As a computer scientist, I have been working on many different computer projects. With time, I will add a few small projects summarizing those experiences.

Serenna neural-network library

The SoftwarE for REsearch on Neural Network Architectures (Serenna) is an open source project whose goal is to provide a neural network API made accessible through a clean architecture. The library should enable one to handle networks through code, graphical user interface and domain specific language (neural network language).

A lot work is still due to reach the final goal, but library is allready useable in terms of code. Base implementations are provided for network and back propagation implementations.

Project is hosted at google code: web site.

Conway's Game of Life

This little project written in Java is an implementation of the so called Game of Life. The game of life is concerned with emergence of both global and local structural pattern from local cell interactions.

In a two dimension grid world, a live cell occupies one grid. Its life evolves depending on its neighbour cells following simple rules:

  • A cell having less than two live cell neighbours dies, referring to as under-population.
  • A cell having two or three live cell neighbours lives on to the next time step.
  • A cell having more than three live cell neighbours dies due to overcrowding
  • An dead cell with exactly three live cell neighbours becomes a live cell.

Executable jar file containing sources: download.

Human-Machine Interaction

Many research fields provides us with many improvement in the computers. One of them rely in the way we interact with computers (or robots). Human-Machine Interaction focuses in giving easier and more intuitive way to perform theses interactions.

This project is concerned with providing a drawing tool using Control Menus. Theses menus are focused on the pointer (right click) and context dependant. You can chose linearly your command instead of going through a list of commands. Also, when you already know the command position, you can just give a quick stroke (right click + move in the command direction) for the command to be activated without displaying the menu.

Just try it ! It has been written in Tcl/Tk so it can be used on many systems having a Tcl/Tk interpretor (Easily findable under any search engine). You just need to run the devoir.tcl application. (Wish devoir.tcl under Linux, double click file under MS. Windows XP, etc.)

source code: download

Robot simulation kit

This simple simulator writen in java is the first version of a mobile robot simulator designed for evolutionary robotic experiments. While it still is in development, it does include a few features : xml environment design, changing environments, simple IA design for control, gui and batch mode. Features are to be added with time.

source code : simulator