppress,
64664阴谋yīn móuplot, conspiracy,
64665音响yīn xiǎngspeakers or speaker (electronic), acoustics, sound field (in a room or theater),
64666隐蔽yǐn bìto conceal, to hide, covert, under cover,
64667隐患yǐn huàna danger concealed within sth, hidden damage, misfortune not visible from the surface,
64668隐瞒yǐn mánto conceal, to hide (a taboo subject), to cover up the truth,
64669隐私yǐn sīsecrets, private business, privacy,
64670隐约yǐn yuēvague, faint, indistinct,
64671引导yǐn dǎoto guide, to lead (around), to conduct, to boot, introduction, primer,
64672引擎yǐn qíngengine (loanword), CL:臺|台[tái],
64673引用yǐn yòngto quote, to cite, to recommend, to appoint,
64674饮食yǐn shífood and drink, diet,
64675印刷yìn shuāprint,
64676婴儿yīng érinfant, baby, CL:個|个[gè], lead (Pb),
64677英明yīng míngwise, brilliant,
64678英勇yīng yǒngbravery, gallant, valiant,
64679迎面yíng miàndirectly, head-on (collision), in one's face (of wind),
64680盈利yíng lìprofit, gain,
64681荧屏yíng píngfluorescent screen, TV screen,
64682应酬yìng chousocial niceties, social interaction, a dinner party,
64683应邀yìng yāoat sb's invitation, on invitation,
64684拥护yōng hùto endorse, to support,
64685拥有yōng yǒuto have, to possess,
64686庸俗yōng súfilthy, vulgar, debased,
64687勇于yǒng yúto dare to, to be brave enough to,
64688永恒yǒng héngeternal, everlasting, fig. to pass into eternity (i.e. to die),
64689涌现yǒng xiànto emerge in large numbers, to spring up, to emerge prominently,
64690踊跃yǒng yuèto leap, to jump, eager, enthusiastically,
64691用功yòng gōngdiligent, industrious (in one's studies), to study hard, to make great effort,
64692用户yòng hùuser, consumer, subscriber, customer,
64693优胜劣汰yōu shèng liè tàisurvival of the fittest (idiom),
64694优先yōu xiānpriority,
64695优异yōu yìexceptional, outstandingly good,
64696优越yōu yuèsuperior, superiority,
64697忧郁yōu yùsullen, depressed, melancholy, dejected,
64698油腻yóu nìgrease, greasy food, oily, rich (of food), fatty, greasy and dirty, a slippery character,
64699油漆yóu qīoil paints, lacquer, to paint, CL:層|层[céng],
64700犹如yóu rúsimilar to, appearing to be,
64701有条不紊yǒu tiáo bù wěnregular and thorough (idiom); methodically arranged,
64702幼稚yòu zhìyoung, childish, naive,
64703诱惑yòu huòto entice, to lure, to induce, to attract,
64704愚蠢yú chǔnsilly, stupid,
64705愚昧yú mèiignorant, uneducated,
64706舆论yú lùnpublic opinion,
64707渔民yú mínfisherman, fisher folk,
64708与日俱增yǔ rì jù zēngto increase steadily, to grow with each passing day,
64709羽绒服yǔ róng fúdown-filled garment,
64710予以yǔ yǐto give, to impose, to apply,
64711to heal,
64712预料yù liàoto forecast, to anticipate, expectation,
64713预期yù qīto expect, to anticipate,
64714预赛yù sàipreliminary competition, to hold preliminary heats,
64715预算yù suànbudget,
64716预先yù xiānbeforehand, in advance,
64717预言yù yánto predict, prophecy,
64718预兆yù zhàoomen, prognosis (in medicine),
64719欲望yù wàngdesire, longing, appetite, craving,
64720寓言yù yánfable, CL:則|则[zé],
64721冤枉yuān wanghatred, injustice, bad luck, unjust treatment, wronged, not worthwhile,
64722元首yuán shǒuhead of state,
64723元素yuán sùelement, element of a set, chemical element,
64724元宵节Yuán xiāo jiéLantern Festival, the final event of the Spring Festival 春節|春节, on 15th of first month of the lunar calendar,
64725圆满yuán mǎnsatisfactory, consummate, perfect,
64726原告yuán gàocomplainant, plaintiff,
64727原理yuán lǐprinciple, theory,
64728原始yuán shǐfirst, original, primitive, original (document etc),
64729原先yuán xiānformer, original,
64730园林yuán língardens, park, landscape garden,
64731源泉yuán quánfountainhead, well-spring, water source, fig. origin,
64732约束yuē shùto restrict, to limit to, to constrain, restriction, constraint,
64733岳父yuè fùwife's father, father-in-law,
64734乐谱yuè pǔa musical score, sheet music,
64735yùnan iron, to iron,
64736蕴藏yùn cángto hold in store, to contain (untapped reserves etc),
64737运算yùn suàn(mathematical) operation,
64738运行yùn xíngto be in motion, to move, (of a computer) to run,
64739酝酿yùn niàng(of alcohol) to ferment, (of a crisis) to be brewing, to mull over (an issue), to hold exploratory discussions,
64740孕育yùn yùto be pregnant, to produce offspring, to nurture (a development, school of thought, artwork etc), fig. replete with (culture etc),
64741smash, smashed, to fail, to get it wrong,
64742杂技zá jìacrobatics, CL:場|场[chǎng],
64743杂交zá jiāoa hybrid,
64744dialectal equivalent of 怎麼|怎么[zěn me],
64745灾难zāi nàndisaster, catastrophe,
64746栽培zāi péito grow, to cultivate, to train, to educate, to patronize,
64747zǎito slaughter livestock, to govern or rule, to cheat customers, Imperial official in dynastic China,
64748在乎zài hudetermined by, to care about, to mind,
64749在意zài yìto care about, to mind,
64750再接再厉zài jiē zài lìto continue the struggle (idiom); to persist, unremitting efforts,
64751zǎnto collect, to hoard, to accumulate, to save,
64752赞叹zàn tànto sigh or gasp in admiration, high praise,
64753赞同zàn tóngto approve of, to endorse, (vote) in favor,
64754赞扬zàn yángto praise, to approve of, to show approval,
64755赞助zàn zhùto support, to assist, to sponsor,
64756暂且zàn qiěfor now, for the time being, temporarily,
64757糟蹋zāo tàto waste, to defile, to abuse, to insult, to defile, to trample on, to wreck, also pr. [zāo ta],
64758遭受zāo shòuto suffer, to sustain (loss, misfortune),
64759遭殃zāo yāngto suffer a calamity,
64760遭遇zāo yùto meet with, to encounter, (bitter) experience,
64761造反zào fǎnto rebel, to revolt,
64762造型zào xíngmodeling, mold-making, model or mold, molding, pose,
64763噪音zào yīnrumble, noise, static (in a signal),
64764责怪zé guàito blame, to rebuke,
64765zéithief, traitor, wily, deceitful, evil, extremely,
64766增添zēng tiānto add, to increase,
64767赠送zèng sòngto present as a gift,
64768zhāslag (in mining or smelting), dregs,
64769zhāto prick, to run or stick (a needle etc) into, jug (a classifier for liquids such as beer),
64770扎实zhā shistrong, solid, sturdy, firm, practical,
64771zhǎto blink, to wink,
64772诈骗zhà piànto defraud, to swindle, to blackmail,
64773摘要zhāi yàosummary, abstract,
64774债券zhài quànbond, debenture,
64775沾光zhān guāngto bask in the light, fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth, reflected glory,
64776瞻仰zhān yǎngto revere, to admire,
64777斩钉截铁zhǎn dīng jié tiěto chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom); resolute and decisive, unhesitating, definitely, without any doubt,
64778展示zhǎn shìto reveal, to display, to show, to exhibit sth,
64779展望zhǎn wàngoutlook, prospect, to look ahead, to look forward to,
64780展现zhǎn xiànto come out, to emerge,
64781崭新zhǎn xīnbrand new,
64782战斗zhàn dòuto fight, to battle, CL:場|场,次[cì],
64783战略zhàn lvèstrategy,
64784战术zhàn shùtactics,
64785战役zhàn yìmilitary campaign,
64786占据zhàn jùto occupy, to hold,
64787占领zhàn lǐngto occupy (a territory), to hold,
64788占有zhàn yǒuto have, to own, to hold, to possess,
64789章程zhāng chéngrules, regulations, constitution, statute, articles of association (of company), articles of incorporation, charter (of a corporation), by-laws,
64790长辈zhǎng bèione's elders, older generation,
64791障碍zhàng àibarrier, obstruction, hindrance, impediment, obstacle,
64792帐篷zhàng pengtent, CL:頂|顶,座[zuò],
64793招收zhāo shōuto hire, to recruit,
64794招投标zhāo tóu biāobid inviting and bid offering, bidding, auction,
64795朝气蓬勃zhāo qì péng bófull of youthful energy (idiom); vigorous, energetic, a bright spark,
64796着迷zháo míto be fascinated, to be captivated,
64797沼泽zhǎo zémarsh, swamp, wetlands, glade,
64798照料zhào liàoto tend, to take care of sb,
64799照样zhào yàngas before, (same) as usual,
64800照耀zhào yàoto shine, to illuminate,
64801照应zhào yìngto correlate with, to correspond to,
64802遮挡zhē dǎngto shelter, to shelter from,
64803折腾zhē tengto toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly), to repeat sth over and over again, to torment sb, to play crazy,
64804zhévariant of 折[zhé], to fold,
64805折磨zhé móto persecute, to torment,
64806真相zhēn xiàngthe truth about sth, the actual facts,
64807真挚zhēn zhìsincere, sincerity,
64808珍贵zhēn guìprecious,
64809珍稀zhēn xīrare, precious and uncommon,
64810珍珠zhēn zhūpearl, CL:顆|颗[kē],
64811侦探zhēn tàndetective, to do detective work,
64812斟酌zhēn zhuóto consider, to deliberate, to fill up a cup to the brim,
64813阵地zhèn dìposition, front,
64814阵容zhèn róngtroop arrangement, battle formation, line-up (of a sports team etc),
64815镇定zhèn dìngcalm, unperturbed, cool,
64816镇静zhèn jìngcalm, cool,
64817镇压zhèn yāsuppression, repression, to suppress, to put down, to quell,
64818振奋zhèn fènto stir oneself up, to raise one's spirits, to inspire,
64819振兴zhèn xīngto revive, to revitalize, to invigorate, to re-energize,
64820震惊zhèn jīngto shock, to astonish,
64821争端zhēng duāndispute, controversy, conflict,
64822争夺zhēng duóto fight over, to contest, to vie over,
64823争气zhēng qìto work hard for sth, to resolve on improvement, determined not to fall short,
64824争先恐后zhēng xiān kǒng hòustriving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom); outdoing one another,
64825争议zhēng yìcontroversy, dispute, to dispute,
64826蒸发zhēng fāto evaporate, evaporation,
64827征服zhēng fúto conquer, to subdue, to vanquish,
64828征收zhēng shōuto levy (a fine), to impose (a tariff),
64829正月zhēng yuèfirst month of the lunar year,
64830挣扎zhēng zháto struggle,
64831整顿zhěng dùnto tidy up, to reorganize, to consolidate, to rectify,
64832正当zhèng dānghonest, reasonable, fair, sensible, timely, just (when needed),
64833正负zhèng fùpositive and negative,
64834正规zhèng guīregular, according to standards,
64835正经zhèng jīngdecent, honorable, proper, serious, according to standards,
64836正气zhèng qìhealthy environment, healthy atmosphere, righteousness, vital energy (in Chinese medicine),
64837正义zhèng yìjustice, righteous, righteousness,
64838政权zhèng quánregime, (wield) political power,
64839证实zhèng shíto confirm (sth to be true), to verify,
64840证书zhèng shūcredentials, certificate,
64841郑重zhèng zhòngserious, solemn,
64842症状zhèng zhuàngsymptom (of an illness),
64843zhībranch, classifier for sticks, rods, pencils etc,
64844支撑zhī chēngto prop up, to support, strut, brace,
64845支出zhī chūto spend, to pay out, expense,
64846支流zhī liútributary (river),
64847支配zhī pèito control, to dominate, to allocate,
64848支援zhī yuánto provide assistance, to support, to back,
64849支柱zhī zhùmainstay, pillar, prop, backbone,
64850知觉zhī juéperception, consciousness,
64851知足常乐zhī zú cháng lèsatisfied with what one has (idiom),
64852脂肪zhī fángbody fat,
64853直播zhí bōlive broadcast (not recorded), direct internet broadcasting,
64854值班zhí bānto work a shift, on duty,
64855殖民地zhí mín dìcolony,
64856职能zhí néngfunction, role,
64857职位zhí wèipost, office, position,
64858职务zhí wùpost, position, job, duties,
64859指标zhǐ biāonorm, index, target,
64860指定zhǐ dìngto appoint, to assign, to indicate clearly and with certainty, designated,
64861指甲zhǐ jiafingernail,
64862指令zhǐ lìngorder, command, instruction,
64863指南针zhǐ nán zhēncompass,
64864指示zhǐ shìto point out, to indicate, to instruct, directives, instructions, CL:個|个[gè],
64865指望zhǐ wàngto hope for sth, to count on, hope,
64866指责zhǐ zéto criticize, to find fault with, to denounce,
64867治安zhì ānlaw and order, public security,
64868治理zhì lǐto govern, to administer, to manage, to control, governance,
64869制裁zhì cáito punish, punishment, sanctions (incl. economic),
64870制订zhì dìngto work out, to formulate,
64871制服zhì fúto subdue, to check, to bring under control, (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status, uniform (army, party, school etc), livery (for company employees), CL:套[tào],
64872制约zhì yuēto restrict, condition,
64873制止zhì zhǐto curb, to put a stop to, to stop, to check, to limit,
64874致辞zhì cíto express in words or writing, to make a speech (esp. short introduction, vote of thanks, afterword, funeral homily etc), to address (an audience), same as 致詞|致词,
64875致力于zhì lì yúCommitted to,
64876致使zhì shǐto cause, to result in,
64877智力zhì lìintelligence, intellect,
64878智能zhì néngintelligent, able, smart (phone, system, bomb etc),
64879智商zhì shāngIQ (intelligence quotient),
64880滞留zhì liúto detain, retention,
64881志气zhì qìambition, resolve, backbone, drive, spirit,
64882忠诚zhōng chéngdevoted, fidelity, loyal, loyalty,
64883忠实zhōng shífaithful,
64884终点zhōng diǎnthe end, end point, finishing line (in a race), destination, terminus, CL:個|个[gè],
64885终究zhōng jiūin the end, after all is said and done,
64886终年zhōng niánentire year, throughout the year, age at death,
64887终身zhōng shēnlifelong, all one's life, marriage,
64888终止zhōng zhǐto stop, to terminate (law),
64889中断zhōng duànto cut short, to break off, to discontinue, to interrupt,
64890中立zhōng lìneutral,
64891中央zhōng yāngcentral, middle, center, central authorities (of a state),
64892衷心zhōng xīnheartfelt, wholehearted, cordial,
64893种子zhǒng ziseed, CL:顆|颗,粒[lì],
64894种族zhǒng zúrace, ethnicity,
64895肿瘤zhǒng liútumor,
64896重心zhòng xīncenter of gravity, central core, main part,
64897众所周知zhòng suǒ zhōu zhīsee 眾所周知|众所周知[zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī],
64898zhōuprefecture, state (e.g. of US), province (old), administrative division (old),
64900zhōucongee, gruel, porridge, CL:碗[wǎn],
64901周边zhōu biānperiphery, rim, also written 周邊|周边,
64902周密zhōu mìcareful, thorough,
64903周年zhōu niánanniversary, annual,
64904周期zhōu qīperiod, cycle,
64905周折zhōu zhécomplication, twists and turns, problem, setback,
64906周转zhōu zhuǎnturnover (in cash or personnel), to have enough resources to cover a need, also written 周轉|周转,
64907皱纹zhòu wénwrinkle, CL:道[dào],
64908昼夜zhòu yèday and night, period of 24 hours, continuously, without stop,
64909zhūtree trunk, stump (tree root), a plant, classifier for trees or plants, to involve others (in shady business),
64910诸位zhū wèi(pron) everyone, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirs,
64911逐年zhú niányear after year, with each passing year, over the years,
64912zhǔto lean on, to prop on,
64913主办zhǔ bànto organize, to host (a conference or sports event),
64914主导zhǔ dǎoto lead, to manage,
64915主管zhǔ guǎnin charge, responsible for,
64916主流zhǔ liúmain stream (of a river), fig. the essential point, main viewpoint of a matter, mainstream (culture etc),
64917主权zhǔ quánsovereignty,
64918主题zhǔ títheme, subject,
64919住宅zhù zháiresidence, tenement,
64920注射zhù shèinjection, to inject,
64921注视zhù shìto watch attentively, to gaze,
64922注释zhù shìmarginal notes, annotation, to annotate, to add comments to text,
64923注重zhù zhòngto pay attention to, to emphasize,
64924助理zhù lǐassistant,
64925助手zhù shǒuassistant, helper,
64926著作zhù zuòto write, literary work, book, article, writings, CL:部[bù],
64927驻扎zhù zhāto station, to garrison (troops),
64928铸造zhù zàoto cast (pour metal into a mold),
64929zhuàito pull, to tug at (sth),
64930专长zhuān chángspecialty, special knowledge or ability,
64931专程zhuān chéngspecial-purpose trip,
64932专科zhuān kēspecialized subject, branch (of medicine), specialized training school,
64933专利zhuān lìpatent,
64934专题zhuān tíspecial topic,
64935砖瓦zhuān wǎtiles and bricks,
64936转达zhuǎn dáto pass on, to convey, to communicate,
64937转让zhuǎn ràngtransfer (technology, goods etc), conveyancing (property),
64938转移zhuǎn yíto shift, to divert or distract (attention etc), to change, to transform, metastasis (medicine),
64939转折zhuǎn zhéshift in the trend of events, plot shift in a book, twists and turns,
64940传记zhuàn jìbiography, CL:篇,部[bù],
64941装备zhuāng bèiequipment, to equip, to outfit,
64942装卸zhuāng xièto load or unload, to transfer, to assemble and disassemble,
64943庄严zhuāng yánstately,
64944庄重zhuāng zhònggrave, solemn, dignified,
64945zhuàngclassifier for buildings, carriage curtain (old),
64946壮观zhuàng guānspectacular, magnificent sight,
64947壮丽zhuàng lìmagnificence, magnificent, majestic, glorious,
64948壮烈zhuàng lièbrave, heroic,
64949追悼zhuī dàoto mourn, to pay last respects, mourning, memorial (service etc),
64950追究zhuī jiūto investigate, to look into,
64951准则zhǔn zénorm, standard, criterion,
64952琢磨zhuó móto carve and polish (jade), to polish and refine a literary work,
64953着手zhuó shǒuto put one's hand to it, to start out on a task, to set out,
64954着想zhuó xiǎngto give thought (to others), to consider (other people's needs),
64955着重zhuó zhòngput emphasis on, to stress, to emphasize,
64956卓越zhuó yuèoutstanding, surpassing, distinguished, splendid,
64957资本zī běncapital (economics),
64958资产zī chǎnproperty, assets,
64959资深zī shēnsenior (in terms of depth of accumulated experience), deeply qualified,
64960资助zī zhùto subsidize, to provide financial aid, subsidy,
64961姿态zī tàiattitude, posture, stance,
64962滋味zī wèitaste, flavor, feeling,
64963滋长zī zhǎngto grow (usually of abstract things), to yield, to develop,
64964子弹zǐ dànbullet, CL:粒,顆|颗,發|发[fā],
64965字母zì mǔletter (of the alphabet), CL:個|个[gè],
64966自卑zì bēifeeling inferior, self-abased,
64967自发zì fāspontaneous,
64968自力更生zì lì gēng shēngregeneration through one's own effort (idiom), self-reliance,
64969自满zì mǎncomplacent, self-satisfied,
64970自主zì zhǔindependent, to act for oneself, autonomous,
64971踪迹zōng jìtracks, trail, footprint, trace, vestige,
64972宗旨zōng zhǐobjective, aim, goal,
64973棕色zōng sèbrown,
64974总而言之zǒng ér yán zhīin short, in a word, in brief,
64975总和zǒng hésum,
64976纵横zòng hénglit. warp and weft in weaving; vertically and horizontal, length and breadth, criss-crossed, able to move unhindered, abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横, School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC),
64977走廊zǒu lángcorridor, aisle, hallway, colonnade, passageway, piazza, veranda,
64978走漏zǒu lòuto leak (of information, liquid etc), to divulge,
64979走私zǒu sīto smuggle, to have an illicit affair,
64980zòuto beat up, to break to pieces,
64981租赁zū lìnto rent, to lease, to hire,
64982足以zú yǐsufficient to..., so much so that, so that,
64983to form, to organize, group, team, classifier for sets, series, groups of people, batteries,
64984阻碍zǔ àito obstruct, to hinder, to block,
64985阻拦zǔ lánto stop, to obstruct,
64986阻挠zǔ náoto thwart, to obstruct (sth),
64987祖父zǔ fùfather's father, paternal grandfather,
64988钻研zuān yánto study meticulously, to delve into,
64989钻石zuàn shídiamond, CL:顆|颗[kē],
64990嘴唇zuǐ chúnlip, CL:片[piàn],
64991尊严zūn yándignity, sanctity, honor, majesty,
64992遵循zūn xúnto follow, to abide by, to comply with, compliance,
64993左右zuǒ yòuleft and right, approximately, attendant, to control, to influence,
64994做东zuò dōngto act as host,
64995做主zuò zhǔmake the decision, take charge of, back up, support, be host,
64996座右铭zuò yòu míngmotto, maxim,
64997作弊zuò bìto practice fraud, to cheat, to engage in corrupt practices,
64998作废zuò fèito become invalid, to cancel, to delete, to nullify,
64999作风zuò fēngstyle, style of work, way,
65000作息zuò xīwork and rest,